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The Importance of Your Content Safety Net – EP. #215

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The Importance Of Your Content Safety Net

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Episode Transcript

  • The Importance Of Your Content Safety Net: []

    LuisDa: FOS. What's up, man. How you doing?
    Fonzi: I'm pretty good. I'm pretty good. I'm here in Utah and it's absolutely amazing. There's mountains. Figure that out, you know, not like Florida, that's all flat, but what are we talking about today? Tell me, yes,
    LuisDa: absolutely. Today is I bet you didn't know about the safety net content.
    And this is a question for you Franci I bet you did not know about the safety net content. So
    Fonzi: for fact, I did know, I did know what the, what, what the safety net contact is because, you know, Came up with that concept at first and I was right next to you. So I better know what it is, you better, but hopefully, you know, hopefully we're teaching the person that is listening right now.
    What the safety content is, why they need it in their business and how to get that ball rolling. [00:01:00]
    LuisDa: That's right. Hey, before, before we share a little bit about that, tell me why, why you in Utah, man? Like, are you escaping, are you escaping the Florida weather? The, the heat.
    Fonzi: Uh, no, I'm actually here because my girlfriend works for cashflow tactics, which is a really cool company for those are involving, I guess, a click funnel community.
    You might know who they are and they have an event here. So we came and we're gonna spend that an extra set of days visiting around doing some hiking. I never been to Utah. I think she has never been to Utah either. And it's gonna be a lot of fun. It's crazy because it is freezing. It was 46 degrees this morning.
    When I woke up, I left my jacket in Florida. Uh, it's raining too. I haven't. So it's like, oh man, 180 opposite from,
    LuisDa: from Florida. I can, I can tell now why Mandy gets super mad at you for forgetting things. Uh, you're just gonna put that out there. So
    Fonzi: dude, and I packed it. I put the jacket in the. And as soon as I bought the plane, I'm like, oh [00:02:00] man, this plane is, this plane is cold.
    And I was like, the jacket I left the jacket.
    LuisDa: jacket. All right. Sounds good. Okay. So here, I wanna share with you a little bit story of, of what something that happened today earlier today. And with that, we're gonna expand a little bit of the topic on safety net content, right? So, oh, Uh, I jumped early on this incredible call with, uh, soon to be partnered.
    I mean, they're partners already, uh, of, of content momentum at the program that, that we have, which by the way, if you have a long form piece of content, you wanna leverage, you don't want to spend more time creating. You don't wanna spend more money trying to hire somebody, let us know because we have an incredible proven system that is gonna multipurpose that content and turn it into profit.
    So let us. Slide into the DM. Send us your favorite emoji. I don't know, but anyways, shameless blog. So what's say P oh man. Pablo, we love you, man. By the way, if you are, if you are listening, are you having tuning live? Let us know, come in every Monday, Wednesday on Friday, come hang out with us in, in the room.
    So [00:03:00] anyways, Pablo, I do not know. I, I bet he didn't know about the safety and account and I bet he did cuz uh, he, he, his company and the, the people he worked is.
    Fonzi: He's an OG man. He O I'm pretty sure he, he should know what the safety net is. but if not, I might be a little bit disappointed. I'm not gonna lie, but it's okay.
    P we're here to learn.
    LuisDa: All right. So here we go. So earlier I jumped on this call with these two incredible entrepreneurs, too. They are in the world of, uh, Facebook, bots and automations, and how to literally like move traffic from one side to the other and this incredible sales pipelines. Right. So we are working together in a project.
    Uh, starting next week with an incredible entrepreneur that I cannot name yet, but we actually own one of his books, which is, oh yeah. Thank you. So this is gonna be awesome. When I Toon, he kind of flipped, you know, his he's been a big fan, uh, for a long time. And then, uh, but anyway, so. In this call, right?
    Like we're, we're going through what the project is gonna look like. And every single [00:04:00] person that comes to us ask us, like, how is the content? Like, show me some examples, right? Show me some examples. And like, why do we tell people that, that tell us us like about examples? You know, that, that, that's a question I do not like, and I I'll explain why not like.
    Fonzi: mean, I'm not, I'm not a fan of that question either because people believe that when they see one of those, it's like, oh, that's what I'm gonna see with my brand. And it's like, dude, like you can design whatever you want. It's the importance part of the important part. Sorry, my English is not very good looking today, but an important part of the process is that feedback loop like anything, right?
    If you wanna learn, if you wanna get better, you need that feedback loop. And the, and the process is made with that feedback loop in. So whenever we design things for you, they look amazing for you, right? So when people are like, oh, can I see some of the design examples are like, dude, this guy's the limit.
    We got awesome talent. We got incredible designers that they can work with your vision, what you [00:05:00] want and just push that content forward at the end of the day. I, I,
    LuisDa: I think part of the problem is that most people don't really know what they want. Right. Like, and, and we have this incredible concept that you came up with.
    This is content umami, right? AAMI is like, what is that content that makes you feel good, right. From the message from the very beginning, all the way to how it looks. So part of the process. For those that haven't been a part of it. We basically ask for all this information up front from your message to like give people, influencers, brands, feelings, different things that, that we can grab and then create that concept for you.
    So we are actually having this conversation right. With their team and they're like, show some examples. I'm like, okay. There's a big disclaimer here, right? Because our market tends to go towards this part of, or this type of content. Right. So I just wanna put that out there and with big bolt letters that we can really create whatever you want.
    Right. Like, cause uh, the process allows for that at a very high volume. So we go there and then we, we they're like, okay, perfect. I totally understand. So here are some people that, that we follow. That we think it [00:06:00] can be like really powerful start sharing content like that. Right. And, and a couple of those people are one grant Cardone.
    Second one, Alex hormo, Papa hormo. So I dunno. Are you, are you familiar with hormo? I'm I'm sure. Like if you're, if you're familiar and you're in the audience, put it in the comments like Papa hormo, hashtag Papa hormo. There we go. Hashtag Papai and
    Fonzi: tag him and tell him, Hey, you need to come to the content, this profit show because we have a special.
    So you guys know when, when Alex or mostly comes here to content this profit, we're gonna have a very special surprise. You don't wanna miss
    LuisDa: that one? You know what I know. I know. I know. Okay. Anyway, so, so we get talking and we're like, perfect. You know, the way that they create, you know, they're creating their tos, they're creating their, their reals they're Instagram posts.
    We can definitely do that. Production wise is not an issue. Um, If that's your preference, we can go there, but just know that your content is gonna be completely custom. Right. But then something happened. That was really interesting. And he came like this, um, the title of the, the episode [00:07:00] today, it's like, What, uh, Alex formo content has been blowing up lately, right?
    If you go to his Instagram, you see that's a lot of people that are going back and literally binge wi binge watching. Mm-hmm, all his YouTube videos that ha he's been publishing for time. So one of the ingredients that we found, right, I. After 200 plus interviews after the clients that we talked about, the main ingredient of like how to make your content successful, whatever your goal is, whether that is publishing engagement, uh, sales, right.
    All that stuff. It is consistency, right? So he's been publishing for years and, uh, people, because he just published his number one book of volume, I think is like three of them. Right. Which is by good. How do you think about that book? It's
    Fonzi: good mind blowing that book. One of those books that you need to read multiple times over and over and over.
    Um, you know, just referencing back to funnel hiking live this past two weeks, Tony Robbins was talking when he [00:08:00] was with Jim row and Jim row asked him, how many times have you read reached that poor data? And he's like, oh, I read it. Of course. He's like how many times once and Jim Rome was like, I can tell Antonio was like, what do you mean?
    Well, I've read it 37 times. Right. And it's about that. That book a hundred million offers by Alex, or mostly is one of those books that you just need to read and revisit because it's kind of like a Bible on how to create profitable offers. Right.
    LuisDa: Yeah, absolutely. So what's happening is like, because the book is so good, right?
    A lot of people are like, who's this guy, right? And you have marketers like Frank, Karen, Russell Branson, all endorsing these book saying like one of the best books ever out there, which by the way, now it seems like we're doing an episode on the book, which we should, but it's not. But here's the point.
    Here's my point, because these people move audiences, right? These audience now is discovering Alex who hasn't, who has been like a, a great marketer. He's grown his business, multimillion dollar businesses in like plural. Right. I think [00:09:00] it's just the external camera connection, but I'm good now. Right? We should be good.
    Right. Perfect. Awesome. Alright. So anyways. Um, the beauty of live content anyway. So Alex has been publishing for so so many years, right. And he has incredible content on YouTube. And if you wanna see the definition of frictionless content, it is right there. Go to his YouTube because it's literally him a whiteboard and his concepts and the things that he's learned.
    Right. And here's the important part. Here's the safety net content, right? People are going through that content and consuming it, binging it like crazy. Right. Not just the YouTube, but his episodes on his podcast, because he has a lot of content that he has a big amount of content that he has been publishing with incredible amount of value.
    And now new people are discovering him because these other people gave him the shout out well deserved because of the book and the. Things that he's done and people are eating up the content executing and having incredible success. Right? So one of these people referred to his content as a way to do it.
    And the only reason he [00:10:00] was because of that, because like, I, I had no idea that this guy was publishing for so long and now he wants to model his content after Alex, which was incredible. So again, make sure that you're creating your safety net content, right? I mean,
    Fonzi: unless you span the image in the opposite way, right?
    Imagine if Alex would've published that literally banger of a book and he wouldn't have content for people to dive in, right? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, people, I think people would still be raving about the book, but since then people cannot keep him top of mind because they would search him. They would look for his profiles and then they wouldn't have more content to keep repeating that message in their.
    The effect wouldn't be the same, right. Plus that book has a lot. And when I talk a lot about social proof is absolutely insane. I haven't seen, honestly, I haven't seen a book with so many, so much social proof or at least so much social proof [00:11:00] proof that has been shared in social media. Yeah, because every single person that says something about the book, Alex tags, them and res share it in their story every single time.
    Right? So this just grows and grows and grows and people buy their book. People start following Alex, people start seeing this content, oh, let me go check all the value that he has on YouTube. They start digging in. But imagine if he had none of that, right. If he was inactive in social media, no stories, no resharing of the social proof.
    People would be like, huh, that's a great book. Let me get it. They will read it. And maybe a percentage of that right. Would go and contact Alex to work directly with them. But then he would be under serving the whole, what is it? 97% of people that are not ready to buy now for him. Right. He would be under serving them because he wouldn't have content to be educating them on those issues.
    And I say the 97%, because remember only about 3% [00:12:00] of people that are listening to you right now are ready to buy the other like 30%. I think it is, is ready to buy in like three, six months from you. And the other 60% is ready to buy like a year from. And that's the beauty of the safety net, right? Because those people that are coming in, you can just keep educating them and educating them.
    And it's a mix. It's a mix bit mix between the old content that you have and the new content that you're putting out there. So you can stay top of mind, right? All this time
    LuisDa: for them. Absolutely. So, um, as we wrap up, because we told you guys it was gonna be fast and furious in today, right. Make sure that you guys are creating consistently, because that is the number one secret of being successful with publishing.
    You know, whether you are brand new or you've been in business for many years, make sure that you find that consistency. Make sure you publish, put it up there in the platform. For people to find you, they're gonna find you with time, right? As you get out there, as you get to talking, as you get to guests [00:13:00] in other shows, people are gonna start finding you.
    They're gonna go to your social media. They're gonna go to your YouTube channel. They're gonna go to your website. If you have a website, which by the way is not absolutely necessary, right? If you have that content out there, you're still gonna be able to serve people. And then that content is gonna got you.
    Make sure that there's a call to action. To take the next step. For example, for Alex was just go to his website where he continues to provide value with these things. So here's the thing. This is how important the safety net content is that another massive entrepreneur that has been having massive success.
    Especially with email marketing. He wants to model his content after this because of the safety net concept. So it is so powerful. It is the reason why we publish so much. It is the reason why we stay consistent, right? Because there's people coming into our world today that are listening, that are looking that are watching videos from a year ago.
    Right. And that's so important because it connects them to us. I
    Fonzi: mean, I think one of the biggest. Aha moments that I've personally had with [00:14:00] the safety net and the consistency, right? Remember, consistency is art, right? Consist consistency, builds art, which is authority, relevancy, and trust, right? Those people that are watching you on a consistent basis, they're gonna start trusting you.
    They're gonna be, they're gonna think, wow, this person knows what he's talking about. And hopefully you do know what you're talking about. Right. And at the same time, they're gonna. Put you on the top of their mind when it comes to status on that market, on that area, what you were talking about and the, what I'm sharing this.
    Because when we went to funnel hiking live, I was honestly surprised by the comments that people were saying, right? I mean, We have not won ATU club award, yet we are going to win it in 22. I'm just putting it out there. Right. But people were coming to us and they were saying like, dude, you guys are crushing it.
    You guys are gonna get the, the Tacoma club award right now. Right. And we're like, dude, like, thank you. I appreciate it. [00:15:00] Not yet. We're gonna win it next year. But it, it blew my mind because in their
    LuisDa: heads. We were positioned
    Fonzi: way higher than we actually are in our business, which is not bad. Right. Because now we have to fulfill, we're like, Hey dude, once we're talking to people and their image of us is all the way up here, we got a level up, we gotta step up our game so we can fulfill at that level and we can keep all the promises that we're doing.
    Right. So it was absolutely mind blow and I loved it. And you know, I, I want that for everybody that is listening for you that are listening right. Be consistent with your content. And I want you to experience how people around you are gonna start seeing like, huh, he knows what he's talking about. I need your help.
    I need your help in this specific problem that I'm having. And that's right. I'm, I'm telling you, it's just gonna take off your, your relationships, uh, are gonna grow exponentially. And hopefully you are strategically looking for those relationships to position yourself in a [00:16:00] way that you can help them win and you can win yourself as.
    LuisDa: I love it. I love it. PCI. I love this version of the, of contents profit. Uh, we're gonna have a few more of these guys, so because PCIs gonna be out there for a week and a half, almost two weeks. Yeah. So, uh, yeah, finally, I don't have to deal with him in the studio. Let's go have all this space, maybe the
    Fonzi: next one.
    I'll do it up from a B a golden Boulder up in the mountain.
    LuisDa: Heather, that will be please, please take some pictures on top of golden boulders. That will be hilarious. Yeah for social media. Guess what I got call them bothers. Let's go. Um, so GA if you're listening, uh, thank you for hanging out all the way up here.
    Let us know. Are you producing your safety net content? Are you being consistent? What is your favorite platform? Let us know in the comments, let us know in the DMS. Send us a message. And also if you're interested, if you have that long form piece of content, let us know. Cause we can save you a lot of time.
    We can save you a lot of pain trying to hire the right people. Um, just have a chat. We would love to know exactly where you sit. We would love to know like how can we help? How can we serve you? And [00:17:00] if we cannot serve you at the highest level, we can definitely refer you. Some people that we know. So any, any last thoughts?
    Fonzi: Absolutely. I have a new call to action. If you want us to help you put your golden boulders out into the internet, we are here
    LuisDa: to help pull your hands out now I'm kidding.
    Fonzi: so yeah, if, if you want that consistency, right. That top of mind awareness for people and you need the help with that content and those process.
    We are here. So sliding the DMS at BI Broco on Facebook and Instagram,
    LuisDa: right with that. Say guys, thank you so much for tuning into the content profit podcast. Go ahead and follow the show on your favorite platform and on social media at BI Broco.
    Fonzi: That is right. And if today's conversation help you move one step closer to your goal, please don't forget to share this episode with somebody else because you might be doing the exact same thing for them and, and leave a five star
    LuisDa: review.
    See ya. Bye. Right. [00:18:00] Thank you. Facebook. We will seek you on Monday. Well, I'll see you on Monday Ponzi. We don't know yet. We'll see. Um, happy to hear. You'll be, you'll be there. Okay. I'll be in a golden
    Fonzi: Boulder.

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