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Funnel Hacking Live in 30 Minutes or Less – EP. #212

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Funnel Hacking Live in 30 Minutes or Less

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    Where we talk about entrepreneurship mindset. And of course, how to change your content into profit go to contentisprofit.com to join the community.
    Why are you talking, dude? What's happening to you? I missed like a few letters. I think it's because I have, I have a need, I skipped lunch today. I was trying something new. I was like, sure. You know what? If I don't need lunch, I'm still gonna have energy. But I think I'm on the, on the decline right now.
    Yeah. Oh my right. Fu as cut it. Cut it to profit. Yeah. You, you should eat, man. What's going on? Hey. Hey, you read that one thing about, you know, Benjamin. Franklin's like, yeah, geniuses don't eat. I'm like, well, it doesn't work that way, man. Yeah. Um, for, for those that are asking themselves, what is that about?
    Not Benjamin frankly, but Thomas Alva Edison. Okay. Is that, there's actually like a common factor between those that are like extremely like gifted they're very genius. And one of those is that they have very odd diets. They like don't need for the entire day, or maybe just eat once Thomas Alva, Edison.
    One's only had a diet of okay. Drinking milk. So that's what he's referring to. I just have to explain, give total content it's okay. Let them, let them comment on social media. It's fine. We can, uh, put the conversation then they're gonna think it's better in Franklin, the weird stuff, and then they'll Google it and they'll be like, no.
    Okay. Uh, what are we talking about today? Today? We are kind of like recapping about funnel hiking live in best 10 minutes, the best event in the phase of earth until the big roasts launch. Of course they, they content this prophet con Ooh. Ooh. That sounds good. Yeah. Sounds good. Yeah. Let us know if you're interested.
    Hmm. Maybe in Florida have some fun. Go to Disney. Oh, let's go. Are you, are you still in Brel ideas? yes, absolutely. All right, here we go. Fancy. Do we have a sponsor today? Indeed, we do. Thank you for asking. Good, sir. And today's sponsor is your own, the best bro, with content momentum. If you have a podcast on long form video and you need to multipurpose it, guess what we are here to do it for you.
    So sliding the DMS at BI Broco on Facebook on Instagram and slide real quick, because let me tell you, we are working on some so cool things and you wanna take advantage of it while it lasts. Yeah, go ahead and follow the show because every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, these episodes are dropping on your phone in your favorite platform with incredible value and story.
    So you can make, create that momentum in your business and your private. That is absolutely correct. So they actually had a thought about momentum. You want me to, you want me to share it with you? No, we, we gotta talk about fun hiking life. Hi, cool. Well, well, I'll leave it for next episode. Remind me guys.
    right. Good. We'll see. I remember. All right, let's talk about fun life. First of all, share it with me, your impressions of the event. What, what were you expected and did it, did the event, you know, fill those expectations? Sure. So, um, for an life, for me, like the first time that we went was in 2019, it was an incredible, incredible time because we were brand new to this like community, I guess, in, in the, in the sense of going physically to this event, they were like 5,000 people and the information is really powerful.
    How they structured the event is, is, is very interesting. Uh, cuz I'm not gonna ruin the surprise for anybody, but it's really interesting. And um, just ruin it just random, the surprise. No, I ruin it. So, but the thing for us is at the time we didn't have the show and what we were offering to the marketplace at the time was a bunch of options, different options, right.
    And then we niche down last year and that's where, you know, the momentum started happening in our company and we were able to, to, to grow right now, This year was a little bit different. Right? And we, we, last year we got a little overwhelmed with the amount of information, uh, because there wasn't really like one focus, right?
    We're like everything can be applied, everything can happen because really anything that you can choose, like with the things that they share with you works everything, everything single time. It's about commitment and discipline. Exactly. So what happens when we come in this, when we came in this year, uh, also in, in Orlando, it was cool because it was very close to where we lived is that we came in with a single focus, right.
    We, we know what we're doing right now. There's a couple things that might evolve in the next couple months of stay tune, but we kind of knew exactly where we wanted to go. So the information, you know, from like Wednesday all the way to Saturday night was really cool because we are looking at, or at least I was looking at through the eyes of what we do now.
    So with that said, we have to go through our notes. Very very, very, very, very like concentrated and focused to make sure that we can extract those things to apply it today, because if we don't apply it, then they golden boulders. They golden boulders. Exactly. So, but, uh, as far as like impression, it was super awesome because we were able to see a lot of the people that have come into the show.
    We were able to, uh, talk to a lot of our clients that were there as well. We were able to go and see people again, hug people, finally approve to my wife that we do have friends. Uh, you know, they're just yeah. In the online world, but in this case, uh, we all came to the conference. So super excited, super positive experience for me.
    We didn't sleep much. We're still recovering. But what about you fans? Yeah, I absolutely loved it. It was. Everything I was expecting. no kidding. So honestly, last year I found it extremely amazing. I was super high top, but if I'm being honest, I don't think we ever like execute anything after post event. I think the event stayed with us because of how it made us feel.
    Which was you feel like you're at home. You're like, oh man, I got my whole community right here. I got a whole bunch of like-minded people. Right. Willing to talk business that you tell them like, Hey, what's your revenue? And they're like, yeah, I don't care. Sharing know. You're like, how do you acquire customers?
    And they're like, I don't care sharing. I just wanna share everything. Which is absolutely amazing. Right. I mean, just imagine you go to a bar and you ask random guys like, Hey, how do you acquire customers? That be pretty weird. Right? So like, uh, what are customers yeah, the woman in the bar. To continue back to photo hockey live.
    So it was pretty cool being in the community. But like my brother said today, this time we went with the focus of, okay, what is the one thing that we are gonna take away and apply it? Now that being said that the event is over, I took away a lot of things and now I gotta do like a extra filtering. I gotta go through my notes and say, okay, this goes out, this stays in the notes, you know, just bury them deep inside.
    And then eventually one day they'll rise to the surface. And another one is gonna be like, this is it. This is the one thing that we're going to apply. So, so close your notebook for one second. I want, I wanna, I wanna test you. Oh, you're gonna test me on the exercise that I proposed before we started the exercise.
    Yes . So what, uh, what is like one or two things that. There you go, that's stuff in your head, like after, after a couple days, right? Because we, we say, Hey, we're gonna leave it. We're gonna marinate it a little bit. And then we're gonna, we're gonna process the notes and then we're gonna execute on those. But I'm sure there's like one or two things that really highlights or what are you doing?
    I'm fixing the chairs. I don't put my leg on top. uh, I'm sure. There's like one or two things that, that, that stuck, right? Yeah. What are those, what are those? And those are nail sandals. If you know what I'm talking about, the meme guys, but about fun life back to it. Honestly, there's a few things that stuck.
    First of all, we got the, the pleasure of seeing the legend himself, Dan Kennedy. Being at stage in front of hiking life. That was, oh, that was so freaking epic. And one of the things he said, if you don't know who that candidate is, Google it please. Yeah. Right now, Google it up. Okay. Um, he actually said that marketing is all about behavioral psych and math, Brad.
    And I was like, oh man, that is so freaking good. And he said, most people don't like the math side of it. And I totally relate. I think I geek out on the, you know, behavioral side, writing internal beliefs, external beliefs vehicle, uh, you know, copywriting is all about it, right? Like knowing which strengths to pull, but then when it comes to the math, the math side right.
    Is, is very important. Cuz you need to know, okay, how much is it costing me to acquire a customer? Uh, you know, how much is my average car value? Like there's all these numbers that we need to keep track of and no, and that will determine, especially in a direct response marketing business, That will determine whether it's gonna be successful or not.
    Right. And I, being honest, I don't think we've been doing a great job at keeping track of those numbers inside of, of our business. Right. So that, that I think is, I mean, that was one of the biggest things, um, for that up to my head for the, for the entire event, right. They, they normally pick like a topic, a topic, a topic, right?
    Like a, a, a, a big idea where they're gonna like frame the event, um, around last year was frameworks. Everybody share a bunch of their frameworks on how they execute things and how to, how do they turn their content into profit? Yeah. Uh, right. But this, this year, what, this is like whoever, and this is a quote directly from Dan, right?
    Whoever it can spend the. To acquire their customer wins, right? Whoever can spend the most to acquire their customer need, uh, wins with that said, right. They showed incredible approval concept of a bunch of examples in different industries. Probably like every single industry out there, right from e-com to.
    To expert on, on how that works, but the focus one was on those numbers. Sometimes we come in into this business role with either no education or not, no experience, right. Just following a passion, following these things. And we have to like relearn a lot of things. Yeah. And, uh, sometimes the math is the last thing that, that we learned sometimes like, uh, I related to how people approach content.
    Right. They leave it last, they try to handle all of it and they leave it last. And, and the truth is that we have to handle our companies today as a content production company and then the business side of it, because you can control your message right now with the math is the same thing is math is another thing that we have to put out there.
    And us specifically, specifically, specifically, uh, we have to basically, uh, put a. Look inside of the company and be like, okay, what are those numbers that really matter? So they did a whole breakup. We're probably gonna do like another episode just specifically on that, or have content for, for the group specifically to where we're breaking it down, uh, for us, for other people, see what works, see what doesn't and then try to find it.
    Right? Yeah. So inside of the funnel, they talked about that very three very specific numbers, which we can dive in later. But one of the things that really struck me at the very beginning was, uh, CA pullin, right? She has 150 million business. They are in the fit in the, in the fitness industry, weight loss for women.
    Right. And she said, we do not release anything. To the public without asking and surveying our customers. And that was, uh, hold on. Yeah. Okay. Worth it. Um, and that to me like resonated a lot because, uh, when we first started with the service, obviously we listened to the people that were there. But then as we started diving in, um, and as we started jumping on calls, as we started talking to the marketplace, there's some things that we added to a service that help a ton and, uh, and having incredible value for the customers that we currently have.
    But at the same time, we started discovering that there is other people out there that can be served, that we can help. But right now we don't have the specific tool to do it. Right. So we're like, oh, and then we will sit on these meetings on Thursdays where we, where we meet or just talk on a regular time.
    Right. Like, Hey, what else can we do? And then we would just brainstorm all these ideas where we, at that point, we're just assuming, right. We go to the dream mode and we're just assuming yeah. That, that will work for the customer because it, he work for us. And sometimes that's not the case. So for me, that first day, that was really, really valuable.
    Right. And then for the rest of the week, I think I deflated my brother many times because , he would come to me and like, dude, what about this? And what about that? And I just like, started getting a little overwhelmed because of that thing that I just heard. I'm like, alright, all well, that, that's a great idea, but let's ask for, for feedback.
    I'm gonna, it intervention right here. Like I wasn't my, what about this? And what about that? Wasn't product based? It was more like marketing based like, Ooh, should we try this simple two step funnel instead of building a massive, you know, ginormous funnel. We're not gonna know if it's gonna convert or not.
    Right. Like that's what I was talking about. I wasn't, uh, talking product based, but that actually you didn't let me finish. That's okay. Yeah. That's cool. No worries. No finish. no, don't finish. No worries. Um, but actually I was gonna say what you were talking about about this. I feel like we got to stage where we were, we found like a challenge and we're like, oh, let's just add more futures to the, to the service.
    right. It's like, oh yeah, they're gonna want that. Let's add more futures and then try to go out there and sell it. And I just remember, actually right now, as you were sharing this, I saw a presentation for this guy. I don't remember his name, but he was like the head of growth for Uber. And he did a presentation on how a lot of firms and businesses die is because they actually go into that mode of, they think growth happens by adding futures.
    In the product is features, features, features by adding features in the product, instead of going out there and trying to, uh, you know, find traffic, find reliable clients that are gonna stay for a long time. And instead they're like, you know, they like create a product, get some clients, get some people to leave the product.
    It's like, oh no, we need to improve it. Make some more, some more features. And then they get a little bit more times instead of let me, let's go on, tap on other markets. Right. Let's have a really good offer and then just go tap like different markets. So yeah, its, its pretty important actually. Sorry. Yeah.
    I'll let you talk here in a second. but the, I don't remember their names, but the DTC guys, right? The direct to customer guys, they talk about the sandbox and it was pretty much the same concept. Right? I mean, uh, the pull in, uh, she does info products. I think it is right. She does like. Fitness and classes, I guess I don't, I'm not 100, 100% sure of what she offers, but the DTC they talk about, you know, direct to consumers.
    So they were like e-commerce side, like physical products. And they were like, literally the question that we get the most is how do we pick our products? And he's like, we don't, we don't pick our products. We actually let our customers tell us what they want. They survey them, they ask them tons of questions.
    And that's the other thing that raised to my head right now, when you're like, what are the most important things? This is one of them. They said we don't sell. We, we sell to the customer based on the value that they already have in their head, which is huge. Cause they ask him all these questions like, okay, what do you want?
    What do you want that offer to have? Right? How much would you pay? And once the people already have that and they tell you, Hey, I'm gonna, I can pay a hundred, a thousand bucks for that. Guess what? When you turn around with the, to, to fulfill that, they're gonna pay the $1,000 because they already have that value in their head.
    And that was. Mind blowing. I was like, oh dude. So simple. Yeah. So overlooked, like people just are like, we need to complicate everything, grow. One thought that came to mind. We were listening to this presentation. That specifically was in my head. You know, sometimes we start our business because we're passionate about something.
    Right. And, and it's our baby and the thing that we care and right. And, and then we, we start adding those features and then we're like, oh, we think this is like the best machine, the best thing ever. Right. And then, uh, what's up Edward? How you doing, man? Uh, thanks for tuning in live over here. Thanks for the shout.
    Um, and then we, we, we feel like that's our baby, right? That, that's the thing that, that, uh, it's gonna solve everybody's problem. Right. And then we just get so attached to it that it, then it's really challenging to ask those questions, because guess what they're gonna, they're gonna take apart your baby.
    Yeah. And, uh, it can be challenging. So as I was going through that, I was like, oh, May, maybe people should start with something they're not too passionate about so they can ask those questions and basically like learn what the market is asking them for and provide that solution. That's far more profitable than just attaching to baby.
    So that, that started a conversation in our heads. I'm like, okay, where should we go with this? And earlier I was in another mastermind, um, and I was sharing the idea of like, where, where can this go? Right? And one of the ideas out there is to put the, the quantum momentum network, right? How can we serve our audience?
    How can we serve the people that come to a world from not publishing to trying to publish at the first, from starting to publish, to create their own publishing platform? Like our show, for example, right? Doesn't have to be a podcast, but what is that platform that can allow you to have a two way conversation?
    The audience and with your real, real high end customer. Right. So that's something that we do here. And we are like, okay, how can we bring that? So over the next few weeks, we're gonna start asking those questions in different groups, in our group, in our community to find out yeah. Where, what direction we wanna go.
    I wanna make a quick parenthesis right here. I'll search in a, a kind of like a quote from another podcast that we, that I heard. And it's about passion, right? About like, oh, uh, doing something that you're passionate about, right. And this is a podcast we're actually talking about it earlier about Thomas Abba Edison.
    And the guy at the end of the podcast said, you know, one of his biggest lessons to, and I'm gonna call directly to me, the biggest lesson of Edison's life is finding something that you're passionate about the way he was passionate about invent. This is a little bit different from doing what you love as people say in a subtle, but more important way.
    And reminded of one of my favorite quotes for my favorite TV shows a show called Patriot where one of the Lee characters says, and I quote, you are what you can stop doing. What that means is if we discover what someone is passionate about, then that person, and that thing will intersect passion, involves compulsion people and what they love.
    Don't always intersect people and their compulsion, whatever. Uh, I think I missed a few commas in there, but the point is, uh, and I'm gonna use Russell as an example, right? Like Russell loves marketing. Right. But his compulsion is to market. Like it, he, he, yes, he built click funnels because he wanted to lead and all that stuff.
    But if he would focus on like, oh, I'm passionate on building the, the, you know, he's passionate about click funnels about, he loves the tool and the easiness that he provides to the, to the customers. But if he would focus just on that, that he loves, guess what? He's not a coder, right. He's not a, and he would just get overwhelmed.
    Maybe he wouldn't do anything, but his compulsion is I need to teach the community how to do this stuff. And you can tell it, you can tell when he go on stage and he starts talking about it and teaching about it. I mean, one of the comments that we both had when we came back was. It's impressive how Russell cares for his community.
    Like, honestly, that's like one of the biggest, it cares. No curses. Nice. It cares. Okay. Okay. As it curses, I think I said curses, let me know the comment. If I saids or not uniquely. Ah, yeah. Ni, but that was one of the most impactful things like, wow. He really cares, cares about his community, right? Yeah. And we're not the only one that said that said that, like I know of other people.
    Um, yeah. And that's why they release a bunch of stuff, listening to their customer. Like that was one of the things they're releasing actually click funnels 2.0, let's go by the way. If you're not in, let us know, we will send you the, the, the affiliate link whenever they release it, because there's Gucci, Gucci.
    We now we're starting from all the affiliate races. like from C you're gonna be epic. He's gonna be epic. Uh, but also like, just to wrap up, because I do have a baby that I have to get to, but , uh, one of the things that the, at the very end, obviously they close out with Tony Robbins, right? This is the second time that, that, that we see him.
    Ever and live as well, both. And, and it's not gonna be the last one. It's not gonna be the last one. Right. And, um, you know, big part of his conversation with the audience was about imposter syndrome and how imposter imposter syndrome is complete bullshit. I can't, I cannot talk syndrome at the end of the day.
    It's literally our fear right. Coming out, uh, into the world. And, uh, he mentioned something and he was obviously. Like he dove into this. Right. But at the end of the day, it's like, how do we, how do we create energy? Right? Like how, what is, what is the first step? And for what he shared was like, we gotta change our state.
    Right? Like our state of like, what are we focusing on? Normally we are focusing on the negatives instead of what we already have. Right. Yeah. And, uh, if we look in, yeah, like even though we might not be in the final place that we want to be, we do have a ton of stuff that we have achieved. And those are a couple things that, you know, we personally ignored over the last few months.
    Right. And we need to be very thankful that we have an opportunity that we have a platform like this, that we have an incredible audience, that we have an incredible group of people that are coming to our community every single day. Right. That we have a family that we, that we, that we have our car that we can try.
    We can go places, right. That we have freedom. All these things that as you start stacking them, right? It changes your internal stay and you start creating all this energy that then you can talk about, make better decisions, which at the end of the day, right, your business is a product of your decision. So I, I thought obviously he went on, he, I think he was booked for like two or three hours.
    And then he went on for like six, uh, and it was incredible hashtag stacked over. I know. Um, so for me, that was one of the things that, that really resonated pH one of your last things that resonated, whether that was Tony or anything else in the, well, I mean, I said the sandbox, um, I mean, I really like, honestly I lean Wilder for those that don't know her.
    She's a high ticket closer. first, like the presentation, how she did it. I mean, you can tell she's a total salesman, fun fact. She's actually one of Myron golden students. I think you can tell by the way she like speaks on stage. Yeah. Um, she actually used to be a preacher and man, she was preaching salesman.
    pretty awesome. That was very good. But one of the things that I love, she said it was more internal. Right. And it's this guy that used to hang out with Napoleon hill super, uh, successful, had a super successful company. And when they ask him why, like, what is the secret to your success? He attributed to three words and the three words were do it now.
    And he said, he would tell himself do it now like a hundred times every single day, just doing it. Now. It, it now it now doing it now. And I'm like, dude, I'm gonna start to saying that all the time because yes, I procrastinate. Right. I mean, we all do. And I mean, sometimes I procrastinate in not the, the best way possible or, or maybe for too long.
    And that is part of something that I've been trying to build right. More discipline. So I'm gonna start telling myself, do it now, do it now do it now. And also, I just love how simple her, her funnel was. I love she's like, I'm gonna tell you the funnel. She's like, it's literally one page, it's a VSL and then an application bottom.
    And then just get what you track your numbers. And if you have a, you know, a high acquisition cost, guess what? You're gonna have a lot more room for mistake too. So that's what she does. High ticket. It gives her more opportunity to test in there and literally all she does. An add to a, to a video sales letter with an application bottom, and then you just jump on the phone, on the phone of the wow.
    What's on the phone and she closes you because she was absolutely amazing. I, I, I love her presentation. Yeah, that was good. Um, lot of things, you know, all, all other stuff irresistible offers, right? How do you tell a story that converts with Catherine Jones? That was great. That was one of the workshops that did FCI worship with Myron golden.
    If you guys don't know Myron golden, go check him out. Uh, and again, yeah, I think it was a great experience overall because after 11, after 18 months of just, you know, communicating only through zoom, this was so needed human connection, the people that, that were online. So I wanna encourage everybody, you know, go and find.
    An event, maybe it's not that event. And if it's that event awesome. Let us know. But if it's something, someone will see you next time. , if it's something local, right? If it's in your city, go, go out, have conversations. And hopefully it's people that might think a little bit different than you, but you can, you can ignite it, right?
    Because in there we have people from all parts of the world, every single background from startups, all the way to millionaires, right. And everybody was in there collaborating and, and helping each other. So try to find that group. Um, if you are, if you are wanna part, be part of that, right? If you wanna be a part of that group like that, and you love content and you're producing, whether you're at the very beginning, whether you're a company making millions of dollars, come hang out, or group contents, profit, you can find us on.
    Um, cuz that's something that we're actually gonna be diving in. Yeah. Uh, or you start today or you can go to content, profit.com and then you can get your minimal viable content cheat sheet. And at the same time you go and join the facial group. Oh, beautiful. One Ponzi two for one, two for one. So awesome.
    Um, yeah, again, and if you have any questions, if you want feedback, if you like wanna learn anything on this right on the audience, we haven't really produced anything for the, at the audience level. Everything that we do is on the backend for the B2B for businesses, but good things are. Good things are coming.
    Good. Things are coming. Yeah. Let us know. What do you wanna know? A lot of the feedback that we asked was related to the operations of the show, how do I actually stream, how do I stay consistent? How do we create the cheat sheets, all that stuff that, yes, it is necessary. It is not as important as going out and executing it, but it does help.
    So if you have any, any other feedback, send those DM at this. Broco on Instagram, on Facebook. Question comments. If you have a business entrepreneurship podcast, uh, and you want to learn, how do you, you know, monetize it in a way, how do you drive sales through your podcast? Let us know as any questions that you may want.
    If you don't have a business or entrepreneurship podcast, and you just looking to grow your podcast through an. Ask ask away. We have actually, I'm very excited for a few things that we have on the, on the table right now that we're gonna start building and we will love for you to be a part of it. Yeah.
    All right. But that's it. Thank you so much for tuning to the content profit podcast. Go ahead and follow the show on your favorite platform and at this bros co oh yeah, babe, but oh yeah. If we help you take one step forward, closer to your goal.
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    if that's okay with you guys leave. That's fine. I'm and.
    Are the vibe. Good vibe. It's the
    hi. How about time?
    Get fresh.

Reviews for Funnel Hacking Live in 30 Minutes or Less – EP. #212

There are currently no reviews for Funnel Hacking Live in 30 Minutes or Less – EP. #212

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