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Lessons From a First Generation Entrepreneur & One Year of Publishing – EP. #217

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Lessons From a First Generation Entrepreneur & One Year of Publishing?

Today we had one of the most accidental LIVE streams in over 200 episodes!

Luckily, our incredible guest Ben Ebig took over the stream like a champ.

While we were off screen he hijacked the Content Is Profit Show to keep it from crashing.

That being said, the salvageable moments of the conversation had some great #GoldenBoulders. Here are some of them:

🔥 You Don’t Need A Certification To Get Started!

🔥 Topical vs. Evergreen Content

🔥 The Only Way To Fail On Youtube

🔥 And Much More…


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Tune in and enjoy!

Episode Transcript

  • Lessons From a First Generation Entrepreneur & One Year of Publishing?: []

    Ponzi. Welcome back. Thank you. I made it guys. I made it from the cold mountains of Utah. Let's go. Let me tell you that was a surprise. It was freezing. Uh, I know you and you forgot your jacket.
    Yes. I left my jacket here in Jacksonville, in the car, halfway through the plane. I was like, oh no, what did I just do? And turns out the day we gather literally was like the first snow of the winter. I was like, cool. What a coincidence? Good job. Well, I'm, I'm happy that you're back. Yeah. I hope your podcasting abilities are still there.
    Cuz I crushed in my solo episode. I'm just gonna point that out there. It was pretty good. Let me tell you I listened to it. I, you actually, yeah, I actually turned out in the car when we were driving down to silent national park and I was like, do you learn something? Look at that. I fall asleep for like five minutes and then I woke [00:01:00] up again and no I'm kidding.
    It was good. I like this podcasting real estate podcasting real estate. Go check out. Great. All right. Sweet. Uh, what are we talking about today? PCI, tell me, tell me good question today. We're talking all about lessons from a first generation entrepreneur and of one year of publishing. Ooh, not an easy fee, not an easy fee, not an easy fee.
    And we'll all tell a little bit about why it's not so easy, but, uh, do we have a sponsor PCI? And then we do, and thank you for asking. Good, sir. You're welcome today. As a sponsor. Is your own the best, bro? Yes. We sponsored this podcast. Thanks to content momentum. If you're looking to multipurpose your podcast or video content and turn it into profit KA, make sure you sliding the DMS.
    At Bibo co on Facebook on Instagram. That's right. Go ahead and follow the show guys, because every week we're dropping this incredible pieces of content with guests that are doing it right now and having incredible success in their businesses. So you guys can go ahead and model and have [00:02:00] also incredible success.
    In your life and business, go ahead and follow show in your favorite platform. That is right. And if today's guest help you move one step forward to what's your goal, please, don't forget to share this episode and, and leave a five star review. And before you get started, I actually want to invite you to join our community.
    Content is profit. Just search for that content is profit on Facebook and join because we want to help you out. Take it to the next level. Let's go. Go. We are back in the studio. We know you missed us. You know, we miss you too. And today we have a special friend here with us. You could say he's one of our cool friends.
    Ooh, that is right. Today's guest is someone that helps others create. Profitable YouTube videos that feed right into your funnels, smooth baby. So if you have been asking yourself whether or not you should go into YouTube today's conversation might be for you. Not only that, but today's guest is also the host of my cool friends.
    He's a bestselling author [00:03:00] and proud first generation entrepreneur. He's also responsible for one of the most Inno innovative, innovative, innovative. Come on. Where's my English today and fun ways of creating content online more on that later. Oh yeah. Please. Welcome YouTube Yoda. And your cool friend, Ben, David.
    Woo. Let's go. Ben. I love the energy GOs, internet. Hello, Facebook. Hello? All the wonderful people joining us on the live and to those of you on the re. Hello, grab a cup of coffee, grab a sandwich. You have extra time for us on the interview tonight because you have mastered the ability of time travel. Yes, let's go.
    I love this by the way. I think you're the first person ever in like 215 episode says hi to the people showing up on the replace. So thank you. I'm just gonna put that. That's incredible. We can [00:04:00] tell you got experience. We can tell you got experience on how you're running the show right now, man. I mean, we're gonna dive into that.
    Some of the really, really cool stuff that you do. Yeah. But before we get there, Please. Can you share a little bit of who is Ben? Right. And, and how do you get where you are today? Who, who is Ben? Man? Does, does Ben even understand who Ben is? uh, so for those of you meeting me for the first time, hello, I would, I love to be your friend.
    My name is Ben EBI. Uh, as our lovely host said, I am. First generation entrepreneur. I, my background, uh, is very much in, uh, video and, uh, production from a film standpoint, I started off in saying like, Hey, like I'd, I'd love to work on movies. I'd like, love to be like the production man for like the background guy for all of these.
    Great, [00:05:00] great Hollywood studios. And, uh, then at some point I said to myself, like, you know, I, I still love editing, but you know, the me, the money just is not there. And the, and like, as we say, the, the value is not there. And so I started saying like, well, you, how can I, like, how can I like both do what I love?
    And also. And also bring more value to my value to myself. And that's when like slowly and slowly, I saw like this internet game, like really start taking traction. Yeah. Uh, this was, this was pre, like this was pre ClickFunnels when this story is taking place. Yeah. Uh, we did not have, like, you. You lucky dogs who have like funnels made for you wanna add here?
    I just wanna add here for context, a little bit that we mentioned click funnels because that's through the community that we met. Right. We met through the community [00:06:00] of, of click funnels, which for those that don't know. Is a gray software company that can help you build your funnels. And it started around 2014 if I'm not mistaken.
    Um, but I just wanted to add a little bit of context for maybe those that are not familiar with click funnel. Yeah. So, um, I started like my internet journey, like back in TW like back in 20 12, 20 13 ish. And I said like, you know, I'm gonna start a video game blog and I'm gonna start, you know, CR start creating my own shows and all that.
    And that's where this like, really, really started. Like, you know, like, I don't know where this is gonna. , but I'm gonna start like, doing this, like on my own, like no matter where it takes me. Yeah. And there, like, and there's like a very, very proud sense of doing that and, you know, slowly but surely that's how this, like, that was the first seat of how all this got started.
    And then I like started seeking out more and more mentors and then saying like, oh, [00:07:00] Hey yeah, you don't need. A fan, like a fancy piece of paper in order to, in order to put together a proper offer in order to like build a online business and sure enough, now that's now that's how I've met you all, all of you, wonderful people on content is profit and now I'm.
    Now, I'm now I'm here and now you guys ask me like, who is Ben? Uh, and I think like when I, when I think of that, I think of Ben, like, I wanna be the person who is like that, not just a first generation entrepreneur, but is the example of like, you don't need some sort of certification. You are the expert to someone else.
    Uh, everyone, like there is someone out there who is seeking your wisdom. I, I, I love that, but I have a question since the moment we introduced you, or since the moment that you sent us information, by the way, love the Pikachu. Uh, we have many of those in the house. um, [00:08:00] yeah, they're all over there, but anyways, uh, why, like you, you seem very proud to be a first generation entrepreneur.
    Mm-hmm um, I'm very curious. Why you're so proud of that. Uh, we feel the same way by the way. So like, and I love that you put that out there, right? Because like, we also come from a family that they were not entrepreneurs, right? Like our parents, both their jobs, their things. And, uh, my, our mom is in education, so, and, uh, this was not natural in our environment.
    So we've, we've had to grow a lot, battle a lot, uh, you know, a lot of preconceived notions around the thing. And, uh, we basically started from, from zero. Right. So. I'm very curious. Like why, why do you, why are you're so proud of this? Like why, why do you decide to take this journey? Uh, that's an excellent question.
    Uh, and if you want more answers on this, you should go totally go and pick up my, uh, book a million dollar story volume too. But for those of you, [00:09:00] by the way, we're gonna put the links right below. So, uh, yeah. All you gotta do scroll down. The swish was there. I felt it was necessary to take it. Absolutely.
    Yeah. But for those of you, um, on the zoom, on the zoom, on the live right now, um, I felt it's, I feel like a lot of pride in that because, and I'd love to know your guys' take on this question as well. Uh, and like how the parallels line up, because for me it was. You know, a, like my parents worked X, Y, Z jobs.
    So, uh, like, so X, Y, Z child can go to school, get a good job and get a higher paying wage. Let's dive deep. Let's dive deep into, you know, maybe frameworks, beliefs, things that you've done with YouTube, your clients. Uh, how can we help people with their content and take it to the next level? Uh, we'll rescue, whatever can be rescued from this shoot [00:10:00] today.
    And we multipurpose it. We'll do the content is profit way. The content momentum way with it. We'll turn it into lots of assets. So you can have them Ben as well. You can share 'em with everybody. Uh, and then we'll bring your second time and we'll do the official content is profit. So that, by the way, that great hook, cuz I was so invested in your story.
    Um, until the thing froze and I'm like, why, why is he doing that long pause? Like, this is great. This is incredible. And, uh, it was like this like pivotal moment of your story. So I loved. So I, I, I, we don't answer that right now. Yeah. That's gonna be answered in the, in the real show. So, Ben, I know you were talking right now about squid games.
    We haven't seen it. We have not seen it. Um, but can you please what's your homework for today then until our next. Stem episodes to go watch screen game. I've watched it twice now. Really? Yeah. Happening. I wanna watch it book, but my girlfriend is like, oh my gosh, it looks scary. I don't know if I wanna watch it.
    I'm like, okay, I'm gonna have to find some time to watch this, uh, by myself. Or we can do a, a [00:11:00] showing content, this profit showing, but Ben, tell me, I'm curious, what were, what was the point that you were making. Uh, squid games. Oh, okay. So the point I was, I was making about squid game, um, was that like in every single game, like they're given, uh, a set of, of rules and, and it's like the goal, like the goal of the game is simple.
    Like get across the other side of the bridge or the goal of the game is to like, get to like this point and don't do X, Y, and Z. regularly, the contestants like will think like, oh, there's one solution to this. Uh, but a lot of times like, and you'll guys will see this as you watch the show. A lot of the times, uh, there isn't one solution to the games.
    There is actually like people will creatively find different solutions yeah. In order to get to their goals. And, uh, you'll find, [00:12:00] you'll find this like, as, as more and more, if you guys watched the show and like I've even seen like a whole bunch of YouTube theories and like Reddit forms, like, Hey, you could have done.
    And on this, like there's different solutions as long as you stay within that rule set. But people are assuming that like, oh, Hey, everyone else is doing this. That must be the solution. That is not true. Hey, there's multiple different paths. And so the, the comparison that I was saying was that. If your goal is to put up a YouTube video, don't assume that what everyone you have to do, what everyone else is doing.
    Yeah. Yeah. Um, does that make sense? Absolutely. I, I love this because like, just now, uh, before we jumped on the show, we were having a conversation with somebody that, that, you know, knock on wood. We're we're working together in the next few months. And one other question is. What do you guys think I should be doing?
    Like, what, who should I model? Like, do you think that works? And then he was mentioning some influencers, right. Like known in the space. And, uh, and [00:13:00] we were like, look, well, it does work for them. Right. Like if we continue to see it does work for them, but we don't really know what's gonna work for you or your audience.
    Right. We have to start testing that out there. Right. And we have. You know, the extrovert theories like, okay, well we put these pieces of content out there. Those are opportunities. Each piece of content that we put out there is an opportunity, but at the same time is this resonating. We have to grab that feedback and see if, if it does right.
    What works for you as well? Like production wise, like, are you able to do this? So great example is the game show that you do on Wednesday nights, right. And, uh, we'd love to, to dive into that, but that's a format that works incredibly for you on how you develop relat. that's something that we cannot pull off at all.
    Right. Because like, we're like, we're like, where do you find these games? Right. Um, so every creator is gonna have their own style that works for them production wise. And then after then you can start layering all those, um, elements to continue to leverage. Yeah, it, it, it kinda reminds me of the conversation of tactics and strategies against [00:14:00] principles and foundations.
    Right. And I mean, there's so many marketers out there that they have their own tactics. Like, do they work? Yes. Are they gonna work for everybody? Probably not. Right. But when they market it, people feel like, oh, that is the one thing that I need. That is the, the, the one specific, uh, solution for the problem that I'm having.
    Right. And I mean, that speaks volumes of the marketer that are doing a pretty good job of marketing that thing. Right. But most importantly is can we try to understand the principles and foundations behind that tactic or that strategy that makes it work? Because if that tactic doesn't end up working for us, guess what we can always go like to the principles and create own that is gonna work out for us in our situation.
    Let's now talk about principles of foundations when it comes to video content. Right? I mean, I'm pretty sure you know, on YouTube, right? What are those principles and foundations? Uh, yeah. Uh, I wanna talk about like first what you said, uh, [00:15:00] Like what you were saying before about like the marketers and whatnot.
    Uh, because I've, I've fallen into this trap before about like leaning too much towards the logic brain side mm-hmm of things like, oh man, if I only had this, this one secret sauce. Then my life would be complete. I think that that's too much of a logic brain side things. Yeah, because we're not Androids.
    Um, we're, , we're, it's not like, oh, if I only had this one missing piece of computer code, then like my business would be complete. That's like, Although I fully understand that path of thinking. That's not how things work. Yeah. Um, and that, um, so I want, I wanted to, uh, express that because I've made that mistake way too many times.
    Mm-hmm um, and then I wanna ask again, like, what was, uh, what was, what was your question about YouTube? Yeah. Like if we can dive into some of the principles and foundations of creating content in there, right. Mm-hmm uh, [00:16:00] for people so they can understand that maybe base what they're doing from this point of view, instead of asking themselves.
    Oh, what is that one tactic that I need to chase right. Instead let's help them understand what is, what are those principles that actually help you create engaging YouTube content, uh, content that will make people take action and lead them towards their funnels. Right? What are those? Yeah. So I would, I would say like, probably the biggest one is, uh, SEO.
    And so like there's ways to actually research. Again, if you're in the Clark funnels community, we call this like blue ocean opportunities, but I just refer, see it as like blue ocean opportunities within the video space. Uh, so like there's actually ways to research like, oh, Hey, I see that people are searching for.
    A lot of people are searching for this type of, of question, uh, cuz people search for questions on YouTube, uh, people search for [00:17:00] solutions to problems on YouTube. Yeah. So like a lot of people are searching for this type of question and not a lot of it of answers are coming up. Like not a lot of content has been created around this question.
    So there's actually, there's actually like a lot of opportunities. Where that Venn diagram meets in the middle there. Uh, I also like, pardon me? I also like, absolutely believe that, like, if you're looking for like a great like content opportunity, then like, look for like, what's already popular out there.
    So like a great example would be like, I, uh, wrote a script for a client and we did it all around this like origin story of, uh, Chris Hemsworth. Um, but like, um, uh, uh, a brain fart, his stunt, uh, his stunt double that he has in movies. And there's actually a really cool story about how, like his stunt double, he has to follow him everywhere he [00:18:00] goes.
    Hmm. And his, uh, stunt double has basical. He has to do that because Chris is such a huge dude. Um, he, uh, he has to eat what he eats. He has to work out out the same time that he works out because Chris has become such a muscular dude that now his stunt double can only do stunt doubles for superheroes. So he has carved out the niche of mm-hmm.
    like I am a stand double for only for superheroes. Um, and what's a great time to make that video. Low key was popular, not too long ago. Yeah. Uh, so like, then you piggyback off of like, oh, Hey, low, key's popular right now. Let's do a video on that. Um, and you might say like, well, I just can't always be popular.
    Like I can't always be like, okay, what's the trending thing this week. Well, you knew a couple months beforehand when Disney was advertising that stuff. So you had a pretty good idea. That like, Hey, in three months, this new thing is gonna be popping out so we can [00:19:00] plan a video around that. Yeah. Makes a lot of sense.
    I love that. Yeah. It, it, it reminds me of. Uh, there's this YouTuber, uh, he's Scottish, I think is his name is Patty gal Galloway. I don't know if you remember him. Uh, you actually show you actually showed him to me. He's the one that does like the analysis of other YouTubers and whatnot. Oh, so good. Really, really good content.
    And I remember him one day talking about, uh, the concert he was on. I don't remember the exact YouTube where he was. But he said that YouTuber did a very good job at creating both topical and evergreen content. For those that are listening, what is evergreen content? Right? Evergreen content is that content that regardless of time, people will, will look for it and find it right.
    And what is that? Topical content is what Ben is talking about right now is leveraging what's happening right now. What is making noise in today's world that you can use it [00:20:00] to maybe gain some extra exposure, right? Like a, a spike if, if you're seeing the chart of, of your numbers. Right? And for example, I think a really good topical piece of content at this point would be squid game, right?
    Yeah. I mean, it's everywhere you just talk about it. Right? You were watching it, you made a really awesome reflection about it and connection to your business and what you do. Boom. Create a piece of content that talks about that. Right? I think that is a great example. And one that people don't actually think about it too much.
    I think they, they mainly think about creating evergreen content and evergreen content is good. I think in a compound basis where you can create lots of content and it's sitting there right. And people eventually start to discover it. But the topical content I think is great to leverage the now. Yeah.
    And get those spikes of people's attention. Right. Because if you're hearing about quick games, every. And then all of a sudden I publish a video talking about. Guess what, what is the probab the probability of [00:21:00] you clicking that video to watch it? It's probably higher because you have been listening about it and you have questions in your head mm-hmm and as you're like, okay, dude, like everybody's talking about is let me, and, and you just get a piece of that pie, right?
    Right. I, I go ahead. Um, I just wanted to do what, right. Like on the, on with my operator mind, uh, what happens a lot of people leave this to the last minute and, um, by this, I mean, right. They're like, oh crap. I gotta create content. Right. And, and then they missed those opportunities. Right. So, and you mentioned it earlier, right.
    You know, that this was gonna happen. Right. You know, there's clues out there that things that are gonna be advertised. Right. For example, I mean, we obviously love superheroes in this house. Uh, Eternals is coming out, right? Like they just, they did like a two hour live stream of their, you know, red carpet and different things.
    There's gonna be a lot going on. Spiderman is coming out in, in a, in a few weeks. Right? What are some things that we can do that? Like, and, and for example, in our case, how do we relate? Content is profit. [00:22:00] To something that's happening there, campaigning, how do we create consistent content? How do we make noise?
    And then we can relate that topic into our own market and, and, and niche and relate to, to the audience as well. So, uh, we gotta look ahead. Okay. What are the things that are happening that resonate with me as a person? So it's easy for me to create, so cuz. You know, we really enjoy all the movies and superheroes.
    So it's gonna be easy for me to create, but at the same time, relating it to my audience on my, on my business. So what you mentioned there was super important that we know what's gonna happen. We know what what's being advertised. If it's being advertised and we're seeing those ads come out, like, you know, haka is coming again, Disney plus like these things, right.
    And, and again, we're in the Disney theme, but at the same time, it's like what's happening in the things that you like. And then go there because probably the people that like the same topics are gonna levitate to you. And then the people that levitate towards you that are interested in your business are probably gonna be more likely to make a purchase [00:23:00] outta that.
    So it is like three filters in one. So thank you, Ben, for bringing that point out. Cause you gotta be on the lookout for those, with those things indicators and it's good to, I think it's good to stick within those. Like, so we're all, we're all talking about superheroes now. Cause we're. Your thirds on this show, but I also think it's good to stay within the realm of things that you like, uh, whether it's making content directly about those things or making like metaphor content about those things.
    Yeah. Uh, because number one, it's gonna be a lot more fun if you're actually making content about things that you like and you won't procrastinate on them. And like, I have never done this in any way whatsoever. What are you talking about? Um, yeah. And number two, like, like you just pointed out. You want your audience to resonate with you in some way, shape or form?
    Uh, there's a, um, another YouTuber that I watch, like there, he does like story time animated videos. Um, and he is like a very, he's like the most Irish dude I've ever listened [00:24:00] to. Um, and it's like very male driven stories and at the. Um, but the one thing that stood out to me that said one time was like, I like to think that I, I relate to a lot of you guys at the Mo at the, at the most given that I tell a lot of stories about drinking and a lot of things that I looked like and it's like, and he D like, and it's true.
    And yet he did that, like, almost without trying, because like he created an audience that resonated with him. Yeah. You know, so something that I heard recently, um, I'm trying to see who, uh, I'm trying to remember who I heard it from, but you know, I'll give credit whenever, whenever I. But it was that us as humans, we love to like self kinda like identify as something, right.
    Like we just love to put ourselves into groups. We love to put ourselves into tribes. And I think that's the effect that happens when you stick with one thing. Right. [00:25:00] For example, our thing is content is profit, right? We talked to, to this topic for over 200 episodes. Um, but like you're saying, right, this Irish dude, I don't know exactly what he talks about, but he's probably been very consistent with the line of topics that he talks about.
    Right. Or at least the way he delivers that. And that makes the people that relate to him right. Similar to him. Raise your hand and say, oh, I wanna listen more, but I wanna listen more about what you gotta say. I wanna be part of your community. I wanna be part of your tribe. And that's very important, right?
    To do that. We need to be consistent, right. Because we can, we can just talk about one topic, but if I talk about one topic every three months, right. Then who's actually gonna find out about me. We gotta be consistent. So be we we're almost here at the end, Ben, but I'm curious. Do you have any tips about consistency for those that are listening for the person that is saying to himself?
    I want to create more content. How can they do it in a consistent way? Just, [00:26:00] just simply creating consistent YouTube content. Yeah. I mean, either YouTube content or just putting themselves in front of the camera and sharing their message. Yeah. I, I would say that, you know, when I, uh, you have to have it it's, it's much like you might as well be asking like, Hey, do you have, um, it's the same question?
    Like, Hey, do you have, uh, any advice for staying consistent with a business? Uh, you have to have a. A reason to show up. You have to have a why. Yeah. Um, I, I remember when I, uh, was in a room with, um, Mr. Beast, he said like the only way to. Fail on YouTube is to stop making videos. And so you have to have a re you have to have a why in order to show up to keep making videos for yourself, whether it be that you are driven, like for a lot of people, it's that they're driven to connect with their [00:27:00] audience and.
    That's that's, that's all that drives them. Um, if for others it is driven. Like they love to, they wanna see that subscriber number go up and nothing else. But for, uh, for you personally, you have to identify like, what is that? Why, and is that enough to push you there? Uh, I heard a good piece of advice the other day.
    Uh, it was that like, most people. Uh, whenever, when they're like getting interviews, when they're trying to get to that next, like job position, most people, when it comes to interviews, just don't show up. Mm. And it's true. Whenever you're like, we we've, we've hired people before a large percentage of people just don't show up.
    And so if you show up. You've already think about, you've already beaten out most of your competition. Yeah. Huh? Yeah. That's, that's amazing. It actually re reminds me of the conversation we [00:28:00] had with Donald Kelly. I think episode two 13. I think it is go, go check it out right now. Um, good memory. Right. Then he, he shared with us that.
    Only about 1% of active users on LinkedIn are publishing, right. Are actively just putting content out there. 1% of the active users, LinkedIn has like 700 million users. And let's say half of that is like the active base. So 350 million people, 99% of that are not actually publishing, but they are consuming.
    Right. Wow. So the 1% that is putting their message out there is getting the, is getting all the pie right. Is getting all the attention. Right. So I think that is extremely important. You just gotta show up, show up and like you said, The why I personally never, never seen it this way on [00:29:00] like, oh, you need to have a why not just for the business, but like now what is your wife to publish?
    Right. Because guess what? We're gonna have some bad days that we're gonna be filling under the weather and don't wanna grab the phone and make a post. I've been a victim of that many, many times. Right. Um, honestly, I've been a victim of that, like this, this past weeks, or I'm like, eh, I don't really feel like, you know, publishing right now, but guess what if, I think if we're re remind yourself of why are we doing this right.
    again, each person is gonna have their own, why that's gonna push us to actually be consistent and, and show up, which at the end of the day, yeah. Is also gonna help you grow. Then this is gonna go down. As, uh, the episode of Ben hijacked no, I love this by the way. Yes, we're gonna do the, the, the again. And then this will be like the extra bonus, like towards the end, like content conversation with Ben.
    So, uh, thank you, dude, [00:30:00] for, for coming on and crossing. Thank you for, for playing. I know like, Yeah, apple. Come on. Where's the camera right next? come on, send me a new computer. Uh, this is the word part. It's like, it's a new computer, but anyways, so Ben, before we leave, I don't know. Do you have anything you wanna add?
    Do you want anything you wanna share with the, with the person listening right now? What I wanna share with the person listening is please, uh, be sure to come back for episode part two, right where we don't have technical issues. . That is right. Let's go. And if you're listening and you are like, oh man, I don't want them to have technical issues.
    I want them to get the new, uh, MacBook pro you know what to do sliding the DMS at this Broco join the community. Content is profit. Uh, or if you just wanna donate it, we'll send you the address. but I think, I think that's the end of it for today. Oh, be. All right guys with that said thank you so much for tuning to content's profit podcast.
    Go ahead and follow the show in your favorite [00:31:00] platform and on social media app based Broco. That is right. Ben. Today did a great job. Hijacking the condo's profit show. Please make sure to share this episode and, and leave a five star review. See ya. Bye guys.

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