From Solopreneur to $20 Million Media Exit & How To Find Your Content Tilt with Joe Pulizzi
Content Is ProfitJuly 02, 2024

From Solopreneur to $20 Million Media Exit & How To Find Your Content Tilt with Joe Pulizzi

Hey Fam!

Today we bring you the one and only Joe Pulizzi. Media MVP, Publisher, Podcaster, and Business Owner.

Earlier this year we got an invitation to go speak at his event CEX: Content Entrepreneur Expo, and after geeking out over HIS presentation we knew we needed to bring him to the show.

From how he built his media company, selling it for $20 Million, to what are the key indicators his team uses to identify and create PROFITABLE content, this conversation is packed with what you need.

You will learn:

The secrets behind Joe’s $20 million success story with the Content Marketing Institute.

The critical role of data and audience insights in editorial planning.

How to navigate strategic pivots and content differentiation in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Why email marketing is still king in a world dominated by social media algorithms.

Joe’s personal journey of sacrifices, support, and resilience that led him to the top.

It's all about your TILT.... (you'll get it 😎)


Timestamped Overview:

05:23 Consulted big and small companies, content differentiation.

07:00 Focusing on email for long-term relationship building.

11:17 Identify strengths and audience needs for success.

14:52 Implementing niche focus: Change in content strategy.

19:43 Building loyal audience through listening and engagement.

20:58 Discussing challenges, seeking content ideas with audience.

26:55 Investment in time leads to long-term success.

29:25 Thanks for your support and understanding.

31:02 Close call, but don't give up. Cut costs.

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