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Lessons From Podcaster Of The Year 2020 – EP. #203

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Lessons From Podcaster Of The Year 2020.

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People will laugh at you. People will not believe in you. But do you believe in yourself?

Thanks, Daniel, for such an inspiring conversation on what it takes to be successful when the tides are against you.

Redefining our problems as opportunities is a mindset shift that any entrepreneur needs to develop nowadays if they want to succeed.

It is not about tactics and strategies. It is mostly a game of how long you can endure the lows until you reach a high.

Some of these conversation’s #GoldenBoulders:

🚀 How To Redefine Your Problems!

🚀 The Right Way To Build Multiple Streams Of Income

🚀 Your Voice Matters, Just Not To Everyone.

🚀 And Much More!

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Tune in and enjoy!

Episode Transcript

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    Today guys, we have a special guest with us today. We met him through one of the mastermind groups. We're a part of, and he is here to share his wisdom with you. That is right. He's actually a keynote speaker, coach and corporate trainer, his passion for elevating others to reach their full attention.
    His on rival my friend, trust me. Today's guest will always be in your corner. Not to mention he won the 20, 20 podcast of the year. He was also voted top 20 executive coach, and he's an award winning keynote speaker who is known for his prophetic coaching. Hmm. Interesting. I can't wait to learn. Please welcome host of the Daniel Gomez inspire show the one and only Daniel Gomez.
    Tell you what? I'm pumped up. I'm excited. Um, it's an honor to be here on content. It's profit baby. Go. We shoulda, we shoulda have star the show today with this one, man. I know. True. Right. Got everybody dancing over here. We can let this as a background for just a little, you gotta lower a little bit, but uh, I guess we're party.
    Hey, Daniel, we were, we have been literally chasing you to be on the show probably for like about, you know, three months. So thank you for coming on. I'm kidding. Like we're, we're, we're part of this incredible community together. And, uh, finally we're able to coordinate a day again. I just wanna say thank you.
    Because I've seen what you've done. I've seen the, the community that you're part of. I've seen the things that are coming, that you're doing every single day. You're a family man. So, uh, why don't you share a little bit with us, uh, why you started to do what you do today, man, Lu, you know what it's it's sometimes we think we have everything together, but we don't always have everything in our own mind.
    We think that it's good, but then guess what? You have to put on the shades of real life, right. then, then real life happens. And then your wife is, has breast cancer and everything that you knew or thought you were seen. Was wrong. And for me, when my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, four years ago, I was on top of the automotive industry making a lot of money, but I realized I had a lot of things wrong and that was, I needed to put God first, my wife and then my family.
    And from that, from resigning that to take care of my wife, after having the double mastectomy, the Daniel Gomez inspires brand was born. I started speak. People laughed at me. People are gonna laugh at you and they laughed all the way. But guess what? By the grace of God, I had the last laugh. Cause I'm here on the content is prophet show live
    said, right. We cannot make it. But so many times people laugh at us and we give up and we give up on our dream because people think that we're crazy. And you can't give up on your dream just because people laugh at. and now by the grace of God, I'm the one laughing, cuz I'm still here four years later when many people have given up least.
    Wow. Powerful. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, uh, let's talk about quitting, right? Just like you, you mentioned some people give up and clearly you you've, you know, for many years now you stand, let's say the test of time. What, what do you think is that main push, right? Like what is the differentiator? Those people that are giving up and you know, those that are keep going, right.
    I mean, we've, we've noticed trends in the podcast here where some people is, you know, maybe amount of pain or amount of inspiration that they got or purpose, right. Or why. But I'm curious on, on your point of view, right? Because you work a lot with people, right? Elevating them to be their best self. What is it?
    Right? What is it that keep people going through hardships through other people, laughing at them? Well, I think you gotta, this, isn't one thing that people need to start seeing differently. And it's the word problems. When problems come into your life, think about. Problems elevate us problems, promote us when you see 'em from the right perspective.
    But when you see a problem as a problem, that's when you start to complain. That's when you start to murmur, that's when you start to see things. from the negative standpoint. But think about this. We had a problem with phones many years ago, somebody said, I'm tired of having this phone on the wall right here.
    Right. I don't want it on the wall. Mm-hmm so somebody said, I'm gonna make a phone. That's gonna be held in my hand. And they laughed at them. Right? Yeah. But what they did is they solved the problem. So when you start seeing a problem as an opportunity, right, this is a key, I want your audience to write it down.
    When you see a problem as an opportunity to showcase your genius. A problem is an opportunity to showcase your competency and to showcase your wisdom. That's all the problem is, and the best, the best people that showcase that wisdom at the right time, in the right way. That's for the problem. Those are the ones that can promoted.
    Those are the ones that people wanna be around. Because nobody wants to be around a complainer in a whir. I can tell you Lu and FY, nobody wants to be around complainers. Well, nobody the thing get outta here. Right? you know what, maybe the computer's not working, then we try to turn it on. Right. Let me solve a problem for you.
    The great problem solvers are the ones that make the most money. Yeah, because this is the thing. When you start seeing problems as an opportunity for promotion and growth, that's when you start bringing quality to the marketplace and many people out there want that instant, that gratification without even bringing quality to the marketplace.
    And those are the ones that don't last the test of time and they give up because I think it's gonna be done overnight and it's not, you have to be a great problem solver. And then the second thing I would say to that is really is you gotta have the faith for me. It's having faith in God, knowing. he's gonna help me along the way, because there's many times I wanted to give up.
    I, this is a quote that I came up with that one of the other groups that the guy said, man, I never thought about it that way. I said, you're not a real entrepreneur Fonzi until you're in the bathroom crying and you're 99.9% sure that you're gonna give up that you're gonna give in almost done. Yeah. But then I looked in the mirror and I said, no, not today until you reached that.
    0.1% that you're you're done, right? You're you're you're already 99.9%. I was sure I was gonna give up, but I didn't. You have to hit that point cuz at that moment. The world's gonna say this guy wants it. The Bibo brothers want it. All right. Let's open up some new doors, but until you reach that point, cuz most people don't wanna go in all in.
    I talked to a guy, this guy said, man, how much are you willing to better on yourself? Are you willing to walk away from your career to start your business? And he know the Ryan part is he said, no, I'm not. And that's why people give up. Cuz they're they they're halfhearted. They don't. So there's yeah, there's so many variables, but I would just say become a great problem solve.
    The one that, that solves the biggest problems people want to be around. Yeah. And then just really look at every problem as an opportunity to, to showcase your genius. Fu that's what I would say to that. I love it, man. I love it. Um, you know, you mentioned that moment where you're in the bathroom crying, like I've, I've experienced a few of those, right?
    Like, and, and you know, the, the why so big, right. That we keep pushing and we keep doing. And just recently, I remember having a conversation. People in, in my own family. Right. They're they were asking, but why are you going through all of this? Right. Because it hasn't been like going up a hundred percent.
    Right. Sometimes goes up, sometimes, goes down, things happen, right? Like challenges are put in front of you. Right. And, uh, and we keep going. And, uh, you know, for us, we have obviously our family, which our families too, back home, we wanna provide, we wanna be able to, to help as much as possible because they helped us literally go and chase our, our professional soccer dream.
    Right. And we've talked about this on the show before, and we. That is so much more. And like, I don't, I don't need the approval of anybody around me. Like, I, I love the fact that most of them support us, right. Support journey, especially my wife, Katie, like she's right there. Uh, but at the same time, like you will have those moments where we feel alone, where we're like the only one.
    So community for me, for example, has been one of the, one of the key elements on being able to connect with people that are going through that journey right. To, to help each other on you. You know, you mentioned the bigger, the problem, right? The bigger, the. As we fix those and, and we move forward and that's something as an entrepreneur, we gotta, we gotta find out, right.
    We, for years we tried different, different things, different methods, different products, different services, right. From, from here on out. And, and finally we found what we're really good at and the problem that we're solving and we giving time back to people, which is so important. You don't get time back.
    Right. So, and then yesterday I. I was with my son, Luke, and we were watching this movie Hercules right from, from Disney. And there's a scene. Yeah, let's go show the guns. Fancy. You have guns, no guns. OK. I, I love my guns in the, in the last three weeks. I need to hit the gym. So there's this scene where, you know, he's in front of Ze.
    Jesus. Right. And he's like, Hey, dad, I'm ready. I'm ready to go back to, to, to be a God. Right. And, and Sue says, Hey, you gotta, you, you're still not a God. You gotta go through these moments. Right. And you, I cannot tell you, you have to go through that moment and identify that moment. And he's like, but I don't understand.
    I don't like, how do I find that moment? And then Sue's like, disappears. Right? And then there's this mama in the movie. It was spoil alert for those. I haven't watched it. This was like 20 years ago. Right. Uh, do you know. He lost his powers. And then this girl that he was in with, uh, tries to save him. Right.
    And then these like big rock falls on her. And then he starts to try to lift this rock. Right. And then he finds himself and he finds his purpose right. In one of the lowest points of his life. And, you know, yesterday I was watching it with Luca and, you know, Lucas too. He is probably not understanding all this meaning.
    Right. But it's so important. And then you mention this, right. And us as an entrepreneur, there's sometimes I wanna feel like we lose that power. Right. But then we gotta push through. We gotta, we gotta believe we gotta, you know, be a hundred percent sure that we're gonna solve that problem. That we're gonna move.
    Forward and have that blind confidence that things are gonna work out. So I, I wanna say thank you for bringing that point on, because it's been a while since we've had such a, such an honest, like, uh, explanation of what that is, especially with you. So, uh, from that moment, Danny, like how, how do you figure out what was your superpower like?
    Because coming from the automotive industry, right? There's a lot of problems that maybe we can solve. Right. How, how do you choose where to go? Sometimes we get lost right in the process. How did you choose where to go for, for me, when I came out, it was, it was to be a motivational speaker and, and people laugh.
    They go, well, you know how many Mexican motivational speakers there are Latino motivational speakers. I'm like, I dunno. They're like, exactly. There's none like, no. But I, I didn't care what people said because I knew that the God behind me was greater than the task in front of me and is, and I went forward.
    I just kept taking action. And I think somebody needs to hear this watching the show, the smallest action every single day is gonna give you the greatest results. The smallest action. And I think back to, to the, to the first book I ever read on sales was augment Dino, right? The greatest salesman in the world is I will act now that needs to be your attitude.
    I will act now, not tomorrow, not in a week, not in a month. I will act now. And maybe you don't know everything you need to know, but I promise you, if you keep going forward, sooner or later, you're gonna run into the visible brothers and they're gonna put you on their podcast. And then that's gonna take you to another level, but you're never gonna meet the people you're supposed to meet in.
    if you stay still, because God doesn't bless a moving target. You gotta keep moving forward. You gotta keep moving to the left, moving to the right. So for me, it was really so many people as I came out, they, they could see the charisma that I had. They could see that I was outgoing and right away they wanna recruit you for multi-level marketing.
    They wanna recruit you for this. Like people, you know, you get these in boxes on, on LinkedIn. Hey, what about this? And, and I think so many people were so easily distracted to the left and to the right, and then the dream that they had, they look for that quick dollar and you, and I both know if, if you water down your efforts, every single.
    You're gonna get water down results. Let me that again, if you water down your efforts every day, you're gonna get water down results. And for me, it was really saying no to John and Jane. You know what I don't wanna be in, in, in selling vitamins. I don't wanna be a financial planner. I don't wanna be this.
    You gotta say no to things. Yeah. I mean, so many of us, we get desperate in that moment. and you forgot why you came out and you just, you, you get sidetracked and you go on, on the wrong path, wrong path. And next thing you know, you're not doing what you were supposed to do. And for me, I just stayed the, I just stated, I knew that I wanted to be a speaker.
    I was raw. I sucked. Right. I really did. When I, when I came out, I looked at a YouTube video. My friend goes, dude, I wouldn't have hired you. I said, man, I wouldn't have hired you. I wouldn't have hired myself. but I was being. Yeah. Yeah. But I knew that I could train in sales and I said, you know, let me get some content together.
    I put a little workbook together. I went knocking on doors. And the rest is history. And then from there I became a better speaker, started speaking more and more live. And by the grace of God, I spoke live with Les brown, Tom Billue from impact theory and the rest is history. And here I am. You just gotta, but from, from that, from that main revenue of stream, so many people we get, we here get multiple streams of income, but you, you can't do that from the get go.
    My main revenue stream was speak. Yeah. And from speaking then came training. And then from that, we wrote our book, you were born to fly and then from, you were born to fly, came our podcast. And now we have all these revenue streams that produce great revenue for us, but it started with the speaking that we got strength and that supported, right.
    That was the trunk of the business. Yes. And the branches came out and that's where we're are for today. So I would say you gotta find one thing that you love, that you're passionate about and that you have to be willing to sacrifice. And I would even say this right? When you become a realtor, you have to have six month of income.
    They tell you to have it on the side. I would say, if you're gonna become an entrepreneur, soon as you step into the gate, you gotta have six months to a year revenue. Money saved up because you're gonna wanna give up, you're gonna quit. And you know what the secret to success. So is an, an entrepreneurship is if you can just outlast, if you can outlast the competition six months to a year, you're gonna be in the top percent.
    Before, you know, it mm-hmm, , it's outlast them cuz they're gonna give up. But if you, if you outlast them before, you know it, you're gonna go up and you're gonna be in the top 50%, then 40%, then 30% then it's now, now Daniel Gomez. They know me as a, as a, as a speaker in the speaking world. And from there I just kind of branched out from that point.
    I love it. Absolutely. Yeah. I, I, I do believe it is, uh, an endurance game, right? I mean that one that can stand. For the longest time, uh, without giving up. And like you mentioned at the beginning, right. Doing, taking those small steps, it doesn't have to be a huge win. It might look like a huge win for those on the outside.
    Right. For the person that is building it. It takes time, right? There's no, I mean, there's no such thing as overnight success. Uh, then I have a question. You mentioned a book, the first book, the first sales book that you read, what, what is it? We wanna put it in the, in the resources staff for people to read as well.
    Yeah. So actually it's augment Dino the greatest salesman in the world. And it's, it's a beautiful book that really, this is the thing is, is one thing I didn't realize it when I first read that book 20 years ago, I'm actually rereading it. Right. What I didn't realize is that you can have all the skill set you want, no matter what you, right.
    You can be the best baker, the best mechanic. You can be the best salesperson of any of, of. But if you don't have the resilience, if you don't have the Ghana, if you don't have the quota, so yeah. You're gonna give up, if you don't, you gotta have Ghana, you gotta have the quota. So see thing you're not gonna, you're not gonna make it.
    Yeah. And that's one thing that, that, as I read it now, I'm like, wow, that helped me re that helped me build that resilience that helped me build that bounce. Because one thing that I love about the book is this is that I will act now. And then the second thing is I will greet this day with love. And when you greet every day with love, In helping people and serving people.
    It's gonna come back to you and just the way right now, right? Y'all welcome you to your show and it's, it y'all are welcoming and loving it's you're so in that seat, so guess what, it's gonna be reciprocated back, but so many times we just think it's about the transaction when it's more to that. So I would definitely, I would definitely get that book because it definitely helped me with the, with the resilience.
    Yeah, absolutely. For, uh, for you listening right now, make sure you scroll down, tap the link right there in the resources and get yourself the book as well. And we're also gonna leave then knows your book out already for sale. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Actually, this is a one for self leadership. You were born to fly and then there's, there's another great sales book called sticker.
    It's called a day. You realize you're worth millions. You know why most people don't make sales calls because they undervalue who they are and many entrepreneurs, they undervalue themselves. And when you undervalue yourself, you always undercharge. You don't ask what you're worth, and then you don't take the actions that you need to offer your products.
    You're saying, you know, I'll give it to you for free. No, if you bring value to the marketplace, you have a right to ask for what it's worth. Think about that. Rose Royce. Don't have problem asking you for half a million dollars for their cars. Why? Because they know that the value. Yeah. And when you bring value that that's what I talk about sticker shot, because most people.
    They feel unworthy and undeserving. And that's what we talk about in, in the book sticker shock. Because when you open up your heart to realize, you know what, I have a right to get paid for what I do, because I bring value. Yeah. And everything else takes place, but yes, my books are available on Amazon. So definitely let's go by the way, we're gonna put all those links right below.
    So, uh, Daniel, don't forget to, to send us those link and make sure we put 'em in there. The, I wanted to cover a little bit about the multiple streams of revenue that you were talking about. I love the fact that it's kind of like, you need to focus on going on one step at a time because I feel a lot of people are like, oh, I need to get multiple streams of being com and dangerous.
    Try to diversify their attention goes everywhere. No focus whatsoever. We were victims of that. Right. And finally, when we managed to focus is when we actually started growing. But now you mention why people don't do sales calls. Right. And you said, because they undervalue themselves. I'm gonna tell you I don't undervalue myself.
    But this hit a little hard because I'm not honestly too confident on making sales calls. Right. I mean, I'm pretty, I'm pretty good at sending Instagram DMS, right. And, and sending videos to people and connecting with them. But when it comes to grabbing the phone and making a sales call, there's something in there.
    So I'm, I'm curious. Right. I, I, I'm curious on why do people, my. Might be under value in their self. Is there some, some fear of some sort, right? And maybe what are some, some actionable steps people can do to start either picking up that phone and, or getting in more sales calls? Well, you know, it, it goes back to, to, I think for, for me being a, a Latino man, I can say this because I'm one, it's like, you know, sometimes we do some crazy stuff in our youth.
    We do some crazy stuff in our life. Next thing, you know, guess what we're carrying around 2, 2, 2 friends that we don't want one friend on this side. right. shame and guilt. Hmm. And we carry this shame. We carry this guilt. And then next thing you know, we start to condemn ourselves and, and we don't forgive ourselves.
    So it's like, you know what? It's okay. I'm just not gonna make my call today. Right. You don't feel worthy and deserving of. because you start going up the ladder and all of a sudden you start to sabotage yourselves because you're, you've had more success right now. You got the spotlight on you. And most people, it used to having the spotlight on them.
    And then they retract and they try to dim the light and they self sabotage because they don't feel worthy and deserving. And for me, it was really forgiving myself because I had the skillset, but it's really forgiving myself for just past mistakes that I've made in failures. Just because we fail, doesn't make us a failure just because we make a mistake.
    Doesn't make us a. Yeah. But when you, when you have that, that keeps you subconsciously many times from, from making that phone call. Right. Uh, they don't need my services. Uh, I ain't gonna make a difference. We, we think we just think this stuff right. Or we think, we think this is the thing is, is a, another thing is we think we're bothering people.
    You're not bothering people. If somebody interacted in your content, if someone. Ask the question that means they want it. They're just, we're not used to asking for business a lot of times, right. We go to the whole sales presentation and then this is the dumbest question we ask FOIA as we ask this. Right.
    What do you think S right. Whoa, that shouldn't your, your, your, your, your question should be great. Did you wanna get one book or two books? right. two. Yeah, but we don't ask that question. We. Well, what do you think? What do you think the client's gonna say? Well, um, let me think about it right away. You let yourself down the wrong, wrong path.
    You ask, we ask a dumb question. We're gonna get a dumb answer, right? We're gonna get the answer. We're not looking for when you gotta ask. 'em great. Did you wanna get one or two books today? Did you wanna go ahead and, um, get that for your wife also, right? Whatever, whatever product or service you're setting.
    Yeah. You always gotta, you always gotta ask for the business cuz this, this is you get zero. Of the business that you don't ask for? Absolutely. I, I, I love that, you know, and I'm gonna relay that to content a little bit. Actually, this morning I was listening to a podcast from Victor, Antonio. I don't know if you're familiar with them.
    Um, he has a, a sales podcast and he was actually talking about kind of like what question to ask to an inbound lead when they come. Right. And when they come to you and they are like, okay, what is it that you do? He said, first, you need to ask him back. Well, what is, you know, what type of, what, what research have you done on me?
    And then they're gonna come back and they're gonna give you three answers either. So, so, or they have done a lot of research and they're very indoctrinated. Right. And that got me thinking I'm like, okay, if they start doing research on you or on us, Can they find out what is it that we do super simple, right?
    How can we help them? Right. And you just told them, right? I said, Hey, I know I can help you. I have this confidence. And then you just make that offer out there. Right. And I think a lot of people are creating content and not necessarily telling how they can help people on the other side. Right. And I started thinking it with our content actually.
    And I'm like, wow. We do say it a lot. Right. But it's mostly on the live show right here when we're talking at the very beginning at the end, you know, maybe throughout the conversation, but I started realizing it's like, huh. Or content. Some of the content that we have published might not be the best one to tell people what is it exactly that we do and how we help them.
    Right. So I think that is extremely valuable. What you're saying. Right. You need to have that confidence at the end of the day and put yourself there, make offers, because if we don't make offers, we're not gonna manage to get anybody to, to help anybody at the end of the day. Right. I mean, uh, we had Chris do here on the podcast and he said, just refrain the word sales is help.
    Right. Instead of like, oh, I'm selling this, oh, I'm, I'm helping this, this person. Right. And I was like, oh man, I love it. It's kind of like your, uh, refrain problem with opportu. Right. And I think those, those little triggers can do so much for us. Um, so yeah, so relating what you just shared to us right now, relating it to content.
    I think people need to get used to it, get used to making more offers, putting their self out there and saying, Hey, this is exactly how I can help. And I believe one can help build that confidence to then when you get on the sales score, you're even more confident about it. And you're like, do you want one book or two books?
    Right. yeah. And, and I love what you said, because most right over 90% of businesses fail because they don't ne they never learn how to sell. They think because they're a great mechanic. They're a great artist. They're a great this, even if you're a great artist, you have a great. You can have the best show right in the museum, the most beautiful museum.
    But if you never say great, which portrait did you wanna take? This one or this one? The Mo Lisa, or you want the great, the, the, um, that other gentleman, I can't think of his name right now, but, um, Right, but you've never asked for the business. You never ask for the sell, you have to ask for it. And most people, they, they feel, how can I say it?
    Those, this word always comes out when somebody says sometimes that you sound salesy. What they're really saying is, man, I wish I could sell because they don't see it within themselves. Right. They don't see that within the. And one thing that I do is I'm not apologetic for, for asking for business because I know I can help 'em they need my help.
    But I think just being here now, I gotta start saying more. Right, right. How do I can help you with this product? I can help you with this service. Not that you're gonna sell 'em, but they relate more to the word help. So I think that helps to reframe the conversation. And I love, I love what you said about that.
    Yeah, but I, I definitely. I definitely want your entrepreneurs. Everybody watching this show is, is, think about this, no business. And we learned this in 20, 20, no business survives without revenue, no business. Yeah. So you can't be embarrassed to ask for the business. Don't be ashamed of it because they need what you have.
    The thing is this, if you subconsciously you don't pick up that phone to go back to the question you asked, because you think that it's you're that you you're blocking yourself. No, they need that product. They need that service, but if you're not asking for it, they miss out. Because guess what? Now, whatever reason that very piece they needed is missing.
    And you, or that missing piece, have the confidence in your abilities? Yes, absolutely. I love it. I, I, I love this obviously, cuz you know, we've, since we started obviously this journey and especially with the show, once the show started, we started jumping on, on different conversations with people, maybe a little bit of a higher hierarchy than the people that were jumping before the show was even a thing.
    Right. Because it was a different market, it was a different type of entrepreneur. Right. So. Well, I, the market that we're serving was small business owners, right? Small business owners might have a little bit of a difficulty maybe investing in different solution, different things. They might try do it themselves at first.
    Right. And we, when we try to shift our market, that conversation was a lot easier, right? Because we found a type of person or a type of entrepreneur that has been there probably the longest that have experienced investing and solving those issues. Right. So I think that also comes into mind, but that comes with.
    Trying things out, going out and having those conversations as many times as possible. Right. So, you know, for those that have shows and, and have these incredible connections or strategic partners, you dinner, you said it right. No, no business will survive without the revenue. Right. And sometimes when we're starting, because we having that have that experience, it might be a really tough.
    Like, uh, mountain to climb at first. But as you get moving, it starts becoming a little bit horizontal. Then it is kinda a little bit downhill from the way that, that we use those phone calls, uh, those, uh, those calls now with the content, right. It happens very similarly with start starting to publish, right?
    Like in your case, you went out directly, your dream was to be, uh, a professional speaker, right? Like being in front of a crowd and different things. So that, that, that willingness helps a lot. There's a lot of people. Coming into the publishing world, right? Thinking, Hey, this is a tool, this is a, a thing that's gonna help my business.
    Right. A lot of people think their content's gonna sell their product. It's not like that. We still have to like, make, make sure that we have those conversations, but to put their thoughts wordss and put it out there into the world. It is really challenging. Right. So have you, I mean, across your experience, right?
    With speaking on stage and being a published author, and now with your incredible show, was there a moment for you that it was, you were like, man, like this is really a challenge or was it, it came natural to you because this is exactly what you wanted. Right? What would be an advice, a piece of advice for those that are reluctant to start publishing and putting their voice out there?
    Well, I think you need to know your voice matters. That's first of all, a lot of my clients that I deal with, cause I do a lot of business coaching now is they don't think their voice matters and your voice matters. Everybody's voice listening to this podcast right now. Your voice matters. and maybe you're not a voice to the whole world, but you are a voice to many, right?
    Let me say that again. Maybe you're not a voice to the whole world, but you are a voice to many. And the only book they're gonna read is your book. They're not gonna read anybody else's book. They're gonna read your book and your book, your chapter in your life. That one chapter they read in your book in your life is gonna change their life.
    And I can tell you, I get so many messages, man, Daniel, episode number, blah, blah, or your episode with the biz brother brothers, man. It touched my heart. Thank you. And you don't even think about it cuz sometimes we sometimes in our own mind, right. We, we, I even think this it's like, well, did I make a difference today?
    And we're doing it right. Well, I mean we're out there doing it. I'm just being real. I, I don't have to be, I'm just telling you my heart sometimes to think like, man, did I really make a difference? And then like earlier we're talking in the mastermind, then you get a message from a syn. You know, that event really changed my life.
    And you're like, it did like you don't realize the impact. Sometimes we don't realize the impact that we make. So I would say for me, subconsciously, I was running from so many things when I started my business that I wasn't even aware of. Cause I had, I had, I had a lot of inner heating that I had to do. I came out as a speaker and even though I ran multimillion dollar organizations for many years, I ran from, like, even though I was teaching cells, I was running from cells cuz subconsciously it had caused my wife cancer.
    Right. That, that was my thinking. Without even thinking it, I was running from business, but I was running a business. It was funny. And then the moment came that says, dude, like, you know, a lot about business. I'm like, yeah, well, I know how to read financials and I know marking, I mean, I, I know business and then somebody says, well, can you help me with my business?
    And I was like, yeah, like, but that wasn't my intentions. So sometimes in life, I guess what I'm trying to say is. I started off as a speaker and the reason most speakers fail, 90% of them are more is because they never make it a speaking business. And I made mine a speaking business with revenue, with the product of a book, then a course, a coach course.
    And then as I started get, like I said, Hey, well, I, it is a business. And that, and this is a thing where most entrepreneurs screw up most small businesses. They don't keep their books every single month. Right. They, they, they keep their receipts in a, in a shoebox. Maybe not as bad now, but I see so many businesses that don't keep track of their finances.
    Right. I, I said, well, what's your account receivables. What's that? Forget it. Right. You already know, like, you don't know what your account receiving is. Okay. Well, what's your monthly revenue. Basic business stuff. They don't understand. So as, as my business started growing and people started asking me questions, then that's when, okay, Daniel go inspires was established.
    Now it's showed up, fade coaching. Now we do business and executive coaching, but it, that wasn't my intention. It was really just to be the speaker, but. When I was healed for my, for my old, old self, I was like, I know business, why am I running from business? Why am I running from sales? Right. Like, talk about this cuz people need help.
    Yes. So, so I think I, I wanna challenge your audience right now. Think in your business right now, many people watching this show, you have a product within your product and you haven't even realized it. You have a product within your product. And what do I mean. Right. We won podcasts of the year, last year.
    And because of that, now we're doing podcast launching for other businesses for other entrepreneurs. But if we would've never had the podcast, we, how can we produce a podcast if, if we don't have that? Yeah. So think about what product do you have within your product right now? And it's a revenue stream that people will pay you thousands for.
    You just don't realize it. Right. You're not being that problem solver that you can be. Um, Daniel, first of all, yes. Gun moment right there. Because, uh, everybody in the, like you listening right now, like I'm sure like that sound just went through your head because you're like, oh my gosh. Yes, this is exactly what I got.
    Right. And I'm gonna go back to, to something that, you know, we're chatting on the, on the, on the call, the other. Friday. I stayed on for about three, almost four hours with one of her previous guests on the show. Right. She has to be unnamed. Uh, but you know, we're same thing. Like we run a show in a very, very particular way, uh, obviously with a live show and everything that comes after.
    Right. And she has some questions and we're helping her through, through this right. And then she's like, what about you guys? And then for two hours, we started looking inside of our thing, right? Obviously we have a service that we sell the content multi-purposes right. Content momentum, and all the things that we can do on top of.
    But then with the thing that we do and the way that we do it, we started diving into that. And that was the exact same situation that you just described. Right? She goes like, whoa, you have this system and you have this system and you have this process and you have this. And then, and then we showed like how we, how we control, how we handle the conversation with our guests before doing after the show.
    Right. And she's like, she, she pauses. And she goes like, you, you guys just created a. And in my head, I'm like, like idea, right? I'm like what? And sometimes it takes like that external person to come in and see it. Right. Because sometimes we're so in it. Right. And we're like, or maybe we think like it's not ready yet.
    It's not this way. And then I remember she's been in contact with probably a few of the best marketers out there in the, in the world because of the field that she works in and the company that she works in. Right. And she goes like, what I've seen with you guys. Is probably one of the best processes out there.
    Right. You guys have to put this out there into the world somehow. Right. And she created that fire in me and it came into a moment where like we were having these conversations for Fonzi and I, because we've received that feedback. Right. And sometimes we're like, no, the focus is here and we kinda kind ignore put on, on a side because the focus is there.
    Right. And now we're faced with the decision. Again, talk, go full circle about the first things that we talked about earlier, the problem, right? The bigger, the problem, the bigger the reward. And we're like, okay, if people are asking for this, we should start listening to that feedback because we can help them.
    Somehow. Now we gotta figure out a way on how can we this to the world that is engaging, that can give their results, that it gave us that we can start doing this thing. And you. And I sat down and I couldn't go to bed. I went to bed at like 3:00 AM in the morning because my, my head was on fire. I'm like, ah, and, and this is so, so like I'm, I'm just so, so pumped because you were pointing it out too.
    So I wanna encourage everybody. I just went through this exercise. And he fired me up for probably the next year or so. Right. Like, not that I wasn't, but it's like, oh my God, okay. Now we have this opportunity. Now we have this thing. Now that we have this service and product that we can help and serve a lot of people that, that need it.
    Right. Because we've seen the need. We've seen how people. Can't change their life by publishing and putting their messages. They, by communicating with people that they wanna do business with. So Danielle man, I I'm so fired up, man. Thank you so much. Yeah. Super excited. Obviously that, that we brought this on and hopefully F is like, what the heck?
    Like he wasn't here during those conversations and he's been trying to call me all weekend. Be like, dude, what happened? What happened? Like, and I'm like, I'll, I'll tell you after the show, I guess like we just broke the news yeah. Well, the thing is just like, like next month, September 10th and 11th, we're having our sticker shock speaking academy.
    Here in San Antonio. And, and the thing is right. They're coming to learn how to become aspiring speakers, paid speakers on stage fo, right. Oh, nice. But the thing is, somebody said, well, what if somebody doesn't wanna go to the whole academy and they just get a speaker role? And I'm like, yeah, well, yeah, now they can.
    Right. But the idea came, cuz somebody asked. And people pay a thousand dollars for a high quality speaker reel, cuz you are not gonna get hired as a professional speaker unless you have a speaker row. Yeah. So that's another product that came out of our sticker shock speaking academy. You know what? You won't be there for the workshop on, on Friday, but come Saturday.
    We'll record you on stage and it's a product within a product or somebody needs pictures on of stage come, and we'll take pictures of you. And it, you're not gonna pay the full price, but we're still gonna charge you something. But the thing is, this is everybody has a product within a product, and we just don't realize that that it's there.
    But when you look at yourself, look at what you got. And I would've never thought of that Digg. Well, just offer a speaker role. I'm like, okay. . Yeah, that's awesome. Yeah. And. I mean, that's part of listening to the audience. You just mentioned it, right. People just talk to, is that communication at the end of the day sales it's about communication as well.
    Right? It's such an, I think it's such a basic element that have seen that has been overseen by so many nowadays because. Technology makes you kind of like fly over the communication side of things, right? It can either be an amplifier or it can mute it completely. Right? Cuz you want to automate everything.
    Right. And you don't wanna have to listen to anybody. And you just wanna be that entrepreneur sitting in the couch, eating chips and you know, uh, having an automated funnel, but never talking to your clients. Um, I raised my hand cuz that's who I wanted to be at first. I'm not gonna. But then I realized, wow, it is actually about communicating.
    If you wanna help people, you gotta communicate with them and they will tell you, like you just mentioned, they will tell you, uh, Hey, guess what? There's something inside of this that you're already offering that we want as well. So. Thank you for sharing that also, by the way, we got a, a comment here by Fraser Ramsey.
    He said, when are the BI bros and Danielle flying to Scotland, it's gonna, I can leave right now if you want in I'm in again, another one of those wonderful things about publishing and put it out there, right? Like we connect with literally. So many people around the world, right? Like Katie, my wife, she goes like, Hey, you know, we're your friends, man.
    Like what's happening. We're like we have to of friends. We're just not in Jacksonville. Um, anyway. Okay. Daniel man, last couple questions of this show. We, we gotta wrap up. It's my fault. Over here. We, I gotta go get the baby now here. Best questions of the trial. We can do part two. Absolutely. You're always invited down, but what would be an action point for that entrepreneur that is in a similar situation, right?
    Where, uh, you know, they're, they're trying to make that decision between what they're doing now to go into business or they're in like that, that growing stage at the very beginning, right? What would be something that they can do today to move that thing? don't overthink it. Don't overthink it. And don't ask too many people for their opinions, cuz everybody's gonna give you their opinion.
    And this is the thing is people will criticize what they can't duplicate. Let me say that again, people will criticize what they can't duplicate and your dream is for you act today, right? I will act now, even though you don't have all the answers, you're thinking, man, how am I gonna, don't worry about the, how so much, just take that step forward.
    And as you, as once you decide, right, this is the powerful thing to answer your question. Once you decide to do. You're gonna attract every person in every situation you need. And you're gonna be in the right rooms at the right place, with the right time with the right people. Don't worry about it. Just make that decision to step forward.
    Or once you take that step forward, everything's gonna fall in place because if you never move forward, you're never gonna know what could have been. And then you're gonna be living with regrets. I love it. I remember when I was a kid or dad would always tell us, right. He would say something that would do, you know, say, oh, you should do X, Y, and Z.
    And then if we wouldn't do it, he would be. Hey, you know, maybe in a couple of years you might be like, what if I listen to my dad right there. Right. and I mean, it, it, it happens, you know, in everything right now, if we don't take a risk, we might be living with that. What if you know mine? And I think that the burden carrying that for the rest of your life.
    Might be even worse than trying and maybe failing. Right. So, yeah. Thank you for that message. And I hope the listener right now is inspired to go and take action. Just like you said, I will act now. So. Yeah. Thank you, Daniel. Last question is where, where, oh, go ahead. Sorry, go ahead. No, no, no, I, I, I just want, I'm loving this show.
    let's go. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, let's go. Where are they? There we go. Crowd is going crazy right here. Uh, where, where will you be if you did not publish that again? Where will you be? If you did not publish, it could be, you know, physically, emotionally, it could be on the business side of. What would I be if I didn't?
    Yes. Well, I wouldn't have show, fade coaching, which would be half of my revenue. I wouldn't have doubled in 2020 and grown in 2021 because when we did our first book, you were born to fly. Something that we do with books is we help convert these books for authors into coaching, um, coaching programs. So we specialize in creating, um, coaching programs and that's a big part of our revenue, cuz.
    Most like, like you're talking about content, most coaches don't know how to create coaching content. They don't know how to create, how to, how to create that content to attract that client. And that's something that we actually create the course for itself. And most people don't know where to start and I'm like, you didn't see this.
    They go, how did you see this in my book? And I say that because, because of this book, cuz I invested, you know, three or 4,000 back couple of years ago, Right. I, I, I got an online course. That's automated. Then I do my coaching now and I wouldn't have had that foundation. So it was a foundation. So never underestimate the, everybody thinks the book's gonna make you a million dollars.
    The book's not gonna make you a million dollars. It's the content, the foundation of the book. Then you're gonna build on top of the book. And then that's where the revenue streams come. And that's where our show debate coaching came. And we're still going from. Absolutely. I, I, I, I think just what you just mentioned right now that the book is that foundation.
    I see, you know, related to content, obviously book is, uh, a piece of content, right. And I will say in the hierarchy of content is pretty high up there, maybe the most important one. Right. Um, but I see content as opportunity as well. Right? Imagine each piece of content is, uh, a little opportunity ball that you can just throw out there and try to hit as many people as you can.
    Right. And then you can get to build on top of it. Nice, nice, soft, you know, little ball. nice. Not like cross balls that they're nice caring, you know, full of love and yeah. Yeah. Full of love. Servitude value. Yeah. We had to clarify in case you're, you've run into somebody with a pun, bunch of anger, you know, just wanted to throw stuff out.
    clearly on the do joke. Right. But that not land , but yeah, I love that. So, oh man. I think it's, it's so cool. We, we are, we've been talking about it for a while. It's like, man, we, we wanna write a book. We want there's some idea. There's so much content to the podcast to write a book, right? Oh, You need to do it.
    I mean, the only person you're hurting is, is yourself, right? Or not only that people that need your help because people, people need your help and, and talking about revenue, streams of income, something that we started doing, cuz so many people have started coming to us about books. We started publishing some books for, for our clients.
    They go, Hey, can you help me with this? Cuz they've had a bad experience. They didn't trust them. So now, right, we've already done. Like these are, these are, these are under our brand. You see the DG in the back. We've already done. Um, one, two. That's awesome. Actually five books that we've done for, for our clients and we're, and it's just the beginning, but it's just, it's it's people need help.
    Right? You're not selling them anything. You're helping them cuz they need help. Yeah. And the moment you realize that,
    and I'll end with this, if you have that dream. If you have that dream that you've been sitting on month after month, year after year, stop undervaluing, that dream. You matter, the idea you have in your mind is gonna help somebody and they need that idea. So stop being selfish and thinking about yourself and know that you are more than capable.
    You are more than able because there's a God inside of you that is so strong. So able. That he's gonna help you to achieve your dream. And if God can take mode stinky, old mode and turn it into penicillin, that's good for your body to heal your body. What can he not do in your life, in your business? If you allow him to
    let's go. Thank you, Daniel. Thank you so much for, for those. Thank you so much for being here today. It was absolutely amazing. Super inspiring. Uh, I mean, inspiring motivational. I learned a lot as well. So you, you, I feel like you left. Not only us, but the listener, most importantly, with actionable tools and things to do to move their business forward.
    So thank you so much, Danielle, where can people find you? Where can people connect with you? What's the best way. Yeah. As a matter of fact, they can get, uh, text the word, confident, the word confident. With the T to 2 6, 7, 8, 6, that's confident to 2 6, 7, 8, 6, and they can go to WW dot Daniel Gomez, global.com.
    That's Daniel Gomez, global.com. And then just send me a message and I'll give your audience a complimentary 45 minute discovery session. My give to your audience to help 'em. Maybe I can help 'em in some way, some form with an idea, and I would love to do that for your audience. So that's text the word confident to 2 6, 7, 8.
    Then also my brand is Daniel Gomez inspires on all platforms. YouTube right here on Facebook, Instagram, and also on clubhouse. So we would love to, we got some links dropped here in the comments guys, by the way, all the links are gonna be right on the description. If you're listening to this in your favorite podcasting platform, all you gotta do is scroll down, click on those links connect.
    Uh, this is so good. Just personal experience. I've interacted in a few calls with Daniel and is just incredible what he brings to the table. So go ahead. Take advantage of this incredible offer and also on anything related, contentwise let us know as well. Send us a DM at BI Roco could be your favorite emoji.
    It doesn't matter what you send, always receiving it with love. That's right. That's right. And before we go look at, look at this comment right here. Challenge for you all. October is breast cancer awareness month. How about you go blonde for one month for two. Okay. We, we're gonna have to, we're gonna have to think now we're gonna consider this, uh, you know, always encourage everybody tuning lives so we can actually, you know, comment these things.
    Honestly. It sounds interesting. I like, I like the idea. I like it. I like the idea. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Oh, man. Just really put on the spot, man, right there. I've I've actually had that discussion with Katie, my wife, and she's like, I will divorce you. so I cannot guys, I cannot afford that. I'm on a green card.
    Okay. So, uh, you know, that's we'll we'll see. We'll see. I like the idea. We're we're gonna put some thought into it. Take your FRA with that. Say guys. Thank you so much for tuning to contest profit podcast. Go ahead and follow this show your favorite platform and on social media at this bros cup. That is right.
    And if Daniel here help you move one step closer to your goal, please, don't forget to share this episode and, and leave a five star review. Thank you. Bye guys. Woo.

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