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From Classical Violinist to Top CEO Ft. Natasha Miller – EP. #220

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What is the best advice you could offer your younger self?

That and more is what Natasha Miller shared with us in this conversation.

We talked about her soon-to-be-published book “Relentless: My Journey from a Homeless Shelter to the Inc. 5000”.

Along the way we discovered some important lessons, or how we call them, #GoldenBoulders. Here are some:

🔥 Becoming An Adult At 16 Years Old.

🔥 How Classical Music Relates With Building A Business!

🔥 The Shortcut To Business Growth.

🔥 And Much More…

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Tune in and enjoy!

Episode Transcript

  • From Classical Violinist To Top CEO: []

    Hey I'm Luis and I'm Luis and you're listening to the content profit podcast. We spent the last four years learning the strategies and techniques from some of the top markers in the world on how to create content that turns into profit. If you like to learn more, how to turn your content into profit, go to content is profit.com.
    You won't believe who is. Today. Oh my gosh. Okay. So before we get started, please do not forget to subscribe, hit that subscribe button, follow us on social media at BI Broco. But if you have been tuning into the last episodes, you know how hard it was for us to grow our business. In the last three years, we did not know who we were selling to.
    We were trying to solve everybody's problems and Awhat's even worse. We weren't publishing it. Wasn't until we met today's guest that not only your business grew exponentially. But we grew personally as well. He yells on camera. He says he has big eyes. [00:01:00] Monday is his favorite day. He made over $1 million from stage in one day, and he is best known as the king of offer creation and the one and only.
    Capital is pig. He holds a very special place in our life. Please. Welcome Mister Steve. Yay.
    Oh. Steve. You have no idea how excited we are to have you on the show. My man, we are so pumped up. that's easily the coolest intro I've ever been a part . We are just grabbing that, that clip right there. yeah, man. Well, thank you so much, man, too. Well, one of the things that we want people to, to, you know, get outta this show is like, today, we want people listening to leave this [00:02:00] episode saying today I'll publish my first video.
    And create the best offer like we did when we saw you live on stage, man. Right? What do you think about that? Oh, that's awesome. That's awesome. oh my gosh, man. Okay. So I know we got some time in here, so let's get to it, right. We want to really know how we, you went from like, not publishing at all to selling more than a million.
    On stage like that for me was at my four minute mile. We've been talking about it all day and that was like incredible. Yeah, that, that was an insane moment. I, I think for me that moment, when I, at the end of your offer mind event, when you stood up, everybody was clapping. I could tell that you were so proud of yourself.
    I was like that, that feeling. That's what we're after right there. And I remember that you made so much emphasis on publish. So, yeah. We wanna know all about it. I remember on stage seeing you guys and making eye [00:03:00] contact and you guys were like, eh, and I was like, eh, anyway, I remember that, especially looking at you guys, these two random dudes yeah.
    You know, uh, it's been an interesting journey, you know, I, I, I did not start out at all as a, as a, as a personality that I would consider worthy to go on stages or get. I mean, I remember, I remember like I was in college and I was walking through the auditorium and, uh, basketball gym actually. And, uh, and I look over at stage and I was in this zone for years, guys.
    I mean, literally since fifth grade, I remember having open conversations with my parents. What am I good at? You know, and I think a lot of entrepreneurs are that way. They're like, what am I good at? What am I, how am I gonna go succeed? You know, I didn't have any natural ability or even attempted ability at any kind of sports.
    Like it, it just, wasn't my thing, you know? yeah. Like it was, I know you guys are like pro soccer players basically. And, um, I don't know. I really struggled with that question. And so walking through that gym one day, I remember looking at the [00:04:00] stage and I thought to myself that that's what I'm gonna go be the best at, or I'm gonna go try and be on stages.
    And, um, which was a crazy thing for me to do because I, I was not the kind of guy that was. I mean, guys, I'm kind of an introvert, but most people that, that shocks most people, like I really am. I actually just left a session talking with a guy and he was like, so wait a second. You're telling me that you on stages, you're like this like kind of a guy, but afterwards you're kind of alone.
    I was like, yeah, I'm. Sometimes I'm kind of nervous of being a hermit the rest of my life, unless there's a stage to get on. Cause I'm really quite an introvert. I got congratulated by my teachers in, in high school that they could actually hear me, you know, after a while. And, um, just cuz I wasn't speaking up or out or you know, so anyway, weird stuff.
    So it's, it's a shock to me as well. And it wasn't until, um, I started realizing that if nobody hears my message, they're not gonna buy. You know, I gotta get good at making the [00:05:00] good kinds of noise. And, um, unless I do that, I will never make cash. No matter how good the product is, I got the best product in the.
    It deserves the attention, you know, that it needs to go sell. And that's what I gotta go do. That's amazing guys, if you're, and if you're listening now, Steve is a guy that, um, he comes from the click funnel world. Like he worked right next to Russell Branson for a ton of years. And then he decided that he wanted to, you know, spread his wings and do his own thing and, you know, provide the value.
    To the best of his ability to now thousands of entrepreneurs. And that's how we actually got to know you, Steve was through the one final way challenge. That's right. And, uh, you, you were there every single day, screaming at the camera, which felt like screaming at us. And we're like, yes, this is the coach that we need.
    And, uh, we were so lucky that we were at your offer mine event for that was like the day I quit my job the next day we were at Boise at your event. And that was by far the biggest investment that we done in a coach. So sure. And, and we've shared, uh, that [00:06:00] experience in the last episodes, how we were able to, uh, increase of revenue six.
    Compared to the last four years that we were on business. Um, so, and I, and I just that's so cool. That was amazing. So I just wanna share with those listening and that are struggling with publishing how important this is, because you said you were an introvert, right. And we met you in person and you really are an introvert.
    Yeah. And it's like the personality that's like that you float, like the older you, the Steve, uh, without that guy that made the right noise, um, you were not able to. People like us, uh, make an impact in, in the people that we help. So I wanna thank you. Live for that. yeah, no, definitely. Thanks for doing the work.
    You know, you guys, you're the ones that did it, you know? thank you. So there was a story that stuck to me, right? That it was when you started working with Russell, you said he would be publishing consistently and you say, and then you're like, well, whatever he says, I'm not gonna publish. Right. . And, [00:07:00] and I was like, well, that sounds familiar, cuz that.
    Like the same exact thing that I was doing for three years, that I was like, no, I'm not gonna publish. I know I had to, but I don't know why I was putting that self limitation on myself. Right. That saying, no, I'm not gonna do it. I'm not gonna do it. So for those people that relate that are in that position, right?
    Like, What was it that made you go from no, I'm not gonna publish to, I'll give it a try to now consistently publish like crazy, you know, uh, being broke long enough, kind of makes it do stuff you wouldn't normally do. you know, it it's such just the reality sometimes. the answer is to just feel a little more pain, you know?
    And, um, and, and to be like, fine, fine. I, I give him, I fold here's all my cards out on the table. Um, it was also though me seeing Russell do that. And I started asking myself questions. Like, even at that time he was like run. It was basically a hundred million dollar company basic, you know, even just then, um, when I, when [00:08:00] I started working at ClickFunnels, there was only.
    13,000 users and 30 employees. I mean, wow. My, my desk was a picnic table, you know, in, in the sold office, you know, it's is a boots era and Russell is still in the mode of chopping out all the other products that he had been selling up until then. Yeah. And, and beginning to just keep focus just on click funnels and he's shutting stuff down.
    So it's a really interesting transitionary time and, um, I watched him, like, you know, he'd be like on the camera being like, what's up guys. This is Russell bro RA, you know, and then he'd go over to his microphone. What's up guys? This is Russell bro. Like RA, then he'd be on his blog. What's up, it's Russo, Brunton, bra, you know,
    And uh, and I was like, what is the CEO of a hundred million SAS company doing? Like, why, why is he doing that? Just turn on the ads, dude, you know, and I had the, uh, some of that, that feeling just a little. And, um, it's when I started noticing that this was the thing that created the best kind of [00:09:00] audience.
    It's not like you can't create an audience with ads, but I will say even now my best buyers always come from my publishing, not my ads, my best. Um, um, my best work always comes out in the middle of a realization I'm having during an episode, not during something else. It's, it's, there's so many gifts that it gives you.
    And it, that was a hard thing for me to go learn. And the, the harder part was not, what should I say? And that's what most people are afraid of, but most people are afraid. Is they're about to open this big old can of worms called the inner thoughts of you. , you know, like, Hey, did you know, these are what your thoughts are?
    Did you know that you're not think, you know, and you start having to learn to develop a greater relationship with yourself. And so I can't express the amount of self-discovery that's happened because of publishing and I'm sure you guys have experienced the same thing. It's weird, you know, and I, the confidence starts to grow and starts to develop.
    And I mean, it was, it wasn't until like episode 120 that I really can say that. That I found my voice and was even [00:10:00] confident sharing my opinions. It took a long time and. All that from the kid that was like, I, I was so, so shy. I got the nicest kid award in high school, you know, no one could hear me. I was a big high school and, um, I wasn't nice.
    I was shy and no one just anyway. So I have a lot of, uh, empathy for people who are trying to like figure this out and start moving forward and actually try to create content. Um, but I also caveat that with the other thing I always tell my audience. I have a lot of empathy. I have very little sympathy, you know?
    yeah. I'll feel with you because I felt with you that I will not feel sorry for you and I'll not empower you. And, uh, No, I, I actually remembered that exact quote from the offa and I was like, that is amazing. Right? Cause I mean, again, growing up as athletes. Yeah. We had coaches that trust me, they didn't feel for you at all.
    Sorry for you. Yeah. They were like, no, you do the running, you go do the sprint. Right. So the fact that. Kind of like that translated into business as well. I was excited cause at the [00:11:00] moment we honestly, I don't think we've ever met someone that gave up that vibe and we. Oh, this is all cool. Like, I feel I'm like running sprints up and down the field all over again.
    You know, we we're back in that like athlete mindset and, you know, it's, it's funny that you mentioned that a lot of the people that we have conversations with, like we literally like cranked up our content, like crazy from like four episodes a month now to like six episodes of two shows a like a week, which is.
    Right. And so people are like, how do you, how do you go from a place of zero to that? And, and in part, I think it's been a, like a big mindset realization where I'm, it's okay to fail. It's okay to embarrass ourselves in front of a camera. It's all part of the journey. So from like your own experience, what would you say to that?
    Somebody that right now has all the systems in place, because we see a lot of people having all the systems ready to go, like punch it, but they, they don't, they don't hit. Publish right. They don't do it. And for us it meant going live like crazy for 45 days straight. And then again, for 45 days straight to see the [00:12:00] results and to see that revenue, right.
    That's attached to that content. What would you say to somebody that's like right there in that moment in time, ready to go? And they're so afraid of hitting that publish. Um, I usually find that people will distract themselves with what type of mic they should be using and what kind of camera rather than, rather than what will I say in this episode?
    Cuz that's a harder question. , you know, usually they're distracting themselves. One of the things I say in O offa a lot too. Um, the one faraway challenge is, uh, um, is something I actually heard one of my drill sergeants when I went through the army, you know, he said this a lot. He'd be like, my job is to not make you feel better.
    My job is to make you. And I was like, Hmm, I appreciate that actually, a lot, you know, not that he cared about my opinion now but it was, uh, it was a good thing to hear. I was like, oh, that's so true. Any coach, gosh, please. Don't try to make me feel good. Make me good. You know? Yeah. And, um, uh, that's the [00:13:00] same thing you're gonna find when you start publishing is like, I mean, when it comes down to it, like the three of us on here right now, if you're watching, listed to now, we, we easily.
    We could help you put all the scripts together. We could help you put the mic. What's the mic, what's the camera. What's the, but there's just, it's not gonna happen unless you face the thing and confront the beast, you know, and you just look at it and say like, I'm gonna go tackle this thing and, um, and really go for it.
    So no script can, can account for that piece of it. Yeah. Um, and I'll also say that 80% of my buying traffic comes from my podcast, not ads, um, which is pretty crazy. So if you need to see the, where the revenue ties in, cause a lot of people that way as well, they're like, I'm not gonna do, unless I see the revenue and I understand that.
    Yeah. But, uh, it's like planting a field and truly don't expect it to Marine a lot of money in for quite a while. And then it's like explosive cash, you know, it it's way, it it's ridiculous. The, the amount of security and insurance that I consider it to [00:14:00] be now, um, for the rest of my life, you know, and you guys are seeing the same thing.
    Yeah. Um, and, and not every episode's perfect. And I say my ums and my OS and I, him and I hot, I, I'm not good at speaking still. And yeah. Uh, you know, Whatever . Yeah, but I mean, there's one phrase that you actually mentioned in, I think it was the last time we went to, to offer lab that is people come because of the topic, but they stay because of you.
    Right? Yeah. And, and I feel like the only way to develop that you, the personality is by actually doing it like it, like you say it, it took you 120 episode. To find your voice, right? Yeah. So I think a lot of people, and I'm gonna be 100% honest. That was me. I I'm that person that you just described the mic, the camera, like my, my brother can vouch for it, you know?
    And yeah. And it wasn't until we did 45 live that we were okay. Like no more excuses, we're gonna go live. And if we made mistakes or not, it wasn't until dirt. When we actually started seeing, you know, [00:15:00] that growth and, and the mindset aspect of it is amazing because. I don't, I don't know how to explain it, but at first I was just so afraid of like what other people would say, right.
    My best friends. Like, what are they gonna say? If they see me. And now I'm like, I don't care what they say, you know, like bring it up. Like, I'm so excited now. I'm like, I went through that too. Yeah. Like I wanna hear all the feedback about it. Yeah. It's so yeah, it is exciting. So that's a, that's a great transition to the last couple questions, cuz I know like, uh, you're so busy, you know, you get it so one is we actually ask people, uh, outside in the community to send us their questions and we chose one that it's really, I.
    Like, I feel like we need to address who is your business slash mindset? Bestie . My, my business mindset, like coach person, bestie, bestie. That that's how they ask the question. That's how they ask the question. no pressure, no pressure. oh, [00:16:00] I mean, Russell Brunson, for sure. she also said that you were gonna say that as the answer of the question so that's okay.
    That's okay. We can leave it at, at that. Hopefully she's watching right now and she's actually cracking up, but she also, she told us that. You're so into mindset, into growth, into business development, just like she is. Right. Um, and she told us, Hey, you have a quote, your business only grows to the level that you do.
    So content obviously is related to your business, but with this quote, why, why is that? So dear to you and, uh, and how can people actually apply that today? Yeah, actually I know exactly. Uh, I, I. gosh, and you guys, well, you said you went about four years struggling before something really happened. You know, it's similar, you know, it was five years of failures, like I'm saying, you know, and for so many years of my life, I did not really know another soul.
    I didn't even know besides this arbitrary [00:17:00] untouchable Russell Brunson guy that was even trying to do this stuff. And so I felt very alone for a very long time. And I remember by some crazy. Stroke of luck from the gods. After I started working at click funnels, which was just mind blowing. That was never part of the plan.
    Yeah. Um, once I started working there, there was this day, probably three months in Russell sent me a message and he goes, Hey man, I'm doing the inner circle meetings, which is like the only thing I wanted to be a part of forever. Um, I was following him for years before I ever started working for him. Um, and, uh, um, he goes, Hey, do you wanna come and sit in on the.
    And I about died and I was like, oh my gosh. Yes, I do. You know, do I have to do work? You, you know what, I'll bring my laptop and I'm just gonna pretend like I'm gonna work just totally what I did. I sat out on the sides and I pretended to work, you know, really, I was taking copious notes and I was listening to each one of these people stand up and describe the types of problems they were trying to solve.
    And, and they would [00:18:00] also share something. After, like a week of this, it was just like, it, it was kind of like, you know, when you come out of a movie that was really, really good. And you kind of have that glow. Yeah. Yeah. I, it was like that, but it had done on such a fundamental level. I realized that these people were playing the, the game of life on just this.
    I mean, this, this, I don't know this magic tier that, that I thought was there. I believed was there. I didn't really know many people besides Russell, even until I started working with him, you know? And, um, um, it somewhat ruined me. , you know, I, I, I only, because I couldn't walk around the rest of humanity and I'm not judging them, but I was clearly like, okay, this is what I'm supposed to do.
    It was like, um, you know, cuz remember back in fifth grade, I didn't know what I was good at. And I was like, what am I supposed to be doing in this world? And then I see this group and I was like, I found you you're right there. Here we are. This is the group. Where have you been? You know? And I was like, almost mad about it, both [00:19:00] here, you guys all are, you know, and.
    And then I became massively obsessed observing what Russell and all these other high playing entrepreneurs were doing. And this piece that I kind of made fun of for a long time called mindset. Was this massive topic all the time. I kind of made fun of it. I did for a long time, I was like, oh, it's woo, woo.
    Uh, it's like, uh, just gimme the formula, man. I don't know what this mindset stuff. Just tell me what the formula is for me to go and have success. And it wasn't until I was got around and, you know, shame on me, you know, that that's not good, but like, I, I started realizing these guys obsess on that topic and I was like, if I'm gonna be what these successful people are, I gotta go do that.
    And that was a big moment for me. And I started working at click funnels with even then just a very different set of eyes. I was no longer just an employee at that time. I started sitting down and I watched how Russell operated. I watched how many coaches he surrounded himself with? Who, why, why would someone make his food?
    The guy doesn't make a sandwich, like what's wrong with him? Right. You see what I'm saying? Like, [00:20:00] why is he doing that? Why is he doing that? And I started realizing that he was Abdo. He was in this operating system. That was just so far above what most people even know is out there. And, but he's not gaudy, he's not show Boddy.
    He's a very humble guy. Yeah. It's like, so, but you can do that and you don't have to be a, a, a jerk. basically like Hollywood likes to portray. If you're gonna be rich, you gotta be a jerk in the mansions. Like, Hey, you don't that's lie. That's a huge lie. Thanks Hollywood. You know? And so I started realizing that stuff and I started asking really deep questions and it was.
    Man. I was already a sponge, but that's really why. And I went just hyper sponge mode for the remainder of the time I worked there and I stopped just learning marketing. I don't wanna downplay that, but what I really started learning was this high level, lifetime successful entrepreneurial operating system.
    And he wasn't teaching it, but I was learning it. Um, that's, that's really why. And that's why my knee jerk reaction is Russell. It wasn't just him. It was the fact that he put together this inner circle and that mastermind, oh my [00:21:00] gosh. That, that was, that was. Amazing. I, I, I love this story because of the fact of, you know, how people say, like you grow in, in the environment that you find yourself in, right?
    Yeah. And that's one of the things that I found, honestly, in offer lab in your community, just being surrounded and talking to the people that are offer lab. Yeah. It has elevator reminds it literally big time. So for. Thank you so much again, cuz I mean, as we said in the intro, we not only, you haven't only helped us grow the business, but us personally, and I think that's.
    Incredible. Yeah. Thank you, Steve. So with that, we wanna be super respectful of your time. So the last thing we wanna ask you, like super quick is like, we always leave our audience with, um, an action point, right? So we talked about publishing how you went from like, you know, zero publishing, not wanna do publish to like this amazing person on stage realization and mindset growth, all this stuff.
    So what is like that one action point that, that you want the [00:22:00] audience to take? Actually, uh, right about the exact same time that whole inner circle lesson was happening. And I became a sponge. The other thing I started doing, which was wrong was, and I didn't mean to do this, but it's a natural thing. We all will do it.
    Yeah. I started comparing myself to where these other people who were similar in the, in the inner circle in other places. And, and I started looking around and. wait, why did they get it done that fast? Why did it take me five years? You know, how come I, why did I, you know, and it kind of, it kind of, I, I would get myself kind of down with this.
    And as far as an action item, I, I know one of the major core reasons why stuff has, has, has gone as fast as it has, is because of this right here. You cannot ever under any circumstance, compare yourself to someone else or the timeline that they did it in. It is always a race between you, against you and you against yesterday.
    The moment that you start looking up [00:23:00] and seeing how fast someone else has done it, you can start a comparison game and you discredit everything that you did do. And so, as you. Not celebrating your wins and you start not celebrating like, well, it was only a $5,000 launch instead of a half, a million dollar launch.
    Like I know that you're probably doing and you're and you start downplaying it and you actually are, are placing in front of you stumbling blocks that don't need to be there. Yeah. Um, that you're not, you know, half of the stumbling blocks we hit, you know, that just come from being alive. but we also place someone's in our, you know, in our own path and, um, that, that will wreck you.
    And so, um, I, I started making in. To celebrate my wins, even if they're small, it's where some of my childlike mentality kind of comes from. I'm kind of playful. Yeah. But I'm like, oh, what's up? This is a six song let's act, whoa. Million dollar song. Right. I don't know, but I've genuinely liked the song or like, I don't like small stuff that seems like pretty inconsequential for what an adult is supposed to be.
    Drives me [00:24:00] nuts. and so, uh, taking a moment to look at what you're doing. That's amazing. And not looking what others are and then you don't. That, that, that saves you from being, and I still have to practice that I've recently had another mastermind yeah. These guys are slinging around 20 million products.
    Like it's nothing. And I was like, whoa. And I started feeling, whoa, you know, and I started feeling like, um, no, I mean, I do this thing. It's okay. It's all right. You know what I mean? And I just, and I catch myself that night in the hotel and I be. What look at all the things that I've done, Steve, you're comparing yourself to other people, don't you do that?
    you know, and like, otherwise, like none of what you're learning is gonna work and every mindset you start to adopt will eventually fade and every single skill set you'll downplay it as if it's not the thing that you needed. Um, and that's, that's, I'd say what the biggest action takeaway is is don't don't.
    It's just not worth it, uh, to compare yourself to the people celebrate the other's success. That's the correct response. Congratulations. You had 20 [00:25:00] million again on another product. That's so cool. I can't wait till I get to do that, but that's awesome for you right now. I'm focused on this. You know, and that's, that's how you do it.
    Awesome. That, that, that was the great spot to kind of like wrap up these episodes. Yeah. That there's so many things that we wanna chat with you, one of them, why and how you became the capital state. But I know we have no time today, so we might have to like bring you in for take two at some point. Yeah.
    Uh, especially because we do come from a capitalist country. No. Social is a socialist country and sorry. Yeah, socially, we are now in the capitalist country, but we do come from that and that polarization in your message in the way that, that, that you portrayed yourself, that was highly attractive to us.
    And it's one of the things that we, and our, like our business people and, and our business partners struggle with big time. So I think that's like a topic on its own that we would, let's do love to, to bring you on for that. So with that being said, Steve, how can, how can our listeners find you and learn more about.
    Uh, honestly, the best place to go [00:26:00] is, uh, we got, we got a free summit that we do. Um, it's called your final offer. If you go to your final offer dot. It puts you in a scenario as if you're not able to work and you need to fund your life with a product launch. What would you do? It's a free summit and, uh, it's been pretty powerful.
    It's the best place. Beautiful guys. That's a wonderful place to, to get started on this thing. Like, I, I mean, take it from us guys. Take it from us. We, we. Our journey. If you see your journey as a graph, it was pretty flat until we met Steve. And then you just took off the hockey stick effect with that being said, Steve, thank you again so much for coming and hanging out with us.
    Uh, please do not forget to subscribe. Content is profit show. Uh, content's profit everywhere. Uh, follow us on social media at biz rose. And with that, we're actually gonna leave you with Steve's favorite song.
    Ah, . Thank you guys. Have a good one. I will see you on the next episode. Thank you so much, Steve. Thank you. [00:27:00] Do you guys thank you so much.

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