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Lessons From a Top 4% Affiliate Marketer – EP. #204

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Lessons From a Top 4% Affiliate Marketer – EP. #204

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What is the one of the best ways to get into business or start your entrepreneurial journey?

What is one of the best ways to earn your first dollar online?

Affiliate Marketing.

Thanks, Devon, for sharing the why, what, and how of affiliate marketing in Content Is Profit.

We previously had Devon share his experience as the best Emcee in the world, but this time he shared all about his journey to becoming a top 4% of affiliate marketers.

Here are some of these conversation’s #GoldenBoulders:

🔥 How To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing?

🔥 The Hidden Secret To Drive Traffic To Your Offers!

🔥 The REAL Power of Affiliate Marketing.

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Episode Transcript

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    Route two for today's guest sent here in contents, profit show. You know, this only happens because they have so much value that we couldn't fit it all in one episode. I hope you are ready. That is right. The first time we talked about his career and lessons as a number one MC in the world, but today we're talking all about his.
    Adolescent from becoming a top 4% affiliate marketer. Put your helmets on baby. Put your helmet on because the golden boulders are going to be flying. Today's case is the perfect big between MC hammer and Tony Robbins. He has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, won the two club award and the click bank plot them award.
    And he has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in that game. So happy to have him back, please. Welcome the number one, seeing the world and top 4% affiliate marketer devil. Oh, whoa.
    Hey guys, can you hear me? Oh, no. Where'd you go, come back you for a second. you guys were like, welcome Devon brown, and then you ran away. And I was like, what? We're like, welcome you run the show. We're we're gonna go get some coffee. So Devon like fun fact that we actually were on a training with Marley Marley.
    Jackson was running this thing, like for her group. And, uh, her internet was super spot. She was up in the mountains and we're like in front of her group. Right. And then all of a sudden she just. Go like leaves. Right? And we're like, okay, I guess I will have the full screen now. And we just continue talking.
    She's texting guys. Like my internet is complete crap. I cannot like log back in and we're like, don't worry. We got this. So, you know, we, we, we, this is the Marley Jack special, I guess. So we're like, we'll throw you under the bus over here. Dude, Devon, thank you again, man. And you know, for those that want to find out a little bit about your personal story, they can always go back to our first episode.
    We're gonna link it right below, but so 180 1. Yeah. But today's all about that marketing experience that you have, the sales experience. I feel it experience like, uh, I'm, I'm very interested, like when do you go that route? Because what we see from the outside is not that right. That's not the first thing that we, that we see from you.
    So I'm very, very curious, like when that journey. Over 20 years ago, actually, probably when I was like 14, but let's just say 20 years ago, I'm 42. So let's say it started when I was about 20, um, is when I decided to jump into this whole internet marketing thing and try to become an internet entrepreneur.
    Uh, you are correct though, that, that, uh, you are correct though to say that most of what I put out there to the world is, Hey, look at me on stage and as the world's number one event MC what most people don't know is that I've been doing the internet marketing stuff and the sales. And the affiliate marketing stuff for such a long time and like, yeah.
    So, so secret's out secret it's I know out and I love it. I love this secret. Like actually the first time I learned about this was when we have you on the show, like mention, like I can, you have so much success in the affiliate marketed. Yet, you know, you still U we can still say you might be, you know, in, in the, in the shadows.
    Right. Mm-hmm and I feel like that's something some people would love to have. Right. Which is the success in business without having to be that public figure. Right. Um, But some people just love to be the, the, the, the attractive character, right. The business as well. For those that are not familiar with affiliate marketing, like what would, how will you define it?
    Like, what's the easy definition for people that are maybe starting this journey and they're trying to fi find out. Absolutely. So affiliate marketing simply stated is selling other people's products and getting a cut and the way that, um, that I do and teach and talk about affiliate marketing, uh, when you sell somebody else's product, the average commission is give or take about 50% that's five, zero.
    Um, so if somebody has a product for a hundred dollars and you make a sale, you get 50. And the benefit of affiliate marketing, um, and using that as a business model. It's, it's the business model I recommend for everybody who's just starting out. And the reason I recommend it is because you don't have to create your own product.
    You don't have to deal with customers. Um, you don't have to process refunds. You don't have to figure out how to put up your own website, uh, you know, or, or put up your own sales page or any of that stuff. You don't have to deal with payment processors. Um, you don't have to know how, how a funnel works.
    You don't have to know any of that stuff. You can literally. Sell somebody, you point some traffic to somebody else's thing, and if they buy it, you make money. So that's, uh, that's, that's, that's why I love affiliate marketing as much as I do. It's it's really, really, really easy, um, to get, to get started with and had I known, uh, 20 something years ago.
    What I know now, uh, then I, I would've gotten started with it a lot. The the bond. Thank you so much. First of all, I I'm gonna come clean right here. Okay. First of all. Thank you so much for being so smooth. I mean, we, we, we know that from the very beginning you are Mr. Smooth but guys, I, I just left the stream again, and this is the reason why I feel like I, I need to come clean because usually the person managing the stream.
    He's my brother. Right. He's trying out today. He's trying out today. And today his computer was so slow that I'm like, okay, just plug me in. Yeah, I run this, I got it done. And all of a sudden I'm here quitting the stream, halfway through Devon sharing all this knowledge. Let, let this be a lesson, right. For those publishing, uh, just, this is episode two.
    2 0 2, no 2 0 4, right? Mm-hmm things are gonna happen. So again, yeah. Thank you. Thank you, Levon for, for this, but let this be, listen, let, for those publishing, it's gonna happen. We just move forward. We acknowledge it. We, you know, for us, this is part of it. Like, hopefully it doesn't happen again. Fancy, uh, screwed up that he's try up for managing the stream.
    So I am REM taking the, the controls. I am relinquishing the control to my brother because clearly it's not happening. It's not working. It's a little accidental, but let's get back to. Now, uh, I, Devon, I love how you said that the field marketing is the best way. Like for us, as you're explaining this, we're like, man, we, we started on the wrong path, right?
    Like we went to create a product. We went to like handle customers. We went to build a funnel and all this, and maybe that was like a lot of years. Right. Obviously, now we're stacked the skills, but it, it took us a while right. To get started and it, and it was very painful for many right. For those that wanna get started at field marketing.
    What's the, the, the, how, what do they need to, what do they need to have to be ready for that one challenge? Sure. Um, the first thing you need is you need to pick a, a niche or a niche if you wanna say it more properly. Um, and what I suggest if I had to do the whole thing over again, people, people. People get sucked into, Ooh, what, what niche can I make the most money with?
    And, um, the truth of the matter is that you can make money in and in a lot of niches, like, so I use a site called ClickBank and that's where I find a lot of stuff to sell. And ClickBank has a bunch of different niches and a lot of different products you can sell. But what I would say is that if. Here's what I would do if I was doing this from 20 years ago or giving advice for, to my 20 year old self, what I would say is find a niche or a niche that you enjoy, right.
    Start with one that you enjoy and then go see if there are a bunch of products around that, which usually there are. And then you're good to go. So pick one niche that you enjoy, that you, that, that brings you, uh, that, that if you were maybe to create your own business around that, uh, you, you. You start there.
    Right? Like, so if I were to throw in myself into the ring 20 years ago, I would've wanted to start a business around personal development. And then all I have to do is now go to a site like clickbank.com or, or just go do a Google search for personal development affiliate programs. And that's it. And so basically the only tool I need after that, after I picked my niche, my niche is a, is an auto.
    Interesting. That's it. And for those of you guys who don't know what an autoresponder is, an autoresponder is a thingy that captures and send his emails. It's like an automatic email sender thingy. So when you hear marketers talk about having a list, what they're really talking about is having an autoresponder.
    So if you've ever seen one of those little pages that say, give me your email address, when you give their, your email address, that email address is going into an auto responder. That autoresponder is sending. Emails pretty much automatically that one tool is all you need in order to get started properly.
    I love this. I love this. Okay. So, you know, I have something to confess here. I used to be one of those entrepreneurs that wanted to be in the shadows. Right. I was like, I don't want anybody to know my name. I just wanna be in this couch chips mean after what just happened right now, you should stay in the shadows.
    I'm just . Yeah, probably, probably. Uh, but you know, I wanted to be in the. Eating chips and being like, yeah, I'm making money online. And I feel that's a perception. A lot of people have when they listen about affiliate marketing, it's like, oh, like I just put some stuff out there and then I start making money.
    Right. And now if we go even farther back, I actually research affiliate marketing. When I was like 13 years old. I remember back in Venezuela, I was looking like, how do I make money online? And I ran across click bank at that moment. And I was. Oh, this looks so interesting. And I registered everything, created my account.
    And then I started looking at the sales pages, right. Mm-hmm and I was like, huh, these are way too long to read first. I mean, at the point they, they weren't in Spanish either. They weren't in English.
    No, that's it. Yeah. My fourth is, I was like, okay, well, these are a little bit long to read, but I was like, man, this looks so cool. Like I immediately got captivated by it, but I never did anything because my perception was, well, I understood the concept. But I was like, how do I actually sell this? How do I bring people to the offer?
    How do I get eyeballs? Right at that point? I mean, uh, Facebook, the, the Facebook ads marketplace, like that, that didn't exist. Right. I didn't know about Google ads either. So I was like, I don't know how to even get started, but I see the potential of the opportunity. Right? Mm-hmm so if I go at it right now, let's say, I, I have a way better understanding of marketing, what, you know, what strategies I could implement here and there totally agree with the auto responder and, you know, create some, some follow up campaigns to drive people back to the offers.
    But my question will still be if. Still wanted to be in the shadows. Right? Mm-hmm how do I drive traffic now to these offers that I'm promoting? Great. So a couple of things let's dissect this, uh, number one, let's start with one offer. Because that'll simplify things. And if you really want to be in the shadows and you don't want your name known, that's fine.
    And if you wanna be like, you know what, I have no interest in the weight loss niche, but I see that these offers in the weight loss niche are making a lot of money. And I think I can make money there. And I just wanna be in the shadows. You can absolutely do that a hundred percent. But what I would say is let's start with one product that you find on ClickBank.
    So you go to ClickBank, you create an affiliate account, takes you like five minutes to do, and it's a hundred percent free to do. And then you start going through all the different categories and you start looking for what you want to promote. And, um, for the sake of conversation, let's say you find something in the men's dating niche, right?
    Giving, dating advice to men, just for the sake of our little example here. Yeah. You're like, wow, this would be great. I would love to do this, but I don't. Um, I don't really want my name associated with this. That's okay. Here's all we're gonna do. Let's say that you, you got an. Just kind of hear me on this, and this is reverse engineering offers and this is, this is brilliant stuff.
    And this is really simple to do. So you have an offer and the offers like discover how to, you know, get a hundred dates a week, right. Is the headline or something like that, or whatever guys would respond to. Right. uh, discover how to get a hundred dates a week and that's the offer you're gonna be promoting.
    And every time you, uh, This offer, you're gonna get 50 bucks cuz the offer sells for a hundred dollars. We're just keeping the math easy and assuming the commission is 50% right. Love it. But what I do is I just create a little opt-in page and if I use an autoresponder, like AWeber a w E B E R AWeber actually has built in where I can create a little page to send people, to, to get people to opt in and all I'm going to do on my little opt in page is I'm going to.
    Um, basically discover the secret to getting 100 dates a week. All I did was I took the headline from the page that I'm going to promote, that somebody has already written that somebody has already tested that somebody already knows a lot about, right. Yeah. And I took that headline and I put it on a little optin page that a Weber gave our responder company gave me, it's discover how to make a hundred or get a hundred dates a week.
    Give me your email address and I'll send you the information. Okay. And what'll happen is when somebody types in their. The auto responder will automatically send them to that sales page, but it'll do it through my affiliate link. So if anybody buys, I make a. Hmm. Now a couple of things. Number one, talking about being in the shadows when, uh, Bob opts into your list now, right?
    Yeah. You don't have to have your name. The, one of the most famous, uh, marketers, uh, back in the day was a guy by the name of Evan pagan. And Evan did a huge amount in the dating niche, but he did it under a pen named called David D. And David Deano had this product called double your dating, but David Deano was a pen name.
    It wasn't actually E so my point is, if you want to just create a pen name, you absolutely can. Or if you just wanna, you know, if, if, if you wanna create, you know, a, a, um, best dating advice for men, you know, the best dating advice for men team or something like that, you can actually send emails from the best dating advice for men team or whatever.
    And now you're a team of people who give mend advice when it's really just you sitting on your couch, eating Cheetos, right? . So, what happens is now, okay, you have this little page, this little optin page, it says, uh, you know, discover how to get a hundred dates a week. Right. And if somebody opts into it, you're gonna send 'em to an affiliate product, right?
    Yeah. Cool. Cool. Now what you need is, uh, some follow up messages. Here's the great news. People who create products that they want you to promote as an affiliate. They already write file. They already write emails for you. So you can literally go to that page that you're gonna promote, go to what's called their affiliate page.
    They usually have it listed in click bank and be like, oh, you have all these emails written for me. I'm just going to take them and put them in my autoresponder as follow up messages. So you don't have to know how to write. right. Yeah. Yeah. And then all you do is you, you, you take, you do one of two things.
    What I do is I buy what's called solo ad traffic. Mm. I buy traffic from people who are just like, Hey, for X amount of dollars, I'm gonna send you X amount of visitors in this niche. That's it. It's called solo ad traffic. So I don't have to go create a Facebook account. I don't know how to write, copy or do something that's gonna be approved by Facebook or disapproved by Facebook or any of that stuff.
    I go and I just find traffic methods like solo ads, um, where I can just give you a hundred dollars and you're gonna send a hundred visitors to my Optum page. And that's it. I, I love this information. First, I love that, that we're using the term in the shadows, right? Like this, I feel like we're bad night at this point.
    Um, but second, we got a debate. You know, that Cheetos things, I don't know, that's all for debate. I think there there's better things we can need when we're on the, on the couch. But, uh, dude, I love this information you just gave like a quick start guide for somebody that's looking to make their first couple hundred bucks, honestly, online.
    Right. Even more. And. Yeah. I'm even thinking in the back of my head. I'm like, when I get home tonight after my soccer game, I'm about to set this up. Like I absolutely love it. I really, I really wanna try. No, you just like reopen this kind of warm that we talked about, you know? Yeah. Distraction. My 13, my 13 year old self is like, Finally, I'm gonna, right.
    I'm gonna succeed in affiliate marketer be before you go there real quick, like, uh, affiliate marketing 1 0 1, right. Go back. And re-listen to this because from minute 13 is literally a blueprint to how to get started. And, uh, we really wish like back when, I don't know when you were. 13. Like, I don't, we weren't thinking business at that point, but I remember like six, seven years ago, we were so confused of all these different options out there.
    Right. And the high level of entry. Right. We decided to go with service because we needed a little bit of an elevated cash flow. To finance several things to fulfill on that service, which was the world that we are we're involved with. Right. But if we don't even have a service that we could potentially sell, this is a great opportunity to get some cashflow going and be like, okay, I'm getting into the online world.
    I'm figuring things out as far as like traffic, and this is a, a really solid, um, Really solid roadmap to this. Yeah. And, and just yesterday, when I was listening to this, uh, podcast and we were talking about communities, right. And they're talking on the crypto space and different things and the power of communities and how to, how to do that.
    So even people now that have communities or Facebook groups or different people with that specific niche. Right, right. You can add that to that, to that side of the traffic. Um, and, and making sure that, you know, that you can fulfill a very solid product that has been selling and has been given results to people.
    Correct. Uh, Devon, we have a question here from the audience before I share it. I have something to. You know, when I was, again, like now a little bit older than 13, I think, like 15 or so. Right. I did look into click band and I was like, who? The dating products. Right. I'm like, am I gonna learn how to talk to the ladies?
    And I did download a few of those. Um, did I look into that? You know, did, did those, uh, became part of my arsenal? I don't know. I'm not, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna say, but, but yeah. When you were talking about that, like, That is incredible. Cause honestly, I feel like that is a super hot niche, rather that people are always interested in learning how to, you know, socialize with, with other people.
    So the question from the audience is how do you find quality solo at vendors? Great question. Um, so it depends on the niche, right? Um, so a couple of ways that you can do it. There is, oh God, what is that site called now? Shoot it's oh my gosh. It is it's so, ah, that that's a great domain. That's okay. By the way, we're just gonna leave it right in the link.
    So, you know, we'll, we'll fish it back. We'll fish it back. We'll fish it back. It's called. I think this site is called there's one site called traffic for me. Okay. Um, the other thing is I'll give you a broader answer is if you do a Google search for niche, solo ed dating advice for men solo ed. Um, make money online.
    If that's your niche, that's a popular niche, solo ad, weight loss, solo ad, um, whatever, whatever solo ad, then what you can do often. And what you'll wanna do is you'll wanna form a relationship with the person you're buying the traffic from. And so you'll wanna test their traffic. And so, for example, if I know that this is a, is a, is, is a, one of the tips and tricks of the trade is.
    Often the lower often, not always, but the lower dollar, the product that you're trying to sell, the easier it is to sell, right? Because at $7 or $10 or $20, I can look at something online and say, you know what, even if this is crap, I'm willing to lose that amount of money. Right. But at $500, I'm like, whoa, that's that?
    That's another. And so one of the things that I like to do with affiliate products is I like to start with lower sometimes, sometimes not always lower ticket stuff. Yeah. And so I remember once I was doing this and I found a product that, that was like, you know, the, the, the first product in the funnel was like seven bucks or nine bucks or something like, and I tested, um, like 200 visitors and it was, you know, to it or something like that.
    And I sent the 200 visitor. To the site or to my optin page and of the 200 visitors, like 40 of 'em opted in. And so now I have 40 people on my list and of the 40 people who, who opted in on my list and saw this thing. Two of them purchased right now, you're saying the same Devon, you made, you spent $200 and you only made back 14 bucks.
    You're correct. But here's the thing. I have a list of. 40 people. Yeah. Who I know are interested in this niche. Yeah. And over time I'm gonna be emailing them a lot more and I'm gonna be giving them dating advice, content that I steal from other people. And I'm gonna find other products in the niche to email to them.
    So there's a lot of ways I'm gonna make money off of that 40 people. But the point in me mentioning this is that if I. Spend, um, some money on traffic and I get an okay optin rate, let's say 15, 20% ish. I'm making up numbers. Sometimes you can get higher. I'm just trying to be realistic. And if I make a sale or two, then I know the traffic is legit.
    The metric is not, did I make all my money back right away? The metric is that I get a decent optin rate. Yeah. And, and even if I dig it a little bit deeper of that optin rate, is it a decent open rate of people who, who checked my message that I, that I automatically emailed? Yeah, but then did I make a sailor two?
    Cuz if I did, I know the traffic is legit and I know that I have a good. I, I that's good. Yeah. This, by the way like this, this is the first time I personally like dive into affiliate marketing. No, like Fonzi at 13, like this is the first time. So I'm like completely captivated by this. And there's so many questions obviously coming.
    So, um, there's, there's one thing that happened when we first. Started like our, our adventure, which was distractions. There were a lot of things coming our way, right. Because opportunities start to happen and you're like, oh, that would be cool. Like if we tackle that, that would be cool if we tackle this.
    Right. And, and somehow that's kind of how we ended up with, uh, with the click funnels community. Right? Like we're super thankful now. And then afterwards that we decided to like, bring it back in and be like, okay, this is the focus now, what are some things that people can. Ahead and, or, or expect, right. Uh, are these distractions also happen in this world?
    Like what are some things that, that people can be prepared as soon as they start growing either their list, you know, their clientele, like their, the choosing a different product isn't necessary to choose a different product, right? Like what are some things that people need to look out to? As soon as they start this journey, I start getting some traction.
    Well, I think your point about getting distracted is just true for any entrepreneur or any endeavor. That's just how this works. Yeah. Right? Like you set something up and then you finish setting it up and you're like, Ooh, this other thing over here looks way better. Let me go play with that. Or, Hey, I promoted this product one time and I only made one sale.
    What if I go promote this over here? I'll make more sales. And, and, and so that's just something to, to, to be expected. What I'll tell you though, is that as with anything in life consistency, Um, consistency wins out. Yeah. So if I had gone into this game, which I did not, at first, I went into this game thinking, oh my gosh, I'm gonna promote something and I'm gonna make a million, like, I'm gonna spend a hundred dollars on traffic.
    I'm gonna instantly make back $700. And I'm just gonna do that every day. And everybody's gonna buy everything instantly. And that's not, that's not how it worked. That's not what, how it happened. Yeah. Um, but had I gone into. With the understanding that this is, this is about building a, the real power and you need to understand this.
    The real power comes. The real power comes in. You having an audience of people who are interested in a specific topic matter, and your ability to get those people, to go check something out whenever you want. That's the real power. So if somebody had said something to me, like I, I lost, like when I first jumped into internet marketing over 20 years ago, I think I lost like $40,000 and ended up filing for BA.
    Um, if I added and, and the reason I lost $40,000 was because I was just jumping from thing to thing to thing to thing to thing had I just spent $40,000 only building my email list in one niche, and then even just forming a relationship with those people, just mailing them good content from my pen name.
    If I wanted to stay in the shadows, eating Cheetos. If I had just done that for a year, then I would easily have an email list of you. I don't know, 10, 20,000 people or 15,000 people or whatever who know me like me and trust me. And if that's all I did for an entire year was focus on buying traffic, getting it to this list, getting opt, and then emailing them every couple of days with some free advice on, on dating or whatever the niche is.
    Yeah. Then guess what a year from now that list would buy anything that I T in front of him, but we don't think like that very often and often we don't think in terms of let me play the long game. And let me understand. So now what I wanna make money as an affiliate marketer, which I do own every week pretty much is I, I know what my list responds to.
    Cause they've been following me for years. I'll just log into my AWeber and I'll be like send email to these X thousand people and I'll send an email and I'll make like a thousand dollars in a day. Um, off people buying like $20 products, cuz they're like, oh, it's another email from Devon. Let me, and I'm interested in the topic matter that I opted in for two years ago, five years ago, let me go buy it.
    Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I love it. You know, it, I feel like this goes back to when people talk about the sales in the follow up. Right. Mm-hmm and I feel like so many people just focus so much on that top of funnel metric, right? It's like, oh, how much money did I make on that first visit? And I want the listener right now to think about how many times did you have to think about something before you.
    Right. In most cases is you probably thought about it a lot, right? Correct. Uh, I mean, unless it's like a bag of Cheetos, right? Maybe that one is like, okay, it's not gonna hurt my pocket. I'm gonna buy it right now. But let's say. This hell met right here. Right? This storm trooper her right here. I'm pretty sure my brother consider it multiple times because first he was okay.
    Is my wife, is my wife gonna kill me? No. Okay. Then he's like, okay, can I afford it? Okay, cool. It, it it's multiple things that happen, but you also need constant reminder because there's so much coming to our mind. Every single. That we need to stay top of mind for, for those people. Right. Right. And obviously, like you mentioned, now, they say, oh, I got an email from, from Devon.
    You're delivering value probably in those emails, you're giving them a reason to open up that email. So what I'm seeing here honestly, is like affiliate marketing. Yes. Obvious about, you know, opening your account on, click down, picking the right niche that you're passionate about. That you can talk. I feel like you have to pick so.
    That you're able to talk about for, in the long run. Right? So again, so you get people opening those emails. Um, but yeah, at the same time I feel I feel is, is more of a, I know there's different ways to do it, but I feel like in here is a, a lot of email marketing. It's like an long term email marketing. It is a long term email marketing game.
    Um, two, a couple things. Number one, you don't have to pick something that you love. I just recommend you doing that. And then that way you're playing it for short term and you're playing it the long term game. If I had the whole thing to do over again, like I said, I would go back 20 years. If I was gonna spend $40,000, I would spend $40,000 on driving traffic.
    And then I would find like young men's personal development or whatever I was legitimately interested in. Yeah. And then I would build a list and a niche around that. Um, because that's what I, that's what I was really passionate about back then. And. Um, and still to this day, it's something that I, that I'm passionate about.
    Um, but you are correct, like the power, this isn't anything new that I'm telling a lot of, you guys have heard this before, but if you haven't, they say, you know, the money is in the list and it's more specifically, the money is in your relationship with the list. Why? Because. When you can get a bunch of people who are interested in a certain topic matter to act in a certain way, then it's easy to make money.
    Like right now I have a bunch of people on my list who are interested in affiliate marketing. And sometimes I will find products other than my own, where I can sit there and say to those people, go check this product out. And a lot of them will buy it just because, so this is definitely more of a, uh, more of a, a long term play.
    And yes, if he only met, I had a guy on my email list. One time I made a $3,000 commission off this. Um, but the kicker is the whole, the full story is he was on my list for three years and he said to me, Devon, I've been getting emails from you for three years. Wow. Um, never wanted to buy anything you're selling, but this one thing that you were promoting on this one day caught me the exact right time when I just had a bunch of money come in.
    It's exactly what I was looking for. I'm gonna buy it. And after three years on my list, this dude buys something and pockets me three grand in this single. Hmm. So that's the real story, by the way. Yeah. When you see, I mean, extra dollars in a day. Yeah. It's probably some mess like that. So exactly. I, I, I love that.
    We're like debunking the, the, the myths, right? Yeah. Um, wait, wait for people are listening right now. If you do the math, that is three years. That's around a thousand days. That is, if that one guy would be giving $3, every single. To Devon right here. How awesome would that be? Right. having some people, it is pretty much like that.
    Right. They're just giving you, but, but you keeping them in your email list is like that. You're just cultivating those relationships and eventually you get to reap the, the, the rewards. And the cool thing is that you're ripping the rewards by helping other people achieve what they want. Right. As we were at Papa, I'm curious.
    Right. Because a lot of people, uh, you know, us included, right. We, we start doing something, right. We get good at that skill. And then there's a transition that happens to teaching that skill. Right. And, and you, you just mentioned that, that you. You also have a, in this market, uh, I'm curious, like to you, when is the right time to, to do that, right?
    Because sometimes, uh, prematurely, sometimes people try to sell what they've been doing. Even sometimes we see a couple YouTube videos and then we turn around and we're like, we try to sell exactly what we did that. Right. So you did this for a number of years. What was the thing that changed in your mind where like, it's time for me to create something similar and offer the solution.
    To this, to these things, uh, uh, what was the timeframe like? What was going through your mind when you made that decision? Yeah, so, uh, the, the, I would answer your question like this when you have, when you have enough experience to look back and say, I wish this is what I had. Right. Number one, are you getting results with something?
    If you're not getting results with it, then don't go teach it. Cuz you don't know anything like legit, you don't go sell affiliate products. Like you don't know anything, you don't, you haven't gotten results. Like I got results with affiliate marketing and promoting other people's stuff. Yeah. Uh, for a while, um, the affiliate marketing, if you wanna be technical about it, that I was doing was multi-level marketing.
    And I actually got some results in multi-level marketing, which is similar-ish to affiliate, but I started getting some results and then. What when I say, and by the way, you don't have to make a transition. If something's working for you, just be quiet and go do the damn thing that's working for you.
    There's no rule that says you have to make a transition. If you had to do something and get results, high five, just go do. Um, but what happened for me was that, um, I like to teach, I enjoy it. And so I was like, and then there was a part of me that was like, Devon, you're doing well at this thing. Um, if you could go back in time, what do you wish somebody had created for you?
    Mm. And I knew I could see cuz you know, when you really know something well, when you really know a topic matter, well you can see everything, the entire thing from a to a, to Z. Yeah. And so I could see the entire thing from a to Z. Um, the, the, the, I wish somebody had told me only go with this, you know, I wish somebody had told me pick one niche.
    I wish somebody had told me, um, This is the niche to pick if a and this is the niche to pick if B yeah. I wish somebody had told me, expected it to take a little longer. I wish somebody had told me, just go with this autoresponder, not go with any of 'em, but just go with this one. Right. I wish somebody had told me here's how you come up with email.
    So you don't have to write them yourself. I wish somebody had told me. Yeah, don't expect a sale on the first day and the fortune. Isn't the follow up. I wish somebody had told me. And then when I could go through the whole thing and just figure out what I wish somebody had told me every part of the way that's when I knew it was time for me to transition into something new and to create something, um, wow.
    That I, that I wish somebody had created for me X years ago. Wow, that that's such a, that's such a powerful advisor and thank you so much because there's a lot of people out there, like struggling to get to that point. Right. And sometimes we just, if that's your passion, right. If you feel like you need to, to teach and, and, and, you know, we just had Jason, uh, on the show like a couple days ago, and that's very similar, right?
    Like he felt that passion where like, when he was able to look back and, and look at the journey, just like you did, right. That was the time that he dove in. into, into those solutions when you can actually see it, right? Like if every anybody right now tells me, uh, or asks me a question about podcasting or running a live show, there's a ton of, we did an idea done the other day.
    And we're like, when is this stopping? And we're like, I think it's time for us to maybe explore the possibility that we should. Go there. Right. So, but that it took us 200 plus episodes, right? Like, um, so I, I love it. I, I, I thank you. Now. I think this is probably like one of the last questions, but I'm very interested.
    I'm curious, right? You, you were on a field marketing. What? We talked a little bit of this in the last episode, but what was it that you decided to change and flip the script and be like, okay, now I'm in front of the camera and now I'm creating content. Now I'm putting this out there. Right. I'm putting my voice out.
    When did that happen? Right. Because. That happened relatively early for me, cuz I liked being like, I didn't wanna be a Penn name. I'm like, look here, here I am damnit like hello is me. And so to, to what we were saying earlier, like if you wanna do this from the shadows, you can do this from the shadows. But if you wanna do this with, with your name in lights, do this with your name in lights.
    Yes. Which is why I say start with picking something that, that you love, right? Yeah. Like you can do it. So, so yeah, like if you do it with something that you love, that you wanna be known for talking. Then do it, do it with that. It's not an either or you can, when you're, when you're building that list and you're emailing your list, there's when you, when you send, when you're sending people to an opt-in page, right?
    Yeah. There's no rule that says you have to, or you don't have to have your picture on it. Yeah. Yeah. Right. There's no rule that says when you send the email, you don't have to, or don't have to put your picture at the bottom of it. Yeah, there's no rule that says that you can't create a little Instagram account for free, that has to do with whatever the niche is.
    And then every fifth email, you can't invite those people over to your Instagram where they get to know you. Right. You can, you can do all that. So I, for me, it's not an either, or it's just like an, and both. If I, if I want to do it, Yeah. I, I, I think this gives the freedom, right. For people to make their choices and, and go with why they feel comfortable.
    Right. Because sometimes, you know, I, I remember feeling this way in many ways, like, ah, should I be doing this? Like, is this the right way to do it? Like, and at the end of the day, it's like, how do we feel. When we do this, right. If you feel good, go, go, go try it. Right. Like clearly don't do anything bad to other people.
    Right. right. But for example, with our show, you know, we got told by one of our coaches that only one needed to do the show, for example. Right. And we're like, that doesn't feel right for us. Right. Where you just wanna do it. And that before we launch, right. Everybody's like, don't do it live prerecording one day and then do the whole thing.
    And we're like, we wanna do it live. That's the only way that keeps us accountable to actually. Thing, right. Clearly today that was a, a total train wreck. So I'm glad you were here with us, but you know, it, it, it's the thing that makes us feel good and we're still laughing and is a good experience. So I, I love the fact that I love your answer because it just opens and gives permission for you listening right now, whatever you're trying to tackle, whether that's publishing or whether that's a field market and just know that if it feels good, if you love it, if they, this is something there's a path, right?
    So. As we, as we wrap up Devon, what's a good action point for, for people, right? If they're starting in, in their journey, right. Other than going and check out all your links and what you have to offer, because it's incredible. Right. And we'll put all the links right below. What is something that they can do today to, you know, create that momentum either on affiliate marketing or, or, you know, publishing in anything else that you, you, you wanna do.
    Here's what I'll say, by the way, the two things are not mutually exclusive. And this is an important thing to, to, to note. if you have it in your, in your heart, that you want to do something that you wanna create something. Um, uh, man, we'll go back to the dating advice example for, for just, just for a second, right?
    Let's say you want to cause cuz this is content is private, right? And this shows all about, you know, you creating content, right? Yeah. Let's say that, that you want to be that guy that helps other young guys, you know, get more dates, but let's say that the reality is that you're not an expert. You're not a guru and you have no, right.
    You can't be giving. Here's a fun fact. You jumping in that niche with affiliate marketing. Getting the building, the email list, promoting other people's products, using your name on the emails and just sharing your own story with people from time to time is an amazing way to build a huge audience so that when it's time and it's ready for you to become that person, you already have the audience who knows you, likes you and trust you and is ready to listen to you.
    Yeah. And you're not struggling to get, so the two things aren't mutually exclusive. This is why I was going back to, especially for people who are, who are listening to and watching this show. Um, It, this shows all about you creating your own content. So I'm assuming that you wanna create content around something that you love.
    Awesome. If you wanna create something, content around, something that you love, what, what I'm telling you with affiliate marketing is that you, the, the, you don't only have to monetize things one way. mm-hmm you can monetize stuff a bunch of ways. And if you're just starting out and you don't feel confident quite yet in your own content, which by the way, just being authentic is half the battle.
    But if you then start with affiliate marketing, feel that list in that niche, and then the more you do it, the more you mail them, even if you're mailing them other people's advice, you're gonna, you're gonna get more confident with the thing as a whole. So, absolutely. I love it. I mean, it's, uh, You, you get more confident with, with action, right?
    Yes. You need to take the steps to, to build that confidence and it's with anything that, that, that you go to honestly, right. It's uh, who was it that we talking the other day to. She said the definition of confidence is experience Kimmy. Is it that that's it Kimmy, right? Yeah, exactly. Oh, fun fact Kimmy, uh, dating world dating coach, right?
    Yeah. Yeah. She, she was talking about the, the definition of confidence is experience and you gotta get out there. And so if you wanna master affiliate marketing, get out there. If you want a master content, get out there. If you want a master being on MC get out there, right? Like all these. It takes action.
    And, you know, I'm, I'm guilty. Number one of, uh, falling first into just digging into the information, which is great. I think it, it can give you a solid foundation, but the next level is only achieved by taking action at the end of the day. And, and that, you know, a lot of people say, yeah, but knowledge is power.
    Honestly, it is like Tony Robb says it all the time. The, that knowledge into action that. The power, right? Knowledge is just potential power. If you don't use it, if you don't take action on it. Yeah. It's not worth anything. So I'm pretty sure we're almost done here, but wait, wait, wait, I have one more question.
    I'm super curious. What are maybe the top three weirder niche that you have worked on as an affiliate marketer? I, I don't know that I've worked on anyone's personally that are weird, uh, personally, . But what I would say is that the, the, to a certain degree specificity is, is, is great for money. Often, the more specific or the more niche ified, you are like the easier, like if you find a product on click bank, this isn't a weird niche, but it just goes to talk about specificity.
    But like, if you're going to find a product on ClickBank and you find a product in the weight loss niche, and the product is specifically weight loss for women who just had a. And are trying to lose baby weight. That's a very specific kind of person. And when you could target that kind of person, they're much more likely to buy.
    And so, um, yeah, I don't know that I've ever done anything like super weird because my, the majority of my list is around the make money online at affiliate marketing stuff that I, that I do and talk about. So that's, that's the majority of the stuff I promote. I, I can't go off and promote something about, you know, cooking hamburgers, cause that.
    Yeah. Yeah, no, it makes sense. I was just curious, you know, you never know. Maybe you're like, you know what? Let's give this one a try. Let's give the hamburger cookie now. Yeah. I actually got really good at, at, at staying, um, staying on track. Yeah. Um, and not, not exploring. A million different things. Because what I understand is that if you take sunlight and the sunlight is diffused and you, and it's shining down on a forest at the end of the day, you've got a warm bed of leaves because that sunlight is diffused.
    But if you take that sunlight and you. Focus it through a magnifying glass, and now it's a laser and you point it on one leaf, then you have a forest fire. Um, and so I, I got pretty good at saying, you know, what, if, if an email list of a hundred people makes me, you know, $10, then I got an email list. I gotta get an email list of a hundred thousand.
    and it doesn't make any sense for me to jump around at all these different niches, because these, these things are, it's hard enough to build a relationship in one niche and then know what the figure out, what the heck I'm doing in one. Yeah, let me just stay there and mess with that until I get really good at that and can make money on autopilot.
    And I know what my list responds to on autopilot and where I can literally see a hundred affiliate products and say, these are the three. My list is going to respond to and mail 'em and go to take a nap and make some money while I'm. So powerful. So I love it. So powerful, good moment right there. Good moment.
    Yes. Yes. The moment. Thank you so much. Yeah. Great way to wrap up the show. The one, where can people find you? Where can people connect with you? Where can people learn more about this affiliate world? Sure. If you wanna, if you want, uh, to learn more about affiliate marketing, you can check out 12 minute affiliate.com.
    That's one, two that's number 12 minute affiliate.com. Um, to learn more on me, you can go to Devon that's D E V O N Devon brown.com. Uh, but if you really wanna jump into affiliate marketing and you're like Devon, what's the step by step in the easiest way to do affiliate marketing, 12 minute affiliate.com is.
    Oh, but I'm gonna be checking that out for sure. Yeah. I'm I'm going back. I feel like a 13 year old, all over at G Devon. I'm like, I gotta get the game. Yeah. Ponzi is gonna take off like two weeks and like, no, I'll do that. Yeah. I'm thinking already. I'm like when N should I go into soccer? Uh, Dating, you know, with a, with an alias rather, nobody knows.
    Who's like, who's it. The mysterious guy that is giving me all this dating advice. I don't know. Devon I'm I'm I'm debating. It's gonna be an interesting one.

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