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What is Content Real Estate? – EP. #216

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In today’s conversation LuisDa explores a topic he had on his mind since Funnel Hacking Live…

Podcasting and/or Content Real Estate.

What is content Real Estate?

Why do you need to start implementing this idea?

How can it help you grow your business and influence?

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Tune in and enjoy!

Episode Transcript

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    Today, today you only hear one voice. Today is only me. Louisa. I am sorry for those fancy fans, but he has been banned from the show. No, , I'm kidding. I'm kidding. He is not bad. I really miss him. I really miss him.
    But guess what he is in Utah, uh, he has been wanting to travel for a long time and he's out. I think last episode, he was joining us from there, but he was on a hike today. And, uh, I think he got lost in the mountain. So we'll find out the chicken with us in like a day or so to see if he actually made it.
    But no, I'm joking, joking. He is out with his girlfriend and his family. So he needs to spend some time like that. And today I bring you a fun topic. I'm very excited to talk about this today because I've been literally obsessed with this topic, uh, for. Two [00:01:00] weeks, you know, for those who don't know. We went to this event called fun hiking live.
    It's the second time that we went to that we work that we go to this event and, um, it's pretty awesome. I mean, we grew up in the KIC funnel community is how we got in initiated in this online world, like a few years back. And we, that community really holds, uh, deer to, to our. Uh, we love everybody in there.
    We love Russell. We love everything that they put out. And, uh, it's the second year that we actually get to go live and we were in Orlando. We hang out with a lot of the guests that have been on the show. We hang out with a lot of our clients and it was just an incredible time. Um, one of the speakers there, we all reveal in just a second was stop it talking specifically about podcasting, right?
    This is not common, right? Because this is inner marketing. This is funnels. This is like the technical side of things. But this thing was so impactful to me. And I've been like, literally like diving in every single second. I cannot wait to share with you guys what we discovered right now, [00:02:00] before we get started today.
    This episode is sponsored by your own BI rose. Yes. This podcast is possible. Thanks to content momentum. If you are looking for multipurpose, your podcast or video content and turn it into profit, make sure slide into those DMS at BI Broco in every single platform on Facebook and Instagram. Also go ahead and follow the show because every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
    These episodes are dropping normally with guests, but today is your own. And one only Louisa Kazon is all the way in Utah. But go ahead and subscribe to the show, making sure, making sure you're following your favorite platform because we are literally everywhere. Let us know also, where are you following from and share with the people that you love.
    If what you are listening right now is, uh, been helping you. If past episodes have been helping you, please go ahead and share it with three friends, three people you're. Guys, you need to listen to these episodes because you're gonna create so much momentum. You're gonna create so much structure in your business and your life.
    That's gonna be so good. So thank you. Thank you guys so much in advance for that, that you're doing. I really, really appreciate it. All [00:03:00] right. So. Back on track, back on track. All right. So a couple weeks ago, I was just sharing that we went to fun Hacken life, right. And, uh, one of the guests or one of the speakers, right.
    Uh, is, uh, or was, uh, John Lee Duma for those that do not know who John Lee Duma is, he is an OG of podcasting. We've listened to, uh, a lot of his. Show or episodes, right? Entrepreneurs on fire is his show. He's in Puerto Rico and podcasting has become his business. And he has been really, uh, an, an inspiration.
    And hopefully we'll have him some time here in the show. Now, what he was talking about was obviously how podcasting can help your funnels and can build your tribe out of this itself. And there was a part in his presentation. It was literally like two minutes. He mentioned it like very quickly. He was like, Hey, by the way, Russell Branson.
    Wanted me to share this with you guys. And then he said it for like two minutes and he is like, Hey, here's one of the things that I've been doing. I had this one show that I put [00:04:00] out. It was very limited. And then this thing continues to grab me leads every single week, like 25 days or so. And like his main show grabs about a million downloads.
    Um, every single month, I believe that's the data that he's shared. Uh, but then he mentioned like this one episode is set and then later that night, Goes on stage and he talks about funnel real estate, right? So what has been doing, and this is kind of like his secret project lately is he's been actually going out and acquiring different companies.
    Uh, and so he goes to a website called ClickBank, right? These are companies that have maybe a product that developed a product. He's proven they sell, but maybe they don't sell very efficiently. Right. So he goes out and he negotiates with these companies and he buys them. And then on the back end he builds a funnel and then he like explodes it with his framework.
    Right. I don't know how to do it with your average car value and different things. Upsells bump offers and so on. So right. He share a couple of examples. Now later than that, we sat down Fonzi and I, and we were like, oh my [00:05:00] gosh, What John Duma said together with what Russell said, it was very powerful.
    Right. And Russell was talking about online real estate. Like how, like how much space do you actually own online? Right. And he was sharing this story when he, um, he went out and, um, and bought this like condo, and then he rented like the, the lower. Uh, floor and then he was leaving upstairs and he was getting cashflow every single month because he was renting it.
    Right. And, uh, we at speed rose, we got the opportunity last year to work and build a team for a company called Jacksonville wealth builders. Right. These are, is a $200 million company. Incredible. Greg, huge shut out. Pablo huge shut out to you guys, cuz you're doing something very, very interesting and, and, and impressive.
    And what they do is they sell turnkey products, right? So they go. They buy these, uh, single family homes. They put people in it, right. Uh, they treat them really, really well. And then they go out and they sell that asset to investors. And that investor can be, uh, literally like anybody, like it can be us, it can be you, it can be, um, somebody that [00:06:00] has an amount of, of, of cash available to put in a down payment for the house.
    But it comes already with the property management. It comes already with the people inside of the house. So you cash flow positive from day one and I'm like, man, that's super cool. Right. So when we started working with. , uh, we started learning a lot about this world. We were not familiar with, uh, what real estate was or, well, we, we knew what real estate was, but we didn't really know what, like, uh, what are the things that we needed to do there.
    So, uh, we knew the basics, right. And when Ross started sharing this story, uh, I was fascinated because he just applied that term right. Of, of the cash flow. Right. And he just adapted it to online. And our websites, our presence online, those are our properties, right? So we own that. We own that content. We own that message.
    We own those website. We own those funnels and, uh, and the money or the audience or the, the traffic that comes through that is, is ours. It's like the cashflow that I house gives to you and I'm like, oh my gosh, What a great point of view. Right? So it's a, it is a different perspective. [00:07:00] So we started thinking we're like, okay, we have all these terms that we've, uh, coined that we've, uh, showcased in different interviews that we showcase in the show that we've showcased, uh, in our presentations, our keynotes, uh, when we go speak, right?
    Like for example, minimal viable content, the 45 live publishing pyramid, the podcasting prop formula, all these things that add to value that it could. Uh, standalone programs, we've actually sold a few of those as a workshop. It has been incredible. The feedback has been great. Thank you for those that trusted us and, and, and joined us in those workshops.
    Right. And we're like, okay, what about we mix those terms? Right. And, um, we start creating more. Content real estate. So what does that mean is that YouTube videos is, uh, you know, social assets for Facebook or Instagram. Is, are those, uh, audio podcasts? So specifically we started talking about podcasting real estate, and this is something that we Fonzi, and I will probably like get deep dive, um, a little bit [00:08:00] later, but this is kind of like a tease of what's happening and what, what behind the scenes for our company.
    Um, and we started okay. Dreaming, really like, okay, what did that look like? Right. And then if you look at companies like, uh, wonder, for example, that they produce these very, very high end story driven podcast stories, right? What they do is they launch these stories as a, as a podcast individual podcast, right.
    It's not just one podcast. Many stories is really one podcast, one story, and then they release another one. So our, a personal favorite of mine is guru, right? Where they deep dive into this one person that, uh, sold on stages and that had this crazy following and everything that happened in between. But is that is one, one podcast show that lives forever on the internet.
    Hence podcasting platform content, uh, sorry. Podcasting real. Content real estate, right? So I'm like, oh my gosh, I'm putting the pieces together. That's what that company does. So they continue to release these stories as individual podcast shows. So looking back at ours things, right, [00:09:00] we have contents profit, right.
    That we continue to interview these incredible people, maybe Fonzi and I will be dropping in from, uh, now and then just to do our own thing, but. Also, we have these incredible programs that we can divide in 6, 7, 10, 10 episodes. Right? For example, the podcasting profit formula that is such a rich and valuable content that we could potentially do.
    Just one show of the podcasting profit formula and put it out there to the world for, for people to discover. Right. And then we can also do one about the publishing pyramid. And then we grab the publishing pyramid. We put it all on its own as, as a publishing pyramid podcast. And that's it. So now we have a network of not just Cnce profit, but 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10 different shows, right?
    Cnce profit being the only one ever green. The other ones just stay. There is a very limited 10 episodes, seven episodes, right? And then all these shows are gonna grab some traction. People are gonna listen to it. It's gonna be a journey. We can, we can [00:10:00] structure them. Uh, we can, miss wife is, is calling, but we're almost done here.
    So, uh, we can structure them, uh, to make sure that people that are interested in what we say and they, if they grab value, they can take the next step to join our community. For example, the contents profit Facebook group, which by the way, if you're not there, go ahead on Facebook type content is profit and, uh, you'll find out the, the community come hang out is super fun.
    So. Uh, and then this creates a path for you. So if you are producing this type of content, right. I highly recommend. So for example, if you look at YouTube, that's what a lot of creators are, are doing, right? They have these different playlists or they have these different channels. For example, MIS be where big fans are MIS be.
    That's what he does. He has his main channel. And then he created that Spanish channel where, where he's dubbing all the videos, and then he created. Uh, the Russian channel and all this, like he's literally dubbing every single language so he can attract new audiences. Right. Um, so how can you apply this to your [00:11:00] business for me, for example, for us, that's where we're gonna probably start doing, we're gonna start doing individual podcasts that we're gonna live out there into the inner webs and people are gonna start finding them.
    Right. We're gonna promote them obviously, but it's gonna be like a fi a finite finite is how you say finite, uh, number of episode. Where people can join in. Listen, if they add value, if we add value to their life, if it's relevant, which I am sure, a hundred percent that it will, right. Then they're gonna be introduced to our world and they can listen to content's profit life.
    They can go to the behind the scenes. They can go to the group, they can come hang out with us. So I think that's fun. How can you apply it now? Yes, I, and this is gonna be very quickly, very quick. Right. Um, I started. Being okay. How can the question I asked myself was how can we leverage our own main topics?
    Like for example, the publishing pyramid, the podcasting profit format, minimal viable content, right? So I'm like, okay. Podcast, real estate series. That's exactly what I just discovered. And I would just share with you is like, okay, it could be something that is like five to 10 episodes. Right? How many sections.
    [00:12:00] Do we have in the podcasting, uh, profit formula, probably about six. So perfect. Each section is an episode and we'll go out that way. Right. We can do trainings five to six videos and meaning webinar format. So how can we bring in people that are interested in that and bringing them into a world, right. Um, we can then transcribe that and create a kind book, right?
    How can we transcribe that and put it in a PDF as a bump offer, as an offer as a front end, as a free, uh, lean magnet for people that are interested in what we do, depending on the pain points that we're solving. Uh, can these be blog posts, six, seven different blog posts that we can put out there. Right.
    Um, so then we divided it into categories, audio, video written, uh, written content. Right? So in audio we have podcast episodes, podcast series, audio trainings, uh, paid audio trainings. If we have something else in there in video, we have video trainings, video, um, multiple video trainings, YouTube series, um, and so on.
    Right. And then on written, we have blog kind book, PDF book, physical. Three plus shipping, right? And this is all at the end of the [00:13:00] day is the main content that you, you divide a new multipurpose from the very beginning, right? We talked about multipurpose and being different than repurposing, um, from the very beginning as a strategy to leverage the internet and have that real estate.
    Work for you in there, whether that's an audience, whether that's clients, whether that's leads. Right. So I think it's super cool. Um, and this is just an insight of inside of my head, right? This is basically I am showing everybody or hear my iPad. on the video. This is exactly what's, what's been going through my head and, um, and something that we've been planning in the, over the last week or so to start releasing.
    So. Keep an eye out, uh, of what we do, cuz uh, we're gonna share the results. We're gonna see if it works. If it doesn't. I think it works because if John Lee DOAs has been in this game for the longest time has done it, I feel it's super important for us to, to tackle and explore it. Right. Let's see what happens.
    I think that's a, that's a great mentality. Like if you're in content, um, sometimes we go and, and we go for the tactics, which I don't think this is a tactic. I [00:14:00] think this is more of a long term, um, strategy following a framework, right? And, uh, and he's gonna leave there forever and he's gonna just attract leads over time.
    That will turn into customers. If you treat them correctly. Let me know what you think. Let me know if this was too crazy. Let me know in the comments, let me know, uh, through DMS at these rose go. Why do you think, are you trying it? This will be super cool. Um, to see if you have tried it, if you are about to try it, if you wanna do it with us, let me know.
    I'm very interested and, uh, can wait to share the results with you. So with that, say guys, thank you so much for tuning into the content profit podcast. Go ahead and follow showing your favorite social media and on. Instagram Facebook app base VSCO. Come hang out in the group. Content is profit and we'll see you guys later.
    Take care. Bye.

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