How to Maximise Your Content Reach. The One Stage Most People Ignore in Content Creation
Content Is ProfitJune 25, 2024

How to Maximise Your Content Reach. The One Stage Most People Ignore in Content Creation

In the competitive landscape of content creation, this specific creation phase stands out as a critical element that can significantly amplify your reach and engagement.

Over the last year we've developed a robust 6-lever process, with a particular emphasis on the fourth lever: distribution.

The reason being... people completely forget about this specific stage.

This episode is a behind the scenes of a conversation that we had with one of our partners.

We start by distinguishing between two types of content: 'safety net' and 'intentional'.

Safety net content, such as daily podcast clips, ensures that we maintain consistent visibility.

This regular presence is vital for effectively measuring and optimizing our content strategies.

One of the things we can do to maximize our organic reach is to focus on collaboration.

By tagging guests and engaging with them, we can extend our content’s reach.

We encourage guests to feature us in their newsletters or even physical magazines.

These partnerships allow us to tap into diverse audiences and expand our visibility beyond traditional social media platforms.

Efficiency is key in our approach to distribution.

We utilize a matrix to streamline our distribution processes.

This involves meticulously allocating time slots and selecting platforms, which not only saves time but also helps us identify trends and peaks in audience engagement.

Lastly, using data is key. It's a must when it comes to optimizing and grabbing the juice out of the content.

You can start by looking at platform-specific metrics. These include 7-day and 30-day podcast downloads and YouTube's 30-second retention rates.

These insights are crucial.

They refine our content and promotion strategies.

They ensure we keep improving our reach and impact.

Hope you enjoy and take a lot of #GoldenBoulders!

Timestamped Overview:

04:13 Strategic content distribution methods for broadening audience.

09:56 Condense video content distribution strategy maximum 7 words

11:59 Develop episode ideas, social listening, and marketing.

17:49 Evaluate content performance and optimize for engagement.

19:14 YouTube video data reveals high consumption.

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