Paid Ads vs. Organic Content: Cracking The Algorithm With Matt Shields
Content Is ProfitSeptember 12, 2023

Paid Ads vs. Organic Content: Cracking The Algorithm With Matt Shields

In today's episode, we have the pleasure of hosting the brilliant entrepreneur and marketing expert, Matt Shields. 

Matt brings his invaluable insights into the world of organic strategies, social media algorithms, and the power of paid advertising. Get ready to take notes because this episode is packed with actionable lessons for growing your business and expanding your podcast audience.

Some we have not seen before! 😳

Here are some #GoldenBoulders

The Importance of Organic Strategies - We talk about the value of building relationships and taking a personal approach to your business. We share tips on consistent posting, hashtag research, and cross-promotion. 

While organic content may have limited reach, it lays the foundation for engagement and helps to establish your brand.

Leveraging Paid Advertising - Matt dives into the benefits of using ads in social media marketing. Targeted engagement with specific audiences can save time and money compared to organic methods. 

Ads can lead to faster conversion of leads into prospects and sales, making them a powerful tool for achieving your business goals.

Understanding Social Media Algorithms - Matt delves into the mysterious world of social media algorithms. While platforms like Twitter have openly shared their algorithm structure, others remain shrouded in secrecy. 

The key takeaway is to focus on engagement and prioritize conversations to maximize reach. Additionally, we explore the strategy of using paid ads to capture a broader audience and then funnel them down to a specific message.


Timestamped Overview:

00:01:06 Pounds, let's crush it. I'm proud. Awesome.

00:06:06 Exciting hour-long conversation about podcasting growth.

00:08:45 The importance of content and advertising for audience growth.

00:13:40 Frustrating conversation about content and distribution misconceptions.

00:16:28 Organic strategies, cross promotions, and social media.

00:20:45 Algorithm power: Twitter's open source advantage.

This text discusses the power and workings of algorithms on various platforms, with a focus on Twitter's open-source algorithm. It highlights the importance of engaging with replies and starting conversations to boost visibility. The author also examines the effectiveness of niche messaging and suggests using paid ads for retargeting.

00:26:35 Facebook ads offer different ad placements.

Behavioral data influences audience targeting.

Viral content doesn't equate to business opportunities.

00:30:31 A Podcast about business loses the audience's interest quickly.

00:34:36 Playing a game of percentages in marketing.

00:38:48 Reflect on past experiences and be clear about desired outcomes when using ads for podcast promotion.

00:40:32 Build actionable audiences, and show quality content again.

00:44:02 "Matt shares podcast growth strategies - get in touch”

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