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We Failed You – EP. #218

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In today’s conversation we share why we “failed” you, but why it is ok…

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Episode Transcript

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    I am very, very excited. Now we're back. Honestly. I'm excited that we're back in the first place. It's been a while. Welcome back from, to the studio. Yeah. Welcome back to you too. Second. We're gonna be talking about how we failed you.
    Guys, this is painful to say we failed you. We did fail you. And, uh, yeah. And we're gonna talk a little bit of why, why we failed you and why we think we failed you. And then why, what I mean the whole situation, like why we failed you? Why are we sharing it? And then we're also, uh, gonna share about our thought process about failing you and how we are approaching the situation.
    That's right. I like it fancy by the way. Um, do we have a sponsor today since we've been away for a couple weeks? Did we do, and we do thank you for asking you, sir. Today's a [00:01:00] sponsor is your own the BIS bros buzz our own podcast with content momentum. If you are looking to multipurpose your podcast or video content and turning it into a profit machine, KA KA make sure ideas at BI bros.
    Go on Facebook on Instagram. So good. Absolutely forget Kain. Kaing I know guys, go ahead and follow the show because it's gonna be coming to your favorite podcasting platform where an apple or Spotify, Google, every literal. Everywhere. So just type contents, profit follow show, and support. It's gonna be awesome.
    Um, yeah, don't don't type BI bros because there's some imposters out there. I know. I know we gotta go find out type content is profit and you'll find us. Yeah. By the way, the act of typing content is profit. You will believe that content's profit and that's the step number one for turning your content's profit.
    Yes. Oh, there we go. What is it? The golden Boulder. Golden bald. There we go. You, you were outing which bottle was which I was gonna do this one. I'm like, [00:02:00] yeah, celebrate. No, but that was more of a golden Boulder. There we go. There we go. Okay. So tell me why. Did we fail them or you, you youth listener? Um, well, here's, here's why, right?
    Like, as, as I was driving back to the studio today, um, my wife will discretion. We had a, uh, we had an interview scheduled today and we just had to reschedule it. And this was supposed to be Mondays or. Two days ago's episode, at least in my head. Oh yeah. Never told FCI 10. I just, I was like, okay. I think this is a great title for video, you know, we failed you and, and why we haven't been really publishing in the last probably two weeks.
    We've been like very inconsistent with the show. You probably noticed we've actually. When we're in Orlando, we got feedback from people from the audience that was like there, like it, shout out Jeff, you were there. You're like, oh my gosh, guys, what's happening. Right. And over the last month, month and a half has been pretty crazy.
    Uh, we had two live events and FCI was out in Utah. So, you know, we, we have been, we are very proud that [00:03:00] every, since we started this show, we have really produced three live shows a week, every Monday, Wednesday, Fridays. And then these audios are published every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturdays. Right. And every time we go to these events and we share that a lot of people are really, really impressed.
    Uh, they come to us like, how do you guys do it? You know, today's episode two 17 as flex. It was like a flex. It'll be like, yeah, we're here. And we're still not like a flex. It's definitely a flex. I mean, Congrats to everybody that, you know, goes past episode seven or congrats. First of all, congrats to everybody that publishes one episode.
    That's huge. Oh, why share the sta why congrats to those that go beyond the episode number seven? Cause that is 90% of people that start podcasts specifically fall off. Or stop producing podcasts after episode seven. Right? So that's right. Welcome to the top 10, 10 baby, which, which normally, um, that's about an episode a week, cuz that's normally what people tend to produce.
    And then when we started the show, we decided, okay, we gotta do it three times a week. We used it for different reasons. Right? One of them is to create a, an awesome relationship with our guests or thought was if we fell, we fell in two weeks, we [00:04:00] fell, fail fast, baby. But you know, After a year, we've been very proud and, you know, we published more than 200 episodes.
    Right. And, and that for us is a sense of pride that we are gonna continue to, to move that number up because well, first off we, we learn as fast as possible, right? We make mistakes very fast. We overcome those mistakes very fast because we create more opportunities. Right. So we highly encourage, but we also understand there is a production aspect on the backend that not many people can't really support it.
    Like we have our own system and we're happy to share if you want it. So as soon as a DM, uh, Over the last month and a month and a half, right? Six weeks ish. Uh, the inconsistency, because we were not in the studio. Right. We started in, in COVID here. Yeah. Where we were like pretty much every day inside of the studio.
    That facilitated a lot, the fact that we could produce it. Right. But, uh, but yeah, everything started with Orlando. I believe that we decided to, to do live shows over there. Yeah. Tell me what happened there. First. It was absolutely impossible, honestly, first of all, and this is what we're talking. I don't [00:05:00] remember who we were having this conversation with, but it's like, dude.
    I love inner locus of control. It was with Carlos in, in Montana. No, no, it wasn't a podcast. This was in a podcast, but, but I was like, but at the same time, I hate inner locus of control. Cuz even though you wanna like, you know, make excuses at the end of the day, you always look inside and you blame yourself for these things that you had control, right?
    Yeah. So back to Orlando. We kind of like set this goal of doing the podcast live throughout the event. Right. And were like, yes, we're gonna do it. We took the equipment. We're ready to rock and roll. Yeah. I mean, and honestly it was like a, an attention grabbing thing. I mean, imagine going to an event and.
    Unknown online marketing event. First of all, and these random dudes are doing a podcast right. In the middle of everybody. Right? Like that would be, that would turn some heads. People would start asking questions like, oh, who are these guys? Right. That was the goal. And they won. We get there. We actually took the equipment out the car, we take it to kind Canada where the [00:06:00] registration zone was, everybody was there and we're like, okay, we're about to.
    And we saw friends coming in, right. People that we had previously in the podcast coming in and we started talking to them. We started, you know, catching up. It was awesome to see everybody. And I think at that moment, we did have the power of saying like, Hey guys, let's meet up later. We love seeing you. We can definitely, you know, do we need, we said we were gonna do the podcast, but I think we decided to hang out with everybody.
    Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love it. Yeah. I don't feel bad for it. But looking back at it is like, we probably could have, make a different decision. I keep in mind too. This is the first event after a year and a half of being cooked up. Right. And, uh, we just saw a lot of people that were familiar with the show from the audience guests.
    Right. Like, uh, and we just literally started sharing and we're like, okay, well, uh, it was 2:00 PM when we came into the building and now's the 8:00 PM. Uh, we need to go to bed cuz the next. Four days or five days are gonna be really intense. Right. So that was, [00:07:00] that was actually the first time. And then we came back from that event.
    Uh, I feel like we recorded like maybe three or four episodes and then Ponzi goes to Utah. Right. I think we did one episode that you were up there. Yeah. And then I did a solo episode here, but, uh, you know, we often talk about your accountability partner, not just for publishing, but also for your business things, for your, for your private goals, right?
    The things that you do, every single. And, you know, FCI, you are my accountability partner for this show, right? Like you there's been so many. Occasions where I come in, either exhaustive from the day, that was one of the reasons we started recording a little bit earlier in the day. Now we go back to 4:00 PM Eastern, uh, and you come in like, no, man, like let's do it.
    We're both here. Right. And, and, and I think otherwise too, some days that you're down, I, I come in and I, you know, and, and I, I feel like I. I help you a little bit then do I push you to do the show? You push, push me to do the show. Okay. you're welcome. Um, so again, like there's another lesson there, like the fact that we were part like in distance, right?
    We got, that was a different, yeah. If a [00:08:00] different setup, a little bit of friction when comes to producing the show. Yeah. I feel like up to that moment, we've made maybe done like two or three episodes apart, apart from each other. Yep. Yeah. And they, they always had a different. We do have a different energy.
    like, yeah, don't put me in that bucket. Wait. Yeah. When we're a part, it is definitely a different. Yeah, it's just odd. Like we, we definitely feed off each other's energy when we're together. I, I think you feed off of my energy more than I feed off of others. I dunno, debat wait where you vote. Yeah. We'll let you vote.
    Let us know the comments right now. Who do you think feeds off? Who energy? But again, like here's another lesson, right? When we first launched your first show, BN bros, which by the way is not up, don't look it up. It's not, it's not public. Yeah. Uh, just the setup was about an hour. So that, that, that was so much friction.
    Right. And, and if you are producing content right now, if you are producing a show or any type of content, think about the friction that you put yourselves into before producing it. The reason we're able to do these shows so often [00:09:00] is because it's very smooth. We literally connect the TV. To the computer and everything.
    The sheet sheet that we preloaded is ready to rock and roll with all the information. And the setup potentially lasts about 10 minutes. If you don't count like the writing of the intro. Right. Probably less than that. Yeah. Um, so that facilitates the execution of it. So the fact that we were in a new environment, as in FCI out of town, I was in a different setup as well, that added some friction to the process, meaning that then we stopped it.
    Right. So, so keep that in mind, whenever you're deciding to do a new flow, a new. Test new tools, right. That was another one. Uh, make sure that you pretest all these things and make sure that your process is smooth. If you want to do this consistently. Yeah. Let, let's dive a little bit deeper into let's peel some layers, right.
    About the feelings of failing the feelings of not being consistent after 215 episodes that we were consistent for. Right. And, and that kind of like, period. A badge of honor that I feel like we, we personally were very proud, is like, [00:10:00] oh, we've been, you know, totally consistent for 215 episodes. And then we kinda like, I mean, we didn't fully stop, but we were, you know, like double a little bit.
    We had our up and down. What was the feeling inside? No feeling. I feel like we're still, I mean, are your machine. That what you're saying? Yes. no, no, no. Like here, here's where it come from. Like, I think we're still consistent. Right. We just like, here, here, here's the thing. Right? Like we cannot beat ourselves up for that.
    Right. Like, and, and I'm not saying this an excuse, but at the end of the day, like how many people stop because they're on a flow and then they decide, okay, well maybe for X reason or Y reason I couldn't do it. Guess what? I'm not gonna do it anymore. Right. And that's it on game over. But the fact that we're recording this episode now we're acknowledging that we had that little break.
    I mean, I'm still gonna go out and say that we have been consistent for over two, like I know three and a half. And we were like, yes, the frequency, which of our consistency decreased on this last, like three weeks. But now like I'm asking this question because before the episode you cannot told me, like, you know, [00:11:00] like I wanna share a little bit about like shame and guilt, right?
    Like maybe do, do we feel like a little guilty of like skipping some of the. I kinda did. I'm like, oh man, like I was, well, walk me through that where like, we weren't as consistent as we were before. Right. We're still consistent, but we weren't as consistent as we, before me personally, I'm the one responsible for, uh, hitting published on the Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturday's episodes, which if you tune in consistently, which I hope you do write, go and subscribe content, this profit.
    Um, you've noticed that the last episode was published. On October 21st. So that's a little bit over 10 days at this point. Right. And you know, there's been things going on, time constraints again, traveling Utah. Uh, then we were in Montana very little time to like, edit these episodes again. I look back inside.
    Can I organize my time better and do it? I'm sure I could have done it. 100%. But the [00:12:00] fact is that I didn't. So yes, there is some, some element of guilt rather, like, by the way, shit, I didn't didn't shame what you guys, you didn't like, you didn't send us a message. Like, did you miss us? I'm just gonna put that out there.
    the codependency, Georgia. Yeah. Co dependency on the, on the listener host relationship right here. Yeah. Yeah. Um, but yeah, right. Sometimes when we kinda like, I feel like we stopped that cadence again, cadence is that, that basis of the platform profit formula, right? It's the basis of all. No cadence, no profit baby.
    And we no cadence, no profit baby didn't fully stop the cadence cuz a big part of us is the live show, which we did again to a lower frequency than usually. But again, we weren't publishing. The, the podcast per se after, right. We still have like two episodes, backlog. It'll be a third one with this one that we're recording right now.
    But yeah, that causes a little guilt cuz you're like, oh man, you know, I'm procrastinating or maybe I'm, [00:13:00] I'm not doing what I should do. So now the question is like, what do we do with that guilt? Right. And so, so here here's why when you ask a question, yeah. I wanna bring this up, but I, I don't feel any guilt and here's.
    When we were in Montana, we had an incredible experience with George Bryant. He's been part of guests on the show. Uh, go his name his on honor. I remember remember the content, this profit family, for sure. Yeah. He's been out I think three times. And, um, he, he invited us to go and see his three day event in Montana was a great experience.
    We learn a lot too from the customer journey side of things. That's what they do. By the way at, at spot right now, running, if you are looking for an MC for your event, guess what? Now we are MCs, I guess now we're MC yeah, we can put that in the resume. There we go. A hundred percent back to the normal, back to the normal programming.
    Yeah. Um, I remember like we did a lot of inner work, right? Like as staff, we will wake up early. We'll get to the, to the location between six 30 and seven. And we. We would do like a grounding session that was pretty [00:14:00] powerful and then set our intentions for the day. So I think like also we did a lot of inner work and because we were in this position of guiding the entire event and kinda, we were, um, motivated, we were encouraged to be ourselves.
    Right. Because that's what the show is. Right. They literally recruited us because of the experience they had on the show. And we are being ourselves on the show a hundred percent of the time. So we are like, we need to be ourselves a hundred percent of the time there. Right. I. Are you being yourself my some time.
    Why? Call me out sometimes I'm just kidding. is it my radio voice? that's still a hundred percent on me. No, that's in Spanish. You guys, you need please, please send me a message. Not to add these Broco but to my personal Instagram. Yeah, sure. And ask for a clip of my brother's radio. And I'll look it up. I'll look for, uh, the episode that we did in Spanish.
    They won't understand and I'll send it to you. Oh, it is so funny. Like when he did it for, this is clearly a tangent alert right [00:15:00] now. yeah. But when we did our first episode in Spanish, as soon as he started talking, I turned to him and I was like, Who are you? I don't know. Who are you anymore? Maybe that's a real me.
    Maybe I'm just faking, you know, my, my real life. no, but here's the thing back to back to no, no, hold on. I wanna put an answers in this comment because you know, we get this question asked a lot, like when we, when we go on other shows and people are like, Hey, you know, how was. Your experience when you first like, spoke on like on the mic.
    Right. And, and a lot of people are really scared of their own voices. The first time we really heard our voices in this mic or, okay. I'm speaking about myself right now. I don't care. I don't know. It was both of us, both of us, but this sounds this. No, don't give a warning. Don't give a warning. Don't give a warning.
    Okay. Here. Here's no why? Cause it's funny. Okay, but don't give a warning. I'll give, you can give the warning after, let me finish the story, then it will be a warning if it's after. Well, you do like a postwar. a post post show warning. Okay. So people ask, okay. Do you feel nervous? Like, and, [00:16:00] and I think like that's a big block for a lot of people publishing.
    Right. And I, and sometimes we might have feel that we need to feel the same way. Right. And the second I heard my voice on the mic, I'm like, damn, I sound so good. And I was actually really excited. Okay. Now you can go to your warning. I mean, doubt. It was not a warning. Really? I was like, man, I love what we told this story.
    It sounds so egotistical, but I love it. I love this story. I mean, but is, it is true, right? Isn't like a thing like of yourself that you feel like really proud. Like you'll be for example. Absolutely. Yeah. I love the beers looking good today. but, but you know, I. Story, because a lot of people are like, oh man, I hate myself on camera.
    Guess what? If you, if you keep telling yourself that you hate yourself on camera, guess what? You're never gonna enjoy the process. Never. Now, if, if you tell yourself, oh, I hate, I hate the sound of my boys. Guess what? You're never gonna. You never record the process of recording a podcast and listening to your own podcast and conversations to see what you can do better Absolut after.
    Absolutely. [00:17:00] But it was funny. We didn't go in with that instead of like, oh, I hate my voice. Cause we honestly, we didn't know how our voice sounded through the mics. No, but as soon as we started speaking, we're like, this sounds good. Oh, good, good. Okay. So, you know, if you have that experience in the past or something like that, where it's like, or either you take a picture and I'm like, damn I I'm so good looking uh, something like that.
    Send over that experience because it grab onto those moments, especially like now that we, you know, we deal with publishing, we deal like with being on camera, we deal with being on mics. We have to be comfortable with that. So anyway, so like mega tangent, mega tan, where were we? Yeah, let's go back to pre tangent alert.
    Uh, we worry about guilt and ah, in Montana. Okay. Montana. So we did a lot of inner work, right. And, and we have to literally like, uh, jump head first to being ourselves in this event. So first event, you know, we wear the event t-shirts and whatnot. And the next day we wear our structured jerseys that we have showcase.
    So much in the, in the show here and, uh, or Japanese, Japanese soccer jerseys, we weer names in the back [00:18:00] and, uh, and people were like, oh my gosh, I really like that tshirt. And you know, we like, you guys can pull this off and it's like, right, right. And at the end of the day, it's about the story that we put it ourselves.
    And that day we ended up dancing some Hispanic music in front of the stage with a bunch of people from the event that was super cool. And it was a very different original experience from, uh, what I was told from the people in the event that they've never done before. Right. And then the next day. Ponzi wears is arsenal Jersey.
    I don't know why you keep wearing that thing, but, uh, cause it's absolutely amazing. Okay. And you said Ponzi on the back? That one? Yeah, I took the one. That's the Ponzi, that's it? That's the only nice thing. Uh, and then I wore like this like Mickey Jersey, like it has a bunch of faces that if you go to, uh, you know, anywhere in the world with a Mickey, you know, you might be a little subconscious, but we're from Florida, we're in Orlando and it reminds me of look and that was some of the stories that we shared.
    Right. And they made it ourselves. And that day, there was a call plunge happening, uh, at noon. And, uh, as MCs, our responsibilities was to hype everybody up and make sure that everybody made it right. And Fran said, Hey, [00:19:00] bro. Are you gonna jump? And I'm like, well, cuz all, let me, well, I kind of did the commitment.
    Yeah. Right. For, for both of us. Yeah. Say that he literally threw me under the bus. I was like, oh, who's gonna go do the call lunch. We're gonna do it too. Right on that. Yeah. I definitely threw you under the bus there. So. I committed. So I took, you know, kind of like you committed ownership for, for both babes or BIS bros.
    Yeah. But I took ownership of that and I was like I said, I was gonna do it. Right. So like I'm gonna jump in there. Yeah. So, you know, I created a lot of friction for myself not to grab the clothes, cuz I literally put him in a bag. The bag was in a car that was in a parking lot outside of the hotel, across the street.
    So to go get that stuff, I had to like walk out and it was raining too. We still did and walk all the way there, cuz Zi has his stuff up there. But anyways, as we are coming back, there's a group of people. Right. And, and they that are walking to the lake and they're like, Hey, are you guys gonna jump? And FCI is like, yeah, I'm gonna jump.
    And then they asked me and I'm like, no, I'm not gonna jump. And in my head, [00:20:00] what was happening in that moment was I'm trying to justify to myself really? Cuz nobody asked. Yeah. Uh, why I didn't wanna jump. And I even said like, I've done it before. Like I, and nobody asked me. So then I was like, whoa, I started.
    A reflection when, when you guys were in the lake and I, I came back in I'm like, why am I justifying myself? Like, nobody really asked me, nobody really cared. Like I was out there fully, you know, close recording videos, taking pictures for like, what was it like 15 of you that were in the frozen lake? I gotta add.
    But you could have done a better job with those pictures and video. okay. okay. Thank you. Thank you for you're welcome for shit. For pictures of memories of that experience. It's about memories. It's not about, you know, whatever. Okay. Wow. Okay. I'm kidding. By the way, guys. This is the first time I hear it.
    Thank you from those pictures after like a, uh, no, you there. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Maybe you didn't listen, cuz you were just so focused on. I was so deep in my thoughts. Yeah. Deep my reflection reflection. And, and I was like, This is [00:21:00] really the first time, you know, looking back in the last two days that I've been a hundred percent myself, you included Fonzi right ourselves.
    And I don't feel the need to put a wall. Like how many times we go to events or we go to interviews or we go to X, Y, Z. Right. And we, we put up a wall. Right. And we talked about. Really saying how you feel when people ask you how you feel. Right. Like man, shout out to Brian Boger and his concept. Yeah. Of feeling safe and protected.
    Absolutely go. So go check out his episode. I don't remember the exact number. But go check out content dis profit with Brian Boger and yeah. What he talks about. There that's exactly what we felt at that event. He said 2, 2 0 6, 2 0 6. We felt safe and protected, which allows you to drop those walls that you're talking about.
    Yeah. And be fully yourself and be fully yourself. And then that was, I think I, I, I couldn't think of another moment where I, I said no to something and I didn't first feel guilty. And [00:22:00] second didn't justify the, no, it was literally, I just don't wanna do it and that's it. And that was okay. And nobody cared.
    Everybody enjoyed their, their experience. Mm-hmm they thank me because I took amazing pictures and, uh, and we had a great time and nobody judged anything. So, you know, my reflection there was like, okay, I'm putting myself all these stories inside of my head that some might be trues, but most of the time, they're not true by the eyes of somebody else that's on the outside.
    So when we tackle, publishing, for example, or creation of content or recording a video, right? How many times, how many stories do we tell ourselves? Like the crazy, I don't like my voice, sorry. Right. Uh, that prevents us from putting stuff out there, which by the way, you have to put stuff out there because content is.
    100%. So how many times have we have we put those stories in our head that stopped us from executing, whether that's publishing business, uh, you know, sales, whatever, right? By the way, shout out Zi, you closed incredible, [00:23:00] uh, people for the business. Let's go face pump. Let's go. Appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you for the shoutout.
    I appreciate it. Yeah. Shut out. You know, we're crushing flips over here. Um, but I think that it was super cool. So now how do I relate it to, like, we failed you guys? Right. And I, and I think I thought about that phrase more as a headline, full circle, full circle. Uh, but it's yeah, we filled at not being consistent for over a year, three times a week, every single week.
    But at the same time, first off, I don't feel guilty about it after the event. Right. Because of that reflection, second, we were investing time in, in ourselves in learning a ton. And then third we're back. We're back in publishing we're back, baby. So, you know, on earlier funds, he said like, Hey, we need to talk about what's gonna happen with the show or how we're moving forward with this.
    And tomorrow we have a meeting about it. Um, and I got really defensive. Barry heels. He was giving me like these [00:24:00] eyes, just like, yeah. And I was like, what's going on? I was like, why are we talking about this? This is the first time we cannot talk about this on the show, I guess. I guess we're talking about it in the show.
    Yeah. But, um, we, we gotta, we gotta show up with full transparency. Yeah. And, and it happens, show, evolved, show move. But by the way, by the way, we haven't really talked about what's gonna happen. So that meeting is tomorrow. Yeah. So I guess you'll find out, but the fact is. Really shows evolve. And I, and I really wanted to give you a permissions slip right now.
    If you're listening, if you produce a show, if you produce content that even though you put those containers or those parameters, like, Hey, we're gonna be live X amount of days or X amount of hours or whatever. Right. It's okay. Sometimes. We take a break. Right. And this was like, probably we're gonna take some more plan breaks moving forward.
    Right. Depending on like, if we reassess what's happening in the show, by the way the show's not going away. Yeah. We're, we're still gonna continue to this thing is going forever. Um, and ever, yeah, never. We're actually thinking about another podcast. Like three other shows. Yeah. Three other shows. This is our, this is our life guys.
    This is what's gonna happen. We're just gonna talk all [00:25:00] day. Talk, all talk all day and party all night. I know is that the side? I hope I get it right. talk all day I'm party. Is that? No, I don't think that is I'm gonna talk. No talk. No. Well, maybe that's a, that's a podcast. If you know, podcast song, if you know the song send, send it over.
    But anyways, I really wanna extend a permission slip because that's what happened to me personally in Montana, where it's like, Hey, here's your permission slip to, to be yourself. And we, we still have to talk about customer journey. That's another episode, your, your whole pass my hop, pass my hop, pass. How pass?
    Um, because they're like, Hey, be yourself. There's no judgment. Everybody literally encouraged that situation. Right. Mm-hmm so I know. Because I was feeling that way, that other people are probably gonna be feeling that way too at home. And if you're listening to this, please be yourself, share with the world.
    Right. Everybody has their own things, their own issues, their own problems, their own perspectives. Right. And at the end of the day, if this is gonna stop you from, uh, publishing or from executing, you gotta let it go. Yeah, I, I, I wanna add something in there that you said [00:26:00] like, yeah, the content is gonna evolve.
    Right? One of the topics that was covered, uh, in kind of like in the, at the event, but we've also kind of like heard lately with Alex or Mosley's book. Um, we've been digging a lot into offers and I feel like the digital marketing space overall has been digged a lot deep into offers lately, or at least like the bubble that we're.
    Because everybody's like sharing that book, right? Yeah. Um, but one of the things is like, Hey, it's okay for your offer to evolve. So I want to challenge you that not only think on like, okay, well, my it's okay for my offer to evolve. Guess what your processes can evolve. Right. Your content can evolve. It's okay.
    To maybe change some of the commitments that you previously did that yes. You kept for a while, but guess. If they are not serving you right now as an entrepreneur and in your journey, maybe it is time to reevaluate and say, okay, well maybe my new commitment is X, Y, [00:27:00] and Z. Just so you know, uh, when I told my brother like, Hey, we need to talk about the show personally.
    I, I'm not thinking just so you guys know for, for the. The safety of your mind, you know, so you're, so, so you are at peace. I'm not thinking of lowering the amount of episodes that we do. I don't think I, I, I totally believe that Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we totally should do this just because this is kind of like we're Energizer as well.
    We feel so good doing this. Um, it was just around more, uh, of the pro the processes. Yeah. The operational side of things. Yeah. Um, so rest assured we're gonna be here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So don't forget to tune in, come to this profit 4:00 PM. Uh, you're still always a solid episode by the way.
    I still, oh, a solid episode. Yeah. So for the pick bro competition, I think I'm winning on that one. I'm gonna do an episode on the platform, profit formula. I did a presentation the other day. Was recorded horribly um, with the quality, sorry, stream, your I'm gonna throw you under the bus. We gotta, we gotta do better.
    We gotta do better stream. Your, uh, [00:28:00] we've been using Newport for over a year now, 200 episodes. I feel like at this point we should be sponsored. Um, but man, we we're flirting with other platforms by the way. Yeah, we are. We are flirting with other platforms. As you know, we are, you know, testing here and. Uh, tangent alert, tangent alert, but yeah, stream beer.
    Come on, step it up. if you want some, uh, customer feedback hit us up. Cause we will definitely share some feedback now back to the regular transmission. Um, as they, as the feed, like shots off. Yeah. As they cancel us as they cancel us. Yeah. You got it. Be careful what you say now. Don't be careful be yourself.
    Okay. Be yourself. Um, but yeah, back to, we're gonna be having it still Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And. It's okay for the offer and the content to evolve. Give yourself permission to change and be okay with it. Yeah, I think that was a solid episode. That was, that was pretty solid. We actually got a comment right there.
    Somebody says what's up guys. I think it's coming from the Facebook group and I'm like, uh, [00:29:00] please. Show your name, but if on stream we cannot see it because the group is private. By the way, we do have a private group contents, profit Facebook group. So if you wanna be part of the community, come join there because super awesome.
    By the way, there, a lot of what we're gonna be talking about tomorrow is about, about bunch of new stuff. That's coming to that group and the network contents, profit network is gonna be so good, so juicy by the way. So if you have feedback or things that you want from that community, if you're turning in.
    Let us know, send us a DM. What do you wanna know? What access to what you wanna have? That includes equipment deals. Like what's fun for you in the publishing side of things. A lot of the things that are fun for us might not be fun for you, but I think a really useful, you know, we've done a lot of, um, a lot.
    We we've had a lot of experience, uh, in the past year and a. Doing this thing. So is that Jeff or baby? Let's love Jeff. We love you, Jeff. How you doing my man? Um, alright, cool. Um, I, I, I feel like I'm like Sam par now. Um, Sam par, that's a solid episode. Solid. That was good. I think Sam par [00:30:00] and shampoo, I think that's it.
    Yeah. That's a, that's a joke that we'll show with you guys. It's coming maybe new common days. Actually. I don't think it's a funny joke in English. I think in English will be a terrible joke. It's a great joke because we pronounce it. Is one of those jokes that translated make absolutely no sense. I know in Spanish you'll be laughing your booty off.
    Okay. Yeah. Uh, with that say guys, thanks. Thank you so much for tuning to contest profit podcast. Go ahead and Paul the show in your favorite platform and on social media at this pro that is driving today's episode, help you take one step closer to our new goal. Please don't forget to share this episode with at least three friends.
    You can be helping them do the exact same. I forgot what is the rest, but I'm just gonna say the, the stream stayed up. So that was pretty good. Yeah, that was so good. All right. See you guys. Bye.

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