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How to Transform Yourself, Build Confidence & Increase Your Impact with Kimmy Seltzer – EP. #201

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How to Transform Yourself, Build Confidence And Increase Your Impact!

You can listen to the full episode here.

Who would have known we could learn so many business and life lessons from a Dating Coach!?

Thank you, Kimmy, for coming to the Content Is Profit Podcast. This was a great conversation that will help many build their confidence.

After her own “transformation” and her “Red-Dress moment” Kimmy has dedicated her life to help others find the confidence and better their dating life.

The curious thing is that most of these concepts go hand in hand with entrepreneurs. Confidence can be the catalyst of a consistent publishing career, it can help you close those deals you thought impossible, and it can certainly help you feel better with yourself.

Here are some of these conversation’s #GoldenBoulders:

🚀 How Adversities Are Gifts In Disguise!

🚀 The Key Relationship Between Outside & Inside Self-Love

🚀 The REAL Meaning of Confidence.

🚀 And much more! Tune in and enjoy!

You can listen to the full episode here.

Episode Transcript

  • How to Transform Yourself, Build Confidence And Increase Your Impact!: []

    Back to the grind bay bay. Let's go. It's episode 2 0 1 and we have another incredible guest and one of our good mastermind friends, which I will even say, she's one of a kind and I hope you are ready for it.
    Oh yeah, that's right. Just listen to this. Today's. Is a confidence therapist, dating coach, and a makeover expert who helps people transform their style, build confidence and find love from the outside in. I hope you are ready for a total makeover. Oh yeah. Not only that, but today's guest is the host of the charisma quoting.
    Podcast. My accent is not very good looking guys. I apologize. With over 200 episode, let's go. And she's also a public speaker without unique business. That's helping many people find love. I, I, I'm not gonna lie. I was waiting for you to say this. I know that's why you put it. That's why you put it for me.
    It's all good. This is going to be an incredible episode. Please welcome host of the charisma quotion podcast, the expert that will transform your style. And according to my girlfriend, hopefully change my style as well. The one and only Kim.
    Oh my God. What an intro. I love that surprise. Surprise. you're gonna have to have you on my podcast to do every single intro and outro. Please listen, make it happen week happen. Yeah. Thank you. That those are very cameras by the way. Fun fact, we actually were invited to MC a full event, uh, at the end of October.
    So we're like. What is this and it is gonna be super exciting. So shout out to your Brian, their team, but yeah. Thank you for, for your can words. I know. Thank you. I think that's gonna be a little bit intimidating. I'm gonna need some of these confidence buildings so I can go up in that stage and deliver Kim.
    So. First of all, for those that don't know who you are. Right. And how you got to where you are right now. Can you share a little bit about your story? Oh gosh. How long do we have, I have such a long story. I'll try to do like a modified version because I, and I'm so glad that you're asking about my story, cuz honestly it's, it's where my passion comes from.
    And. The reason why I love doing what I do, because as you pointed out, yes, I I've been around the block. I, and I've done a lot of things in my professional world. However, it wasn't until I went through my own transformation, I always like to throw myself under the bus is when really all the magic started happening and really transformed the nature of which I work with people because, you know, I, I was this kinda.
    Good girl from Chicago. I like to, um, say I lived a very traditional life. Right. I had the picket fence and I practice as a therapist for many, many years in a traditional sense. Had the kids, a dog, a husband. I still have the kids by the way, but you see where the story so yeah, we all pick up and we move across the country here to Lala.
    And we land here and we do what all the other people here, do we get a divorce? Um, joke, obviously, issues insert in story. I mean, you know this, you know what I mean? Like when there's this kind of transition happening in people's lives, I think it just really brings to the surface, a lot of things that are wrong.
    So, you know, I, I say that in a joke, but it really, it really just threw me, you know, because up until then, I thought I knew what I was doing with my life. Right. And up until then, I used to work from the inside out. I thought I helped many, many people. I'm sure I did, but it, but here I was like, the record just stopped and yeah.
    Yeah. Here I am a therapist. Right. I should know better. I should know how to get out of my own way. Yeah. And I was stuck. I was completely stuck and I always joke if like some people were to come to me in that moment in time. I would've said you think you have issues? Like, let me go on the couch for a second because I, I can't help you cuz I can't help myself.
    Yeah. And um, and the reason why I'm sharing the story is because everything. Changed in the way that I also, you know, first of all, thought of myself, but also how I help others because it was a very dark moment in my life. Mm-hmm and my clothes reflected it. This is where the whole style piece comes in.
    Right? Yeah. So I'll never forget the moment when I woke up and I looked in the mirror. And I was horrified what I saw. I saw this frumpy mom. I was still wearing the nursing bras. I was not nursing any longer, but I was still wearing the nursing bra. Like it just shows you how stuck I was in my mindset, in my clothes and all my clothes were black and dark and dismal and three sizes too big.
    So. Even though I had therapy and a great support system myself. I decided, you know, nothing's working, I'm just all up here and I'm not moving in my life. Yeah. And so this is where everything happened. I decided after looking in the mirror that day to go shopping. Shopping therapy. This is like, what, when, okay.
    Nothing fits. I'm gonna go. And I'm gonna up level myself and get all new clothes. So I go to the store and I'm picking all the same clothes again, black, but I think, oh, I'm upleveling myself because they're new. No, they're three sizes too big and they're black. And so this personal shopper comes up to me and she.
    Now I call her my angel. She she's like ma'am, I've been watching you. And I really think you should try this one. And she holds up this red dress. That was three sizes, too small, I thought. And I said, that's so sweet of you, but that's really not my size. And it's so not my color. She says, honey, that is your size.
    That is your color. Try it on. I love it. Bam. You know, it was like, I was hit over the head with that red dress. I call it my red dress moment. Yeah. And it really has kind of been the crust of my business, cuz I, I believe everyone needs to have a red dress moment even as a guy, but maybe not a red dress, but you know what I mean?
    It's like having that realization of seeing yourself differently for the first time and that's exactly what happened. I, I put it on, I tore around like Cinderella and I see this like prince. Ahead of me. And I said, wow, like there was something like a visceral response that happened in my body that was different than anything that had happened up until then all the talking therapy and all the, you know, like things that I was trying to work out in my head wasn't as effective.
    In that moment. So I, I walked out into the world with that red dress on and all this magic started happening. You know, all the stuff that you see in my bio and, and things, you know, it was like a snowball effect because as I went out there, I realized that there was a symbiotic relationship between the outer and the inner, when it comes to confidence that it's not superficial, that what we reflect is how we feel.
    And sometimes there's a mismatch with that too. And. All these things started happening were like new suitors began to come. My way I started getting more comfortable being seen. And here is what I really realized is that that whole time the black clothes were acting as a cloak to keep me invisible from you, alien men.
    Like I really thought you were aliens. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know what to say. I didn't know how to flirt and it gave me that confidence to be seen. And so this is. My business started. And, and from there on out, I started helping people with doing makeovers and I'm kind of like hitch meets what not to wear, you know, those references.
    Yes. Every movie by one of the favorite movies ever. I was about to say that I'm like, you're like the, the female hitch, right. I am people call me someone, actually one of my clients called me hit chat and he, he still like text me today and he is like, Hey, hit chat. How are you? And so awesome. Yeah. Like.
    And, and really the charisma quotient it's quotient, by the way. I know lot of people quotient like IQ. Yeah. I know what it meant. It's just a difficult pronunciation. Yeah. It's not on you. It's our Hispanic background. Like Hispanicness Hispanic.
    No, a lot of people say that. No, but the, the reason why I came up with that, cuz I love the word charisma because charisma. Is that magnetism that just draws people to one another. And it's that energy that really creates opportunities for people. And within that formula that I use, I work on three areas.
    Number one is your style intelligence. I call it, which is how you present yourself, how you market yourself. It's your body language, it's your wardrobe. It's, you know, it's, it's the movement within you, your energy and. The second ingredient, if you will, is emotional intelligence. So how we express ourself, how vulnerable we are, how authentic we are in our interactions.
    And the third pillar is your social intelligence, which is how we interact with each other, manage interpersonal communications. And yes, that includes flirting. So flirting is a big part of my business and helping people just flirt with life. Ooh. Yes. Tell me, tell me the secrets so I can like, hold all the cards, Katie, let's go.
    in here. You, you have it. I I'm seeing the, this your superpower. So you share with us and you're the wing golf flirt lessons. And when I read that, I was like, I wanna know all about it, obviously to flirt with my girlfriend, you know, keep it a little bit. Keep it spicy. Um, so I don't, I don't know if we wanna dive into that right now.
    Cause I have so many other questions too. before, before FCI goes into the question, cause is the one that actually answer, uh, as the right questions and the smart questions. I, I just wanna. Say, thank you, Kim, for sharing your story, right? Like it's really challenging for a lot of people that are coming into this world.
    Right? Whether we're business owners or business operators. Right. And we're playing this publishing game to share the stories and, and vulnerable moments, right? Like we've we talked before about. Sharing the sharing your scars, not your wounds. Maybe sometimes we share our wounds and it's like, okay, well, like for us publishing, I think is some kind of therapy as well.
    Like as we've been documenting the journey for the past couple years. Um, I mean in the show, but I wanna, I wanna say thank you, right? Because you're. You're coming, like, especially in the field that you work right now and the, the type of clients that you help. Right. I, that's very relatable probably for those clients that come to you.
    Right. And, and, and it helps them understand where you're coming from and, and builds that trust. And to share it publicly in a show like this, where we don't really know, like who's, who's on the other side and I hope you listening. Like you're taking notes, not only the relationship side, but like on the publishing side, like it's okay.
    We can share these. And you just showed like a masterclass on how to share that because you're coming from that very vulnerable moment. So I just wanna say thank you and acknowledge that because, uh, it's something that when people start publishing and putting their, their voice out there, we tend to avoid.
    For the longest time. Right. And it's not until we actually go ahead and do that, that we really connect with people. So that's, that's what I wanna acknowledge before Zi, like throws you like 400 questions. Um, so thank you, Kim. We're one time. Yeah. Can I just say something about that and, and thank you for like, acknowledging that cuz it's one of the things that I teach people when it comes to.
    Relatability, you know, both on my podcast and with dating because that's what connects people to people. Mm-hmm, , it's, it's how we feel together. It's not what, you know, it's how someone feels. Yeah. And the only way that you can truly have that connection with somebody is to be vulnerable is to share stories because that's gonna make the other person wanna share too.
    I actually have this whole social engagement formula that I teach people and how to move conversation from. To feeling and part of it is sharing the story because, right. Like it's so much more powerful. Yeah. Starting that way. I mean, I could have started, oh, you know, I write for the Huffington post and I've been, and this and that.
    I mean okay, great lady. Like, but who are you? You know? And yeah. And that it is the power of connection. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry, sorry. Last thought. I promise, wait, wait, wait in regards to that. Right. Emotions. We've talked about this before emotions create memories, right? People don't necessarily remember what you say, but they will remember how you made them feel.
    Right. So it is so important and they were way to create those emotions through stories. Just like you mentioned, going from fact to feelings. I love. I wanna, I wanna share a quick story too, because as you were explaining this, like in my head, I'm like, okay, this is obviously on, on the relationship aspect.
    And like, we can really apply this framework really everywhere. Right. And I remember, I, I, I remember like this very distinct episode where, um, I was in this transition, we, we were doing some like, that was like, part-time kind. But I had a job. Right. And, and finally that job gave me the opportunity to go purchase my dream card.
    And I'm like, um, but it is not a hundred thousand dollars, uh, card. It was a Jeep, right? Like I, my older brother, like we have an older brother, Mario is not Louis, by the way, for this listening. Um, he had a Jeep and he's like 16 years older than me. And I looked up to him, I'm like, oh man, that would be so cool.
    Right. And he had it back in Venezuela where we. So my, I was already married. Right. And I had to like somehow convince, right. And I'm, you know, Katie to, for this thing for, for like to buy a Jeep. And he's like, she's like, I don't like Jeeps, like they're horrible gas and whatever. Right. And, and I'm talking in the sense of like selling or making that decision.
    Right. Like, so I'm like, okay, how do, how do I actually do this? Right. And we came into, uh, an argument, I guess, one night where. Uh, we were starting to fight and I'm like, okay, let's stop. Like, why are we fighting about this stuff? Like, you know, you know this, but let me explain to you why, like, why does this mean so much to me where I'm spending X amount of money like that in, in that spot, like, I was almost doubling my car payment.
    Right. But it meant so much. And I explained to her and told her the story that like I saw my brother, like with that every single like day. And it was like so important to me because he was having a good time. He started a business with the G because he was like, he had this trailer going to parties and it just meant a lot.
    And over like the last six years, That was one of the things that can be moving forward. I'm finding new opportunities and, you know, uh, some people are like, well, you're so much, realistically, I do not care. That was the thing, like the story behind it. And the fact that I now can actually go ahead and afford it.
    Right. And she looked at me and she's like, I never thought of that. Like why, why didn't you ever share that story with me? Like, and I got super emotional. Like, I was like, almost like about to cry because like, it was something that in my life, like, it meant so much. And she's like, let's do it. Right. And, and after that, I'm like, wow.
    And obviously like it came out of a very natural and, and place at that point. But like years after when we're doing this show and we're talking about these topics, we're. Wow. That's exac that's what happened there. Right? So it's like, how can we now share these stories to change people's lives, to serve people better, to like help 'em through their journeys.
    Right? Like, and, and that was a very specific thing with, with my life. But at the same time, like now that we have a business and you, who's a wonderful coach, we can learn a lot from like, sharing those like very vulnerable moments and be like, I've been there as well. This is what happened. Let's, you know, let's go to this new place where we can actually do it.
    So thank you for sharing and enlighting that, that thing. And I think that was a, a pretty cool, I guess, example. Uh, so now everybody knows that I have aji see know, but that's what's so cool is like once one person shares a story, it makes you think of your. Story and, and, and that's what also makes conversations so much more lively and connected.
    So, yeah, that's a great story. Absolutely. Now, now right now, I'm going through my man. I'm like, what are the stories I can tell my girl, girlfriend, right too, like, yeah. To convince her in certain that not about manipulation, guys's not about manipulation. Uh, but ki so again, I'm going back to the very beginning just because I have so.
    Comments that I need to get out here in the world. But first you talk about going through your own transformation, right? And we often talk that you need to solve those same problems. And when you look back, you're like, wow, I can help others. Do the same thing, right? It's like a, like a starting point in many SP in many people's businesses, right.
    In, in an entrepreneur's life. So with that being said, when was that moment? When you look back and you're like, huh, I can help others. And then what was it, how did it feel diving into the unknown of starting that business? Right. Starting to help. Feel better. It's a great question, cuz I, you know, I always say adversity are gifts and disguise and you don't see it at the time and it's not until you look back and you go through it and you're like, oh right, there's the gift.
    And, and I think that's exactly what was kind of happening to me is that I, I was going through so much and, and the transformation definitely was outside and in, in so many areas of my life, It's hard to believe that here I am, right? Like it's almost like a blink of an eye. And, and this is what I share with people too.
    I think the best thing that for me happened both in my business and in, you know, just this transformation is focusing on the now. And I think we get so bogged down with worrying about the past and that definitely didn't serve me, you know, and, you know, thinking. Stuck in fear, right? Oh, who will love me?
    Who, you know, here I am a single mom, how can I start a business? I'm just a therapist, like all the gremlins, right. That can paralyze you completely. And then we also get bogged down to, in the future where we worry so much. But, but what if, what if, what if, and it wasn't until I really became present with each day, like, You know, pimping out an episode each week, you know, on a podcast, for instance.
    Yeah. Just not being perfect with my website and getting something up, you know, like whatever that was. And I think that presence is really important. So cuz I don't know if there was like one particular defining moment. I mean it started with the red dress, but there's so many other stories. Yeah. I almost here's the metaphor that I use.
    I almost felt like I was Dorothy with my basket skipping down the yellow brick road. And I kept meeting all these people along the way and each person, yeah, like the tin man and the lion, like each was a metaphor, gave me some tools that I would put in my basket. And I think, I mean, I'm still searching for Oz.
    We all are right. I don't know if we'll ever get there, but, but. There was. And so it depends on what I teach, but I have a story that's attached to each, you know, like symbol, right? Yeah, exactly. Yeah. I love it. I love that. And you mentioned again that the red dress moment, right. And that caught my attention because so many people, especially, you know, when you go into, uh, the entrepreneurial journey, when you start to grow your business, uh, we often.
    Your business growth to the extent that you do, right? It's a personal growth journey as well. And so many people, uh, I would say a big, big majority talk about that internal, uh, growth. Right. Which is absolutely great. I, I believe in that 100% and I feel like you're the first one that talks about outside.
    In right. And I heard this in, in, in the episode that you did with Steve Wener or good friend. Right. And you said, I found out that cloth, right? Like looking good is one of those things. One of the very few things that give, actually give you immediate gratification. Right. And I think now that you mentioned.
    Uh, the outside and the inside that relationship being symbiotic mm-hmm I was like, wow, that makes so much sense because I think the outside can be used as a trigger. To improve on the inside. Right? So putting this, connecting the dots with people that is creating content, we face so many people that they are scared of jumping in front of the camera, right.
    They're like, oh, I don't look good. I don't sound good. All this hurdles inside of their head, right on the inside. And now I'm, I'm thinking, wow, maybe they can over overcome those inside challenges. Those false beliefs. Through maybe an outside help. Right. Maybe having a cool background that makes you feel like you are in a, in a real studio or maybe putting on your favorite soccer team Jersey to make you feel passionate, right?
    Like. All these things. So why don't you, why don't we dive, dive into that a little bit, uh, in the sense of obviously confidence building and then maybe how we can translate it into the content creator world. Oh my gosh. Uh, yeah, like we could do another whole podcast on this because I, I love this topic and I, I do get a lot of people who kind of raise their eyebrows when they hear.
    Say, oh, I work from the outside in it's like, oh, that's so superficial. And like, you know, somebody needs to just like me for me, or I need to just work on the content of my website. You know, all this other stuff is just like extra. And I say simply that it's not changing who you are and it's not. You know, like saying that those things aren't important, but the way you market yourself so that people get to know who you are, is the quickest gateway into like somebody's website, business confidence, you name it and love.
    Quite honestly. Yeah. And so, you know, there's been a lot of research done about this. I'm not just this like E fairy LA girl saying, oh, image matters. You know, like and cause it, if you look at the definition of image, it's fascinating, James Gray. Um, he wrote a book and, and he said that image, like a winning image yeah.
    Is how someone perceives you. And that will determine how someone treats. Mmm. It's so powerful. I mean, the minute you're walking into a room, people are judging. I, I know we don't like to think about that, but we are. And now, yeah. Can you believe first impressions? It only takes seven seconds. Now it used to be 30 seconds.
    A couple. Years ago, and I think it's even faster with tendered Bumble quite honestly. Oh yeah. I think we're going so fast. You know, the swipes is, is incredible. It's fast yeah, right. Well, and within the first impressions, and this is what research says is that people are making judgements on two things.
    Number one, the clothes that you. Number two, the attitude that you have, which is your nonverbals, it's your, you know, emotions that are on your face. Yeah. It it's, you know, EV it's just like the nonverbal and the body language is so powerful. It's 93% of communication. That a lot of times we're not even realizing that.
    So it's not even what you say or your content that is as important as how you show up first. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Hmm. Um, that is very powerful by the. Hold on golden Boulder moment. Like that was like a golden Boulder moment. You're gonna say that, you know, it's so much value. Um, Ah, okay. Sorry. I go very excited.
    This is why I go very excited. Right. Because I remember an interview that we had with Bart Miller. Right. And we were talking about image, right? Bart Miller, incredible entrepreneur too, has been like the billionaire cowboy billionaire cowboy. Right. And, and he's done like so many businesses. Right. And one of them is like, he styles.
    So like, he, he is the, the personal stylist from Russell Branson from three finals, right? Like, that's one of the things that he does. Right. He does rodeo and, and we're talking about identity. Right. And how we show up. Right. And we're talking about us, like how FCI showed up for the very first time to sell like a social media package.
    He showed up with like a suit, like, and, and he had no beer at the time. So it was like this, like, you know, look, he looked like a 12 year old, but a big nose. Yeah. You know how they say, you know how they say you look good and you feel good. Well that sued. I don't think it made me look good and I wasn't feeling very good.
    You weren't feeling good, but, but, but, you know, he sold it, right. Like, and I don't know, maybe it was Pete from the restaurant owner. We don't, we don't know, but that's like that started like this whole incredible journey. Right. And then. We decided like, we're like, okay, we're just gonna be ourselves. Right.
    And ourselves means that, you know, we feel good with these tissue. Our soccer jerseys is like all the stuff that you see kinda like in the background. Right. And this is us, this is our personality. This is the brand of the show, which makes us feel good. Our personality get out. And then we connect with people.
    So like, as you were saying this, like, this was so like, uh, exciting for me because like the second that we decided to do that. Right. And the second now we. Feeling like 110%. That's when we started connecting with incredible entrepreneurs. Right. And even though we have like Lego sets and the books and the helmets and the toys and whatever, and content's profit and this equipment, right?
    Like there's so much stuff here, right. That's not stopping us from making the connection with incredible entrepreneurs. Like you like all the wonderful guests that we've had on this show, and that has increased our trust. So I wanna encourage everybody, not like. Apply this obviously yes. To your relationships and go to Kimmy and find out more about her and connect with her, but also in your publishing, right?
    Like what are you doing to kind of dress up? Like, what's your like publishing red dress. I wanna encourage you to, to find that right, because it's so important. The second you start out there as a business owner or somebody that's publishing and you have that confidence is gonna be incredible. Uh, for you personally, for your business, for your relationships, and everything's gonna move forward, like when Kimmy shared that one moment where like, this is it, baby, let's go like I'm meeting the world.
    Let's go. Yeah. I love it. And you know, I think what we were talking about the image, I think that's why the bro marketer, the guys like flashing the, the Lambos on the big. That's why it works. Right. I think it works for a certain period and obviously for a very specific crowd, uh, AKA us when we were starting.
    And we were like, oh yeah, that looks super cool. Right. And, and we were taking every single ad, but it's that, it's like, it looks good. People. Is natural. Like you mentioned, people make judgment is 100% natural. We judge that. We're like, oh, that is super cool. That guy must be successful. Right. Whether they were actually successful or not, or first judgment what it is.
    Right. Because they look the, the part, I guess. Um, so gimme, we're getting here towards the, the end. Of this interview and a part, one part, one part, one excite part one, we need a part two. Yeah. Yes. And part three and four and five infinite, infinite parts. But you know, we, we're curious what is an action point that we can leave people with that, you know, they can use to start building their confidence when they go in front of the camera, when they're gonna create their content or.
    Because I, I do think that confidence drips into other aspects of your life that they can use. If they're single go and, you know, flirt outside and, you know, get some CITAs or Santos, you know, never know seniors. I didn't learn that in Spanish. That's. That's our Hispanicness that's our Hispanicness. Yeah, that word
    Oh my God. Well, and I love that you're talking about both love and business because, um, at the end of the day, as you can hear, it really is all the same. You know, what applies in your love life applies in business. It's all creating opportunity and looking good and feeling good. It all works together synergistically.
    So mm-hmm and, and then again, the number one thing is the confidence and here's. How I define confidence and it'll relate to the actionable is that I believe confidence is experience. That's it? I don't believe there's one person out there. That's not confident. It's just that there's probably an area that you haven't had experience in or positive exposure to.
    So how do you do that? Then? You've gotta put yourself into action in those areas that you're not feeling good in. So if you're not feeling too good in your style and your wardrobe, it's a little tired, like. That is something that's so easy to do that will have an instant impact. And I encourage everyone to do a little bit of a closet audit around that.
    Like if you're in business, you know, like that's, that's really important. Like, is your image serving your brand? Mm-hmm right. And if you're single, like, do you have a sexy dating image, which should be different than your other, you know, areas of your life. And there are three things you can do to do kind of that closet.
    Audit number one is looking at the color of your clothes. Like color is super powerful. There's a lot of psychology with color. There's certain colors that are attraction indicators. There's also colors that are, um, that indicate like power and money. So it's really fun to kind of play with it, but you gotta know also which colors look good on your skin tone because not everybody looks good in every color.
    Yeah. In fact, I'll just say a little dis. So ladies, if, if you're single, just wear red or pink, you will get a click on your picture every single time. I'm just gonna say that there's research that backs that up. OK. Number two is, um, the cut of your clothes. Now the cut of your clothes is really important because that's, what's gonna get, give you confidence for women.
    There are five body types. And if you go to my website, Kimmy seltzer.com, you can download my body type guide and you can determine what you are by just measuring your shoulders, your waist, and your hips. And it's really cool. Like once you know that I go over what clothes flatter, that figure and what clothes to stay away from.
    It makes a huge difference in what you see in the mirror. And for men, I have a man's fashion. Do because men secretly want to know this stuff. It's just that they don't like sit there on a Sunday afternoon and talk about that usually, you know? And so, um, I go over now, men, there's only three body types.
    It's a little more simple, but there's definitely things that you can do to help with your body type. And then the third area is your confidence clothes. Like everyone has an outfit in their closet that they feel good in and just take it out and look at it. Like, what is. That you like about it? Have you been complimented in it?
    Do you like the color? Do you like the way it feels? So what I just went over is what I call the three C formula color, cut and confidence close. And that's something easy that everyone can remember and do right away. I love it. The, the three C I, I just have one question in the three types of body of men.
    Yes. Is one of those that, that bud
    That's the fourth body. I think you just made a fourth one up that's the fourth. That I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I absolutely love this. I'm just gonna say that. Just a lot of ladies that love that box. I'm just put that out there. put that out there. Ki absolutely love this. Absolutely. We don't discriminate here.
    Yeah. You know, I do need to do every time I move from one apartment to, to a new. I do a wardrobe clean, honestly, it's more like, where is the clothes that I haven't used in the past year? I'm gonna donate it and then I'll keep the rest. Right? Yeah. But I know, I know I need to do this. I know. I need to look at it and be like, in which clothes do I feel confident right on.
    I'm not gonna lie. I'm. Full transparency here. I pretty much always wear the same. So my, my girlfriend has been, I mean, I said it in the intro, right. She has been like, babe, we gotta work on your style. Right. So this comes in. Perfect. I'm gonna, I'm definitely gonna send her this episode and she's gonna be like, let's go.
    Well, can I just mention something though about that? Because you, you know, like you have your, your soccer shirt and stuff, there's also like signature style pieces. You know, entrepreneurs should have like, like with my red dress moment. Now, when I do speaking gigs often I'll wear a red dress. Yeah. Because it speaks to my brand and my message.
    Absolutely. Uh, you know, everyone can play with that. So maybe it is your soccer shirt, but you know, maybe you have like many different colors and just so everyone knows, oh, that's him, you know, like you see different celebrities and, and people who are influencers and they definitely like a. Style that speaks to them and their personality and their brand.
    So, yeah, that's another little, like part of brand too, so cool. Absolutely. I love that. So cool. Uh, yeah, we can, we can go places. Yeah. I give me when, when, when we do the content is profit swag, you know, the, the swag store. We are gonna call you Kimmy so you can help us with the call with the cut and make it an extremely confident, close type.
    Woo. I would love it. I love it. Do it, do it as we wrap up. Um, where can people find you if they're wait way, way before that? The, the important question too. Wait, we, we have four minutes. So the important question we leave it for. Okay. Okay. We'll leave it for part. Now I wanna know what that question is.
    Okay. I'll well, we did that on purpose. So you were like, yeah, please ask me that bit a foreplay. I'm not gonna lie. please hang over there. OK. Panic, wink, wink, wink. Okay. Last question for reals. Uh it's like where, where will, like, where will you be if you did not publish you publish like over 200 episodes, you've been very consistent with your show with your podcast.
    Like where will you. Where will I be? What do you mean? Like in terms of where will I be published or personally like in business, like, like the role, your message. Exactly. Mm. I, um, you know, my hopes is I'm working on a book. and so that will be exciting. Um, and, and that's kind of my next big project. I really hope that we can get out and speak more again.
    Yeah. I'm hopeful that that can happen as well. And I continue to do a ton of like, you know, Just coaching programs virtually. And I, I do a lot of flirt workshops and that will continue on. Um, so yeah, and in ways of, of finding me pretty much I'm Kimmy seltzer anywhere and everywhere. So Kimmy seltzer.com is my website.
    K I M M Y S E LT, Z E R. And all my social media handles are at Kimmy seltzer as well. And of course my podcast charisma quo. Yes, by the way, we're gonna leave all the links right below. So all you gotta do is scroll down, click in those links. Uh, if you can't find them, just send us a quick deal. We'll send them back to you, but pretty easy right there, Kimmy anything like any last thoughts before we, we let you go?
    Well, all I can say is that, you know, all the stuff can be really overwhelming. You know, whether you're working on your business, your love life, your style, your expression, you're flirting. I always say start small, you know, cuz it's those small wins that add up to the bigger success. Mm absolutely creating you so much, creating that momentum.
    Oh with that guys. Thank you so much for tuning into the contents profit podcast. Go ahead and follow the show on your favorite platform and on social media at be bros. Go. That is right on his gimme here help you move one step closer to your goal. And if she make you feel so confident, please, don't forget to share this episode and give about five star review.
    See ya. Bye guys.

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