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Takeaways From Publishing Consistently – EP. #219

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Takeaways From Publishing Consistently For A Year!

We are back with Ben Ebig for the #FastestComeback in the history of Content Is Profit!

Fortunately, we had no glitches and the entire conversation went as smoothly as possible.

But just like last time, #GoldenBoulders were dropped. Here are a few:

🔥 Why Your First Time Publishing Won’t Define You…

🔥 Content Beliefs

🔥 Why Do You Need Clarity On Your Why

🔥 And Much More…

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Episode Transcript

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    Guys. Today we have a guess. It's actually making his way back to the show because part one was a little. I mean, we, he didn't make his way to a show. We dragged him back into the show, basically.
    Yeah. We dragged him back. We had to be, were they please, please forgive us for, he did such a great job though. We, you know, we go actually goofy through work from the, for that live. So, which is great. I know, I know he, he was, he was a total champ that's for sure. Hey, by the way, What do we get a sponsored today?
    Well, before we get the sponsor, I gotta say what we're gonna talk about today. Well, we're gonna be talking about, yeah, please tell me the top takeaways from publishing consistently for an entire year. Just one year, just one year. Okay. 365 days, 365 days. And then I have an announcement at the, at the end of the episode.
    If I remember, I need [00:01:00] you guys remind me, I will have a, a cool announcement that just popped into my head actually popped yesterday into my head. But I think now is it's a good way to say it. We got some coming here. We like, they're not broken. They're actually stro lights. Yeah. Thank you guess, Leah. Yeah.
    Thank you. Thank you. We, we, we should, uh, make a warning then because of Thero light. If you have some sort of, you know, like epilepsy attacks or whatever, just listen, you know, close your eyes. Watch carefully. Yeah. Just listen to today. Show, just, just listen. Uh, well now can you tell me about the sponsor today?
    Ponzi in indeed I can. And today's sponsor is your own nap. Bro's yes. Waste sponsor our own podcast with content momentum view produce a love form piece of content, and you need a content team to help you multipurpose that and get the best out of it. We're here for you. Sliding the DMS at this Broco on Facebook on Instagram guys.
    Follow the show because we. Back with episodes every Tuesday, [00:02:00] Thursday, and Saturday, after a little break and on social media at base rose go because every single interview, every single show that we do here, you have the golden boulders to go apply to your life and business to get that momentum. That is right.
    Like you got your golden boulders. Let's go. And if today's a guest help you move one posted to your goal, please don't forget to share these episode with. Three friends. Don't forget three friends and, and leave a five star review. Thank you. And we are back for part two off. What was one of the most accidental streams we've ever had?
    Today's guest is a special friend. You could say he's one of our cool friends. That's right. Today's guest is someone that helps others create profitable YouTube videos. Uh, man,
    let's go. Oh. Look at that. Look at Benny's orchestrating this whole thing right here. [00:03:00] Love it. Ben. I am pumping up the crowd that all of you can clearly see has joined us today. Look at this massive stadium that we have joining us. You all can see, look at that. Hey, you can hear the people cheering, roar.
    It's pretty insane over here. I know. Pretty crazy, dude, Ben. Thank you, man. Welcome back. I think you have, you have been the fastest comeback on content. You register as the fastest comeback to the show. So thank you for that. Congrats. That's a new badge that we gotta send you. Yeah, I got on my license plate hashtag fastest comeback.
    yeah, no. And this is also the, your new nickname and no glitch then that's actually the, I like that. I like that. No glitch, Ben. That was actually the, the, the calendar invite for the show. I, I did see that and. Uh, you guys don't know this, but I also put something similar on my own calendar. Like, ah, no, like, ah, no glitch episode BIS bros.
    Like how did they see my calendar when they invite fun? We're like, [00:04:00] uh, yeah. We're like forecasting into the future. Right? Like, and, and for those that are not familiar of what happened, right. Uh, there's an episode I believe he was posted right. Maybe, or, you know, was live on the internet. So we all saw it happen.
    It is live on the internet, by the way, Ben MVP, man, what you talked about it, you know, we completely like fell off our own show like that like is first time ever. And you know, we, I think we got it figure out after almost 220 episodes. yeah, we totally crash on that one. But man, you took the. What is it called?
    The reins? Is that how it's called? Yeah. You took the reins. Yeah. You took the res and I hijacked your Facebook profile as well. Hijacked it. Totally. And we couldn't be happier about it. So thank you so much for that. That was so cool, man. Absolutely. It, it was a pleasure to, to hack your Facebook account. yo, if it was gonna be somebody, it was gonna be you for sure.
    now let, let you know, last episode people go check it out is two 17. If I'm not mistaken, either two, 17 or two 16, [00:05:00] and you can hear about Ben's story, which is absolutely amazing. But today I think today we're gonna dive a little bit more into specific takeaways from publishing, right? Like what have we learned?
    And we're. Help the listener right now with maybe what are the next steps that they can do to achieve that consistency and maybe achieve their goals in a faster term than a year. Right. Because let, let, let's be honest. A year is a long time and it's difficult. So we, we need to get people winning. So they stay motivated.
    Yeah. With that consistency then I'm, I'm very curious about your first experience publishing, you know, we've, we deal with a lot of creators in very different environments. Right. And I think you have been probably one of the most originals that, that we've seen, that we've been of your, your shows and, and your games and is incredible, but I'm very interested.
    Like, was it always like that? Or like, how do you remember your first experience with publishing? I do remember it and I try to hide [00:06:00] it from the internet, cuz it was so long ago. that? That's your question you wanna know about my first first experience publishing anything? Let's do it. Yeah, let's go there.
    It was as long as it's PG. We're good. Uh, oh man, man, you know, I'm such a sexist um, it was, I don't even think it was on the gaming channel that has taken off. It was like on a channel that is defunct now. And it was, it was a, it was a gaming video. It was a, one of me like getting a platinum trophy. And this was before, like we got roll back a little bit to like, uh, 2009 ish.
    Not everyone has a smartphone in their pocket. Yeah. So Ben had an iPod touch. Um, and I did not have the capability to screen capture, uh, my what was on my TV for my PS four. So all I did was I took an iPod touch [00:07:00] and I just re I just pushed record on the TV screen. Yes. Uh, and I, I narrated that. And you could, if I like actually dug this outta the archives, I think it's somewhere on the internet.
    If I like went and dug it up, uh, you could tell, like, I am more nervous than I have ever been in my entire life. Cause I know this is gonna go on the internet. It's like, hi guys, I'm playing. So and so game. And like, we're about to do so. And so, and here we go, my meds taking and the, yeah. And the, and the phone is shaking and whatnot and the audio is horrible, but you know what?
    I did it, I posted it. And I think even the one. After that was just as bad. Mm. Um, the, the music choice was horrible. Uh, the visual was horrible. And, uh, behind the scenes that you like would never even know about is that, uh, I basically took like a wooden table [00:08:00] and, um, stacked, like a whole bunch of PS, three games and propped my iPod touch on an angle in order to, cause I didn't have a tripod and I couldn't afford one.
    So that was how I shot my video. And then I, and then I, that's how I shot my gaming video and I prayed to God that my iPod touch didn't just fall over. Cuz I couldn't cuz it's not like I could repeat the, repeat the footage. Yeah. So if it just fell over at any point, then I would lose the video. Yeah. Wow.
    And that was how, like, that was my first like ever publishing experience. I'm just gonna say that whoever invented Twitch, they probably came across your video and they were like these guys onto something, this guy is onto something recording himself, playing video games. And then they came out with Twitch.
    Ben. So turn it is commenting here, loving the IPO, the IPO pro. Well, thank you. I, I, honestly, when I read it, I was [00:09:00] like, I love the IPO touch. You might have. That's what I thought it was read IPO too. I know. I was like, so, but yeah, I, I also relate cuz I had an IPO touch and it was super exciting to have that camera on and I drops to you brother, like to, I know I had the resource, I had the IPO shuffle shuffle.
    I also had the iPod shuffle. Right. That goes on your like, like sleeve right here. Honestly. I'm not gonna like, I, I, I think that product would crush today in the market that iPod shuffle, because it was literally a clip. And you didn't like, you just put your favorite songs in there and they randomly show up.
    It was awesome, dude. Like you just clip it up and then start running. Imagine that clip with now your, you know, your AirPods. Oh, a match made in heaven. That'll be absolutely amazing, but that that's definitely both of them at the same time. It's called an apple watch guys. It's called an apple watch anyways, by the way, this is not by, you know, this is not a sponsor by apple by I know just gonna put that out there.
    Uh, but apple, if you wanna sponsor us, we are [00:10:00] not against it. We need some new computers. yeah. Uh, dude, Ben, thank you for sharing. I know cuz like first stories are always like very like messy, right? Like we, we tend to compare ourselves to. You know, the Gary vs of the world or the whatever, like whoever like is being publishing for years.
    Right. And they have years of experience, not only sharing their story, but also they have resources, man. They have a bunch of money that they can invest. Right. We've recently heard $30,000 per month teams, right. $50,000 per month teams, a bunch of it's a lot of resources. Right. And when people are starting, maybe that's not your initial budget.
    So thank you for, for sharing that story. We've shared the, the first part, cuz that we did, we just created a new hashtag hashtag first video story, hashtag video story. so if you're listening right now, make sure you go to stream or the Facebook page. If you're in the content dis profit group, make sure you go in there, put hashtag first video story and share your, your story shares yours now, now Ben, from, from that experience, right?
    What, what, what was your, your lesson? Like why do you keep going? Right? Because I mean, [00:11:00] obviously it, it were you enjoying the process. What was the lesson that you took from, from that, from those experiences? My Le my lesson at the time, or the lesson that like, I look back on it now and the lesson, you look back on it now.
    Cause clearly, I mean, you've continued publishing and you do, uh, a few YouTube times. You help a lot of people with this as well. So like Uhhuh, uh, no. Was there a back half of that question? No lesson, uh, yeah. Uh, the lesson that I sort of look back on that now is that I started like, like you mentioned, like I do a couple YouTube channels and I help other people with it now is that, um, specifically that first experience I.
    like, oh man, like, why did I, it was so bad. Why did I continue doing it? Uh, and what kept me going, I guess it was that thought of, you know, I, uh, I was very young and I looked at things from a very glass, half [00:12:00] full perspective. I looked at things and I said like, all right, you know, what can we, what can we sort of improve upon?
    And I kept doing that with my gaming channel and, you know, we, I didn't have all the SEO resources in the world. And so I thought like, okay, like, what do I wanna make? And what do people wanna see? And how does that, how does that Venn diagram then overlap to like, okay, well overlap's here. So that's what I'm going to make.
    Mm-hmm . And then I used my resources to then make that and kept pushing forward and little by little, I kept learning different things to then hone my craft. And, uh, even then like the theme of today is like, oh, Hey, what keeps you? What keeps us publishing for an entire year? And I think that when you're publishing for a very, very long time, you inevitably are looking at things from a glass half full perspective.
    You're not going to be [00:13:00] thinking about like, oh, I've I've really like, look how little I've done in the past year. You're not inevitably, you're not going to be thinking that. Or at least I hope you're not thinking that what you're going to be thinking about is, oh, wow. Look how far I've come. Yeah. In such a little amount of time.
    That's what you're going to be thinking about is like, oh man, what a, what a, what an amazing feat I've accomplished in such a short amount of time. Yeah. And then you're gonna be thinking about, okay, so how far can I go in the next span of a year? That's that's sort of the thought process that that takes.
    And so then we come to the conclusion of like, so why doesn't everyone publish in a year because, uh, we're wired for, um, short term, short term. Yeah. Like we, we want, we want it now. We want things fed to us now. Absolutely. Yeah, I'm just [00:14:00] gonna say here, quick parenthesis, I quit on that light lights game over for that light by then drop lights.
    but I like your, your perspective, Ben, you know, I mean that positivity, I can tell you're a very positive guy, you know, seeing things as an opportunity as a learning lesson. Right. Um, I do think a lot of people's struggle with not having it right the first time. Right. But I wanna challenge, I wanna challenge the listener right now to think what, who is that person?
    That thing is going crazy back there. Now we have a ghost who, who is like. Name me one person that has gone viral or created a massive impact with just one video. Right. And the answer, at least, I, I don't know anybody that does that. They always have this mindset of like, oh, let me see how I can get it better and better and better.
    And usually when they, you know, uh, go, when they look back, they're like, wow, my first video, that thing was absolutely horrible. Right. Um, and I find it interesting because a lot of people [00:15:00] just give up really quickly, right. When, when it comes to creating. And I don't know if it's exactly, uh, fear of what other people are gonna say, or maybe it's too much work for some, right.
    It's just stepping too much into their, their. Their own comfort zone. So I'm, I'm curious, what do you think, what have you seen with the people that, that you've been working with that is, you know, one of their biggest, uh holdbacks when it comes to consistently publishing what, um, what's people's biggest, holdbacks like, oh man, why don't people consistently publish?
    Yeah. At the beginning, Uhhuh at the beginning of their, uh, their journey. Mm-hmm I th uh, you know, we, we could put a whole bunch of things into a hat and pull something out and then like any, some, any of these answers would be correct. Yeah. Uh, but I think that in order to consistently publish, you need some sort of a like personal motivator yeah.
    In order to keep doing it. [00:16:00] Uh, cause you know, we can talk about it all day, but if you don't have that consistent motivator in order to keep going, it. Nothing's gonna push you personally in that direction. But I think that, uh, in terms of what holds people back, I do think that it is that sort of fo uh, FOMO, uh, almost like, oh, that like, I don't like, like, I'd say me personally, I still get that camera like almost red light fear of like, oh man, like I just need to jump off the edge and push record.
    And then once I get record going, then we're all fine. Then I can get into my zone of like, Hey, here's Ben here. I'm talking to my people, but it's that jump? It's that one moment of just hitting record? Yeah. That is sometimes feels like jumping off a cliff. Yeah. Uh, to a lot of people. Does that make [00:17:00] sense?
    Yeah, absolutely. And I wanna add something to that and then kind of like follow up with a, a quick question. I'm not gonna let my brother talk today. Uh I'm I'm a passenger today apparent , you know, the, the anecdote I wanna share is I, I, yesterday also listening to this podcast, uh, three comedians, uh, their Venezuelans and they interview a fourth comedian Venezuelan as well.
    That that's been doing it for for years. Yeah. He's a legend, literally like decades. This guy is a legend and they managed to get him on the podcast and they were talking and he, they were talking about how they, this comedian opened in Venezuela for guns and roses. Right? Like how, how weird is that? Right?
    He does like committing, uh, musicals, I guess. And the guys hilarious. And, and he's, he stood in front of like 90,000 people. So they were talking about how crazy it is that feeling that you get nervous and the guy saying like, Hey. I still do get nervous. Right? What you were talking about, kinda like before mm-hmm, press the, [00:18:00] the red bottom record.
    It's like the guy still gets nervous and he says the day I don't get nervous before presenting and like serving my audience that that's when I know I felt them. Right. And this can be taken in two ways. Now that I think about it one way is like, oh, I'm too worried. What they're gonna think about me and the way that he says it, that he means it is I care so much of delivering such, such a great product.
    Right. Such good, you know, committed essence, I guess, in your case, uh, so much value with your content that you're nervous, right? Because you want to perform, you want to deliver for the person on the other side. So I want to challenge you listening right now. Do you get nervous? Is it because of you caring, what other people are gonna think of you or because you know, you have something of value.
    And you want to deliver it in the best possible way. Right. Because I think when we manage to change that, right. I think we, we tap into that [00:19:00] motivator that you're talking about, right? Yeah. That, oh, okay. Now it's exciting. Uh, even though I am, I, you know, I'm afraid of pressing play and talking out loud in front of the camera, dude, that light right there.
    I'm afraid the ghost has an opinion on the fact. Yeah. It's like, let me talk. Maybe it's like code more back there with the light. Um, so yeah, my follow up question was gonna be like, what is your motivator, right. That you talk about, what, what keeps you going. What keep, what keeps me going. I, that, uh, that's a good question.
    Sometimes it, uh, sometimes me publishing content is a way to simply get things like vent, vent, like, like, alright, I just need to get away and like record something. And so sometimes it's a exercise to get emotions out from something else. Yeah. Uh, I do find that, um, I wanna bring up another thought of [00:20:00] like analysis paralysis, where I, myself find my, myself being a perfectionist where I am.
    I wanna get everything to a full, like, have it be just as perfect as possible. But when I get into that mode, I. Will too easily find myself like, okay, I want it to be perfect. And so therefore it will never get done. Uh, so I want it to, I want it to be perfect, but also I wanna make sure that that perfection doesn't stop it from actually getting out there from it actually getting complete.
    And so what motivates me a lot of times is making sure. My message gets out to the people that deserve it. Those people who have those voices, but otherwise are not, are not having them heard because they're, they're too afraid. They're feel like they're undeserving may, um, maybe in the, uh, [00:21:00] you've TA you've touched on this, uh, a bit through our conversation.
    Like I was basically like, I went on this journey of like teaching myself, YouTube, uh, and then finding my people. And there's a lot of times where like your people could be out there, your people could be waiting for you. you just need to put your message out there or, or in some cases, put a microphone in front of your face and then have a Facebook live.
    And so many people can see you and have content is perfect. Um, oh, that's like that, just that one step is sometimes waiting for you. Yeah. Um, that, uh, that's what motivates me. That's awesome. Thank you for sharing. Um, what motivates you me? I'll tell, I'll tell you. I was actually gonna go there F all right.
    Cool. I'm gonna, I'm gonna put in the comments too. If, if you're listening right now, go to the live stream. and make sure you comment, what is your motivator? Let us know. Yeah. So here's a quick story, right? Like, uh, on, on the name of the show, for example, right? Uh, this is a declaration. This is a literally like [00:22:00] a, a belief that, that we have.
    Right. And, and earlier I was listening to a show and they were talking about big clout and this like the new decentralized social media platform, right. Where they're trying to, there's a, it is growing like crazy and, and all creators are gonna have new opportunities. And, and then the big tech is not gonna have like the monopoly of the whole thing.
    I, it is very, very interesting. Right. But one of the guys that was talking in that show was saying, That he was a very early investor. He's like, uh, this wasn't a very cool idea. Right. And this probably has a 95% to fail, but also a 5% to like, be very successful. And if he does, it's gonna pay off like really big right.
    In the trillions of, of dollars. Right. And, and he decided to put money into it. Right. But how he decided to put money into it is like, he decided to believe that that was the thing that was gonna work. Right. And with everything like, so with startups or with our own content or with our own businesses or, or with our own life, it starts with a belief.
    [00:23:00] Right. Mm-hmm . So when we decided to go tackle this show, right. And when we decided to tackle, uh, the fact that we were gonna work with content, right. The way that we do it with the micro acids and on, on the distribution and the things that, that we do on the back end, The, our belief is that any little piece of content that you put out there?
    No matter how little it is, no matter how frequently, right? As long as you are consistent, that's gonna turn into profit. And for us, profit means several things from great relationships to strategic partnerships, to getting invites for events to MC which, by the way, that's why we were in Montana, for example, right.
    A lot of opportunities too. that too? But it's gonna create a lot of opportunities. Yeah. Because you're putting yourself out there. So when we first started, it was literally the name of the show was a declaration that we're like, we need to believe this. Right. If we're gonna go that route and don't get me wrong along the way, there's been many situations where that belief has been tested.
    Yep. Right. For many reasons, Hey, people don't [00:24:00] follow. By the way, we don't care about followings. Like what, like we care about our audience. We care about the interaction, the people, the connection, the community that we're building, we don't care about. Who's following. Who's not following. Right. That does that.
    The connection of money and, and, uh, and business is not on the following side of things. They both, but we care about you, but we care if you're listening, we care about you a lot. yeah. That's what I just told what you're saying. I I'm just getting, I'm just getting intimate here, you know? Wow. All right. So, you know, circling back about my belief, you know, The name was a declaration.
    When we put it out there, we're like, this is the thing that we believe. And no matter what happens, right? Whether we publish a podcast, whether we publish like a YouTube channel, whatever we chose, we choose to do. Because at the end of the day, it's like, why can't we execute consistently? Right. And over 200 interviews that has been the consistent thing.
    Like everybody keeps telling us if I've never started doing this, I would not be standing where I am today. I will be probably very unhappy. I will be doing something that maybe I'm not, I don't [00:25:00] feel passionate about. Right. And the catalyst has been the consistency on publishing. So it like, it goes hand in hand with what you said as well.
    And, and that to me, Now I fully a hundred percent believe on the name, right? A hundred percent, no matter what type of publishing you do, there's gonna be some kind of benefit, either personal for your life or for your business. Right. And at the end of the day, consistency is what what's gonna make it happen.
    Right. So how do we stay consistent? So with that, that would be my follow-up question to you is like, wait, wait, before you hit the follow up question, we asked somebody here, Selan say, what's up, bro. He share what's his motivation for publishing to create something never being done before to meet new people with brilliant ideas.
    Woo, absolutely love it. Yes. Yes. I love this. Yes. Yes. I'm not gonna, that is that's that second part right there. That to meet people with brilliant ideas. Oh man. After we started bringing people to the podcast, that became one of my main motivators. I was like, dude, it is [00:26:00] so incredible having this opportunity of talking to people that, you know, Maybe I wouldn't have the chance to talk to them ever if we didn't have the platform, if we weren't creating content Ben, for example, Ben, for example, exactly.
    Uh, se and you two you're coming. So yeah, the like absolutely amazing. So thank you. Thank you for that reminder. I loved it. Yeah. Thank you, man. So, so Ben, what, um, I mean, I can't forgot the question I was gonna ask, but I, I might have a better, you're gonna ask some sort of, I got a follow up thought that might spark your follow up question.
    Do it, do it. Okay. Yeah. I, um, that, this reminds me of like a piece of investing advice that I got a while ago. And, uh, for those listing, like this might spark your. Business idea is that, uh, years ago, like when Netflix started, uh, they did their first price increase of their service. Uh, and as, and I think it like went to like $16 or something.
    And as soon as they did that, [00:27:00] like their stock just tanked. Um, and this con, uh, this conversation went around, um, I remember years later on a podcast, someone said like, all right, so what, like, should you invest in Netflix? Should you invest in anything like when they're stock tanks, because this moment was a good example.
    Yeah. And it was like, all right. Do you envision a future with Netflix alive? Do like, do you see that as a, like, as a, like, oh, the like the, in the future Netflix is gonna be alive. That is like an inevitability or no, like, this is like, that number is gonna keep going down and down. If you see that as like, no Netflix is gonna.
    Then don't invest. But if you see it as like, Hey, Netflix is the future, then that's gonna be something you wanna invest in. And whatever your business idea is, that is an equivalent investment. If you think like, oh, Hey, this idea is the future. Like if you [00:28:00] see content being profit as the future, that is an investment.
    Not just financially, but also in your time. Yeah. I love that. I love that. That so powerful, that perspective. Cause that's, that's the funny thing. A lot of people know, they're like, oh, you know, whoever gets attention right in the marketplace or is putting content out there, they're gonna grow their business are growing.
    Right. And you can see it, like all these media companies that are coming out. Right. And they get all the eyeballs, they get all the attentions and then they just grow exponentially and people know this, but still. They say, yeah, I want to, you know, grow my business and I'm not saying this is the only way to grow your business.
    Right. But I do believe 100% that it's a certain way to do better at business. Right. Cause you're putting now your ideas into the world, you're making public commitments. Right. And you're connecting with the people that you wanna serve. They're see it. They're not way exactly. You're not hiding, but they see it that way.
    But then they're afraid of [00:29:00] investing, right. Uh, in their, and, and I'm not saying just investing monetarily, but like investing their, their time. Right. Investing emotionally too, you know, into, Ooh, let me put myself out there into this uncomfortable zone. Yeah. And I speak my, my truth. I mean, this, this thought just came to mind.
    Right. It seems funny to me how people invest years, right. Of their life in maybe an educational system, right. To stuff. And then they go out to the real world and they let's say we decide to start business. And then they don't decide to invest either the same amount of money or time. to develop the skills mm-hmm that are gonna last longer.
    They're gonna help us develop their relationships and I'm gonna help 'em, you know, put their message out there, which by the way, if you believe a hundred percent of your message, that should be going out every single day to as many people as possible, because it is at the service. If you don't get that to the, to your people, like you mentioned, right.
    And you found your people, right. And I'm sure there's something in between there that like, if you do not tell them, is that the service to [00:30:00] them because you are helping them with every word that you say mm-hmm right. So it's okay. Do we, and now we're dealing with, do I actually believe in what I'm doing?
    Do I actually believe in, in the product that I have, do I actually believe in this thing? So, and it becomes like really, uh, transparent at that point, because, you know, we've had people, companies that, that they love to hide behind certain walls. And this that we're doing right now does not allow you to hide, uh, behind those doors.
    Well, you brought up the educational system and when it comes down to it, like, why do people invest four years into like this big, like educational system, but not the same amount of time into like building their own business and whatnot. And when, uh, like the hard reason of that is because, um, the educational system and is also a business that is also selling you a product.
    Yeah. Um, but, uh, and if you're do it on your own, then that means like you are doing it in a very naked sense. That is [00:31:00] also very scary. And the latter is, uh, Of PR that what they're selling you is a feeling of security. Yeah. Um, that that's part of what that comes down to and doing this like stuff on your own involves that like sort of risk reward mentality over this, uh, past year we see, we saw like an immense massive growth in, uh, online entrepreneurship.
    And why did we see that? Because, uh, that, uh, 2020 event that I can't say on YouTube, uh, happened. And so a lot of people got laid off from their jobs. And so when they happened, it's like, Hey, you know, I got laid off for being a hairdresser. And so why don't I just go and be a hairdresser on my. Why did people do that?
    Because when you go and have a job, when you go and sign up for a university or whatever, you are [00:32:00] having accepting security and trading away, the risk that is involved with the, um, building, but all of a sudden, like that trade was no longer an option. So people said, well, I might as well take the risk.
    Yeah. And then all of a sudden, like couple months later year later, their employers came back say, Hey, I'll hire you again. It's like, no, I'm sorry. Like that, that security is no longer there. And I'm shown that I can do this on my own. Yeah. Yeah. And by, by the way, there's nothing wrong with that because like, I, I really thought that like going for a job, it was like, no, like it was such a moment of proud to me and you know, at some degree, and then I met my wife who she's perfectly happy doing.
    And I was like, Katie, I do not understand, like, why don't you wanna do this thing? That's so exciting right. Of your own thing. And she's like, man, you just really feel comfortable. And, and, and she values that security. She, Val, she really enjoys what she does. Right. And I gotta respect that like many others.
    Right. But for those that really make the [00:33:00] decision of like going on their own and tackle this. Right. It's a fun trip ahead. And we have to be very clear. That is not gonna be an easy path and that we should be willing to invest in the same amount of time or in, in same amount of resources into developing those skills.
    Mm-hmm if you did the, the other thing as well. Ooh, let's see several and I love taking the leap of faith. This big risk opened you up to who you can truly become trust is the process and do what others are not willing to do. Rev your life open. Woo babe, love it. Golden boulders from the audience let's drop the golden boulders.
    That is correct. And he actually, he match his background, uh, to the, to background of the show. He shout out his background is actually a green screen. He's blending in with the yellow I love it, man. I love it. Yeah. Yeah. Pikachu yellow honoring our band speaker you over here. I love it. I love it. So. Let let's get a little bit [00:34:00] more.
    Uh, yeah. Did you ever remember that question you wanted to ask? I, uh, no, but this was a lot better. I think, I think my follow up question was a little bit more on, on your belief side, right? Like we've, we've been tested like this past year. Yeah. Ignore me guys. It's okay. yeah, this is my time to shine. Fine to shine.
    It's okay. I'll save my question. I won't forget a bit. I promise. Um, it was on the belief side, right? Like we've been tested many times, right? Like we, we launched this side of the business during COVID. Uh, we grew very rapidly at the very beginning. Then we kind of hit a, a slump and then a second slump.
    Right. Which is normal on. And there we've been recovering from that, but at the same time, there's been a lot of lessons, right? Not on, on the publishing side, we've been very diligent on trying to say as consistent as possible, but also on the business side, because traction start to happen, then a lot of factors coming to play, right?
    Like what are the numbers behind the business? There's a lot of stuff that, that happens behind the scenes that not a lot of people see. So then we're like, is this really worth it? Right. And then when you start questioning, then there's a lot of friction. [00:35:00] So through the, your publishing journey, like at this lessons this past year, have you found a moment like that?
    And if you did, how do you move past that? Uh, that's an excellent question. And you're, uh, asking specifically about the publishing side of things or also the business side of things. It could be both, right? Like we, I mean, publishing is that extension right. Of, of, of that business and, and how people find your, but it could be, I mean, we, you could dive into publishing specifically.
    Um, yeah, I think that. Again, this goes back to like, you need your reason of why? Uh, because I think when I first started my, uh, publishing journey for my gaming channel, I thought like, oh yeah, like, uh, my audience like will be my reason why, uh, but the audience ain't there when you first start off so that ain't gonna be a good reason of why.
    Uh, but what, for me specifically, like when I encounter these hurdles, it has to [00:36:00] be that like reminding myself, like, why am I building this thing? And you guys touched on this in the intro for those of you just joining us, like I'm a first generation entrepreneur. And part of my, why is to like, be that example.
    Yeah. Uh, for, for those around me. Uh, so that's been a lot of like my why. Uh, and part of my, why is also like when I encounter those hurdles is that, uh, I've become so invested, uh, in this thus far. That, uh, I am like, well, I'm so far into this journey. I it's like there's, there's no turning back for me now.
    Yeah. It's uh, it's not, then at that point, it's not a question of, um, giving up per se, that that's, that has exited vocabulary. It's now more of a question of how do I overcome this now? It's um, pardon me? [00:37:00] It's not so much as like how, like how can I turn back as more of a, how can I problem solve? Um, how can I get past this?
    Like, like, okay. There's no bridge. The bridge is out. Okay. So how do we then turn around and go back into town? And go to the local merchant and buy some wood to then build a bridge. But the bridge is out. We need to turn back. No, we need to get the supplies in order to build a bridge. Yeah. It might take a little bit of time, but we need to build a bridge.
    Yeah. And most people don't see it like that. They see, okay. There's no bridge, therefore it's impossible to cross the ravine. So therefore we must turn around. Um, I think that's sort of a, like viewing problems from a perspective. Does that make sense? Absolutely. A hundred percent. Does it make sense for you?
    Yeah. No. I'm, [00:38:00] I'm focused. I'm here. Like, wow. , uh, I, I, I, I love this topic and I like, I, I, I feel very passionate, man. And, and I, and I wanna say thank you for obviously sharing your stories and, and being vulnerable here, because like, for that, that's not, it's not, it's not always easy, right? Like when we first decided to be.
    To do 45 live for the very first time. Um, which was our, our way of starting publishing. Right. We did a live video. We need to do that again, just so you know. Yeah. For 45 days we lasted 15 for other reasons, that positive reasons. But I remember just starting to share the stories, the first stories I, if we go back to those videos are very superficial, right?
    And then when we started really getting into the, the nitty gritty of like how I really feel this day, and this is my opinion, and this is why I think this is it. And you have that interaction, like that's when magic starts to happen and people start resonating with you. And then, you know, you get that wood that you were just mentioning, right?
    [00:39:00] That's that's when it happens, mm-hmm and then you come back and that bridge starts to, you know, uh, start coming to coming together and then you keep walking and then there's another bridge and you're like, crap, okay, let's go do more of this. Right. And that's why Fusi is saying, we gotta do another one.
    We need to do, you know, what's it. Season five. Four four season four. Yeah. So I, I love it, man. Thank you so much for, for sharing. Yeah, it, uh, I think it's also, uh, a comment down below love that you see what you want and you go and nothing will stand in your way. Thank you so much. Um, I think it's also important to point out in that metaphor.
    Like you might be building your bridge. Uh, but there might be another guy that is like off and just crosses there, like in his plane and says like, see, uh, um, like ignore that guy. You don't wanna compare yourself to the guy in the plane while that is crossing two bridges while you're gathering your wood, you go, you're going at your own speed.
    [00:40:00] And it's important to focus. Like I am making progress, building my bridge. Yeah, I did. I think that's, that's something very common in today's entrepreneurial world. We have a very specific example of this. I remember when we were the first day of one of our first master in the first mastermind we were in the live event and one of the coaches, right.
    Uh, younger guy, by the way, he was in a, he was in the show, Austin, Austin Dixon shut out. Uh, we had a great experience with him, but before we actually met him, right, like we. Dude these guys like what? 24, 25. And like has done all this stuff. You know, I'm 30, I was 30 at the time or about to turn 31 or something and immediately, right.
    That goes in your head. And I remember you, Fonzi telling me that, well, he's, he's my age. He's your age. Exactly. Mm-hmm so it was like, what? And like, look at all this. And immediately we started comparing, right? And we're like, no, we gotta stop. Like, it doesn't doesn't work that way. Like he's had some experiences in his life that allowed him to be there at that point in time.
    And we're doing our own journey. And specifically in our private life, we've also [00:41:00] had different experiences, right. That most people, when they hear and they're like, man, like I fir the bad experiences are like, thank God I wasn't part of that. Or the good experiences. They were like, man, I'm glad that you had it.
    I, I wished as well. So everybody's in different path and I love, I love you analogy you with the, with the bridge and the guy on the going on the plane. I mean, just imagine if I think his name is general Sanders, the guy that opened Kentucky fried chicken. Uh, yeah. So imagine if it would've been like, oh no, there's a restaurant owner down the down the, you know, down the blog that opened his restaurant when he was 20, I'm useless now at 60 something.
    Right. But it says he like opened one of the biggest franchises of Fri chicken and do that. A lot of people are, that's pretty impressive being fat now. yeah, it's a part. Yeah. I personally don't eat. I tell you fried chicken. I just wanted to use the, I love the chicken but you know, it's like that's everywhere now on social media.
    Right. You're exposed to that. Right. It's a great reminder to tell yourself, like, Hey, like I'm not here to compare myself to [00:42:00] anybody else. It is challenging. I'm not gonna lie. I still have those thoughts once in a while. Um, the, you know, full transparency. Yeah. But I feel now that I am aware of that issue, I'm like, okay, no, stop it.
    You know, everybody has at their journey. Like, I'm proud of what we've built. Right. I'm proud of what I've done. Uh, let me just keep moving forward. And I don't remember who was the, the person that shared this, but it's like, there's only one person you should compare yourself to. And it is yourself yesterday, right?
    Like, are you doing better than you were doing yesterday or putting a, a bigger effort than you were doing yesterday? Yes. No. Okay. Move on. Right. Uh, because once we start comparing ourselves to other people, that's when we're losing. And that is so like, that happens so easily in the content game because we need inspiration.
    Right. We are like, okay, let me learn about this person. Let me learn how to edit on premier. Let me know how to do a podcast. And guess what the people that you're learning from, they are on, you know, day, 100 of their journey. And [00:43:00] you are gonna be trying to get your day one as your day 100. And that is going to be a huge dissonance.
    Rather, it's gonna be an, an extreme challenge and that you're not gonna get things done. It happened to us the first podcast that we started, bro, and bros, guess what I right here wanted to do it all, all perfect. Multiple angle cameras, you know, the light, the editing dude. It was a total disaster. We've never published a single episode of BN bros.
    Uh, and we probably will never actually publish a single episode of BN bros. And it, you know, at the end of the day, you just end up the press, not the press, but you end up beating yourself up because you're like, I did all this work and I, I didn't even put it out into the world. And you're just now beating yourself up about these things, right?
    So it's like, it's like a circle, but once you get awareness about it, guess what you can tell yourself. Boom, let me snap out of it. No comparison. Let me just focus on [00:44:00] myself and build my own bridge. I, uh, I talk about this in a, uh, YouTube video that I recorded and is gonna be coming out. Uh, I just edited it yesterday.
    Uh, but I talk about this, like, oh, Hey, like I, I had this like mental gymnastics with my gaming channel very frequently. Like, oh, Hey, like I did this thing years ago. And then I stopped publishing for several years. Oh, Could you imagine, like, look at how look at how far YouTube has come in those, in that span of time that I wasn't publishing.
    Could you imagine if I was, uh, publishing in that time? And then I heard like something on a, I heard something in a video or a podcast that got me out that, out of that gymnastics. And it was along lines of like that, like, that doesn't matter because in that span of time, I wasn't the person [00:45:00] that I needed to be.
    In order to keep publishing at that, at that consistency. But, but I am now I am the person who has mastered, like, mastered, like keeping track of my time in a calendar. I am the person who has like, learned, learned the editing in the proper softwares. I am the person who has mastered a schedule when it comes to like thumbnails and, uh, and editing and SEO.
    And maybe you're the person who's like, I have no idea what Ben's talking about right now. I need to open these things. Then there you go. Like you weren't the person five years ago. Who was Kate was in the set of doing all these things, but now you are, but now, now you are. I love it, man. Thank you. Thank you for sharing that by the way.
    And if you guys are loving what Ben is, is sharing, and you're interested in getting to know him a little bit more, please send him a DM. We'll [00:46:00] ask him just a little bit like where to find him, but sliding his DMS. Yeah. First, but, but in an appropriate way, please, please. At first is the only appropriate way.
    Uh, Ben, I have a couple questions for you before we wrap up the show. Um, what has been your, and this might be like, you can tell me, Hey, I really wanna answer this, or I don't feel conscious answering this, but what has been your biggest challenge, uh, when it comes to like publishing? Um, and then what has been like the biggest challenge, turning your content into profit, like meaning good relationships business, you know, Whatever you decide that you, you, you define as profit.
    Yeah. Uh, let's. Let's tackle those questions one by one. Can. Uh, what was the first one again, challenge in general, uh, publishing what has been your biggest challenge? It could be something that you already surpassed or something that you're dealing with right now. Yeah, I'd say it's, uh, Hold, uh, holding myself accountable.
    Um, the, just in general of like, [00:47:00] oh, Hey, like E either I fall into like two sides of an extreme spectrum of like either I have no ideas for videos or I have too many ideas for videos. And then I do none of them, um, where I just, I get too into that, uh, analyzing where I just need to pick something and then, uh, run with it.
    Uh, this recently happened on my, uh, gaming channel where, uh, something was, uh, coming out for a game that I was playing. And I was like, wait a minute, people are searching for this. If I made a video on this, it would get view. But I wouldn't, but I wouldn't have a product to promote, but I wouldn't have this remote, but I would, but what the SEO wouldn't be correct.
    Wait a minute, shut up. Ben, just go and make the video. Yeah. And that there was the crux of the problem, because I was talking about a channel that. Was not PO not having a video, not, not posting [00:48:00] for like a long period of time. So I just needed to go make a video. And that's what I did. I just went and made a video.
    And I think now that video has like over a hundred views now and I got another one lined up for the channel. Love it. That's awesome. Thank you for sharing, man. And, and I know that this might put each other in a, in a uncomfortable time. Cause these are the things that we don't, we don't really share with a lot of people, right.
    Like for us this last month was consistency, man. Like we failed the big time because we were like on the road, like we never, we haven't really published like the equipment. That was another one for us. Right. So, so thank you for sharing at the end of the day. Right? Like props to human because that video came out right.
    Yeah. And, and is moving forward. So I'm happy to share these things because I know that there's someone else listening that is like, I had that problem too. Um, so it's like, we're all, we're all there. We're all human. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. The, the second part to that would be, uh, you know, on the, on the money side.
    Right? Like it is how, what would be like a [00:49:00] challenge that because, and there's a lot of people that turn the content into profit in many different ways for us is on the relationship side of things. What has been a challenge that you, you conquered, for example, uh, through that. Yeah. So, uh, there's a couple, yeah, I'll answer this in two different ways.
    Uh, number one is, um, the relat the relationship side of things. Uh, I started my show called my cool friends where it's like, Hey, you know what I, and I swear to God, I did not think too hard about this show. Okay. I had said like, oh, Hey, I have like, I have a lot of like, really cool friends from what I call the show.
    My cool friends. Yeah. And I said, okay, I'll come back to that later a year later. And it's still like my cool friends and I love it, dude. It's so good. Moral combat. Oh, Hey, someone changed the letter to a K. All right. We'll come back to that later. I swear to God that story's true. [00:50:00] that's hilarious. Uh, so that's what I did with the show.
    It's like, I really love sitting down and talking with people, um, and having, I was on that other end of the spectrum where it's like, I have no idea for videos. Oh, Hey, I'll make videos with other people. Yeah. And so a year later that idea still works and wait, I'm still like building that idea of like, Hey, we build through relationships like, cuz you can't climb them mountain on your own.
    Um, so like golden, Boulder moment right there. Studio clap studio, clap studio, sorority clap. So that's so that's one idea. And I even gave it, uh, to someone else when they were like launching a book of like, oh, Hey, how do I, how do I get it out there of. Want, like do a show, do a show for the audience.
    Mm-hmm um, so that's one idea. Uh, the other idea is, [00:51:00] and I've, uh, got this piece of advice a long time ago from a mentor, uh, and you can just translate over to YouTube videos. Uh, if you want to make more money, you need to make more offers. Create more offers in your business, uh, and then translate those into YouTube videos.
    So whenever, uh, I gotta remember I'm a nerd that makes watches way more YouTube than most people. Uh, but usually the format of YouTube videos, like, Hey, like we give some sort of piece of advice, uh, or answer some sort of question that is going to be your lead magnet. Yeah. Uh, and then after people get their value, then you say, Hey, you enjoyed this, go and check out my so and so, and that's gonna where be where you segue into your product or your service or whatever it is that you're gonna push people to your digital product, whatever.
    And then that's gonna go over to your website and this could be done in a couple different ways. You can then make the product yourself. It can be a [00:52:00] service, uh, whatever the sky's, the limit for whatever sort of product you wanna push people to. Yeah. It has to be lined up with, uh, the actual value thing that you.
    Put out in the YouTube video, uh, you can also then skip this step and have it be an affiliate link that you then push people to. It's like, Hey, I'm promoting this new thing that I'm very, very good friends with of the biz bros and they push this new thing out and I get a kickback. So. You go ahead and check their thing out, cuz really associated with what we talked about today.
    Yeah. Uh, and then that's how you can make money on your YouTube videos. Questions. I, I don't, I don't know if we, my, my only question is where people go to find you. Yeah. So they can connect and ask you their questions directly to you. Yeah. So you can, you can find me on Facebook. Uh, it's a great way to reach me.
    Uh, Ben EBI, I'm the only Ben EBI on the planet. Mm-hmm you can, uh, catch [00:53:00] me at the platinum mastermind with Ben EBI over on YouTube. And if you guys are feeling nerdy and want to talk about video games, you can catch me over on my, uh, gaming channel, uh, called platinum trophy review. Ooh. Oh, nice. Nice. Um, also, uh, maybe we were talking behind the scenes.
    We might, we might. Do a stream together playing rocket league. Ooh. Who wants to see that? That would be a lot of fun. Let us know if, let us know if you wanna join too. Cause that'll be amazing. And also if we do two on two, I would need someone on my team. down both the bros. I'll give you my brother. I'll give you my brother.
    Trust me. We're gonna crush. Uh, we're ready to rock and roll. My brother biggest dream is to beat me in a video game. Just gonna throw that. I beat you on Mario cart and my all the time. Like we, this bro, like we we're gonna stream it so the audience can see what actually happens. So we [00:54:00] gotta come over there.
    Yes, absolutely. Okay. Uh, Ben, where will you be if you didn't publish right now? Like where, like where do you think you will be right now? If you didn't publish, where would I be? If I didn't publish, uh, D uh, depressed, I could tell you that. Um, I like it's very. The reason, like I went to, uh, school for film and then eventually I migrated out of that because I was teaching my professor too much.
    Um, and I get a sense of joy and fulfillment knowing that like, This thing, whether it be a full-fledged movie or a small YouTube video, this thing that I create, it started from nothing, literally nothing and flourished into something. And so I could tell you, like, I I'd be very sad if I wasn't, if I wasn't publishing, I could tell you that much.
    And I could tell you, I wouldn't have as nearly as many [00:55:00] relationships as I do now. I've gotten a lot of them, not just from my interview show that I do, but also, uh, from my game show, uh, that I do as well. That's so cool, man. Thank you for sharing. Uh, I think I will be the pressed too. Like I'm not gonna lie.
    Like when we stop doing this thing, uh, I feel down like that's one of the reasons we keep telling people why we do this three times a week. It lifts us up. It, it helps us connect, especially. After what happened last year. So I really, really encourage everybody to set something like this up. Um, and maybe if interviews are very intimidating, uh, you know, yeah.
    I'm sure if you can send Ben a couple messages and be like, Hey man, like how do you do it? Right. Like, and, uh, and he is gonna share all the secrets and we're gonna put out the links without obviously the Facebook link, the platinum mastermind on YouTube, the gaming channel, if you're into that. Right. Um, so please, please go ahead and connect.
    This is so awesome. Uh, Ben, anything else you wanna add before we head out? Uh, I see some people are [00:56:00] interested in, uh, our rocket league thing, so we might have to, oh man, this, we gotta make that happen. Yeah. I'm so I'm so down, man. I love R league. It's so much fun. Yeah. Uh, Ben, I have a, a gaming question for like, after the show, uh, just for you, but, uh, dude, that's this has been so, so.
    But full circle back to the beginning. I just wanna add here. I said that I was gonna share something right about consistency. Yeah. Okay. I, since none of you reminded me, I'm actually impressed that I, I remember that I remembered, I know I had no idea was not paying attention. So I've had this thought in my mind yesterday, right.
    I was onboarding a new client and we were talking about, uh, how important it is to actually put those more personal pieces of content in, in, in your feed. Right. Right. So people know you're an actual human and you don't have just all the, the edited, awesome podcast content that, that we can help you, uh, with seamless blog rather.
    Yeah. [00:57:00] Um, but also the personal content. Right. And I, a lot of people have that friction that friction of, again, we talked about jumping in front of the camera, recording, typing something, whatever it is, uh, your, your method of choice. Um, so I was thinking like, what if we create. 365 day content trigger, email sequence that literally all, all he does is like every day will tell you, Hey, what about if you can post about this?
    And it gives you, it doesn't give you a specific topic, right? It doesn't, and it doesn't give you like a specific headline, but it gives you a trigger that will get you thinking, like, like an inspiration for something personal and not just personal. Right. But I mean, it's, it's about, it's about kinda like that little kick in the butt.
    So you go and publish because a lot of the times, a lot of the excuses that we've heard in the market. Man. I just don't know what to say. Right. Or I don't [00:58:00] know what to, to talk about. Well, guess what we're gonna give you. Exactly. We're gonna give you a, not a prompt, right. But a trigger for you to say, okay, now I have a topic that I can think around and create this piece of content.
    Right? So for example, it could be, and this could be day. Number one. What did you learn today from content is profit, right? And you can make a live, you can make a live video say today, I learned that Ben is a total badass and that Louisa is terrible at rocket league. Right. this has not been established and we haven't played yet.
    I mean, what about Ben? Yeah. True. But rocket league. No. So, so yeah, so that, that was the idea that I wanted to share. Uh, I'm curious, let me know if you would be interested in that. Cuz I think it would be pretty fun to, to build and to share with people. Just, you know, get you guys I'll tell you I'd be interested in this because I feel like a lot of people, when it comes to.
    Like personal posts. They're like, all right, I'm gonna share something today. And then all of a [00:59:00] sudden they have like, writers' block when it comes to this. Like, even though it's like, it might be like a one sentence Facebook post. Yeah. They'll still have like, all right, what do I do? And then it's like, it becomes that like left side, like overanalyzing, like all right.
    Too much content that I could make into a YouTube video. Yeah. And then like, Hmm. Then the brain shorts out, a hundred percent. Let's do it total relatable that my hack to that is literally push live and start talking. Uh, and then that, that brings it out to like, to me, but that's very personal. I don't think a lot of people are being comfortable doing that, but I freaking love it, man.
    Like that was a good idea. How do you come up with that child? Uh, honestly it was a moment of. Brilliance he pushed live and then he started talking that's . Thank you, man. That was the answer I was looking for. No, actually was like I mentioned, I was onboarding a new client and we were talking and you know, the, the, the service that we offer is that multipurpose scene of the [01:00:00] long form content.
    Right. And I was talking to this person and I was like, We, we noticed that he doesn't really do any of the, the personal posting and all that stuff. So we're like, Hey, in my mind, I was like, you need to do more of this. Right. And in my mind, I was like, I need to do more of those as well. uh, so I was like, what is my assistant has been yelling at me to do more of those.
    Yeah. And literally all of a sudden, like, just like a switch went on and, and, and I was like, What if I could provide him with that solution right there, you know, like every single day in, in their inbox, you know, like your best friend, Hey, what's up buddy. Talk about this. You can talk about this today and then just send it to them.
    Sweet. So, yeah. And solid episode, brother. Thank you so much. Uh, for coming to contents, profit, no glitch, no glitch. I know the glitch. You couldn't pull the plug this time. I know, I know there go, uh, the, the glitch was transferred to the light, but with that guys, thank you so much for tuning to contests graphic part, guys, go ahead and follow the show, your favorite [01:01:00] platform and on social media at bits, bro.
    Go. That is right on event today. Help you move one step closer to your goal. Please. Don't forget to share this with three brands and, and don't forget to leave a five star review. See ya. Bye guys.

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