Tapping into Flow States for Transcendent Success In Business & Life. E429
Content Is ProfitAugust 18, 2023

Tapping into Flow States for Transcendent Success In Business & Life. E429

Are you feeling stuck in a routine? 

Has your passion for your business or creative pursuits started to fade? 

Today our guest, Sherry, shares insightful tips on how to optimize your passion and reignite that spark of novelty. Get ready to unlock your superpowers and achieve transcendent success!

Here are some #GoldenBoulders from today’s episode!

Embrace novelty: Sherry believes that novelty is a human condition and essential for maintaining passion. Step out of your comfort zone, try new things, and go on adventures with your partner or team to infuse freshness and excitement into your endeavors.

Reflect and rekindle: Time is limited, but its impact doesn't have to be. Become aware of your battle with time, get into the flow, and tap into the power of your breath to think differently. Remember, it's not about having a lot of time; it's about utilizing the time you have wisely.

Identify your superpowers: Discovering your unique talents and passions is crucial for transcendence. Reflect on what captivated you as a child – those activities you would joyfully spend hours doing. Revisit those passions and embrace them as your superpowers to unleash your full potential.

Trigger flow states: Flow states are the gateway to enhanced productivity and performing beyond your limits. Find activities that engross you completely, where time seems to fly by. Identify these flow stages in your business or creative pursuits to reignite your enjoyment and drive.

In a world where novelty is essential for success, Sherry's insight is invaluable. 

Unleash your superpowers, infuse novelty into your routine, and trigger flow states to achieve transcendent success. Start optimizing your passions today, and watch the magic unfold!

Timestamped Overview:

00:02:31 Unleash potential by mastering mind and emotions.

00:04:29 Sherry helped lives, passionate relationships, potential, talk.

00:10:03 Self-doubt and desire for new skills.

00:14:35 Discover your superpower and trigger flow states.

00:19:37 Multiple superpowers: soccer, learning, editing, starting

00:22:42 Fast Twitch, hand-eye coordination, depth perception, empathic, team player.

00:24:35 Listening, self-reflection, flow state in business.

00:28:42 Soccer player: be a team player.

00:33:58 Need to be better dad, missed moment.

00:37:26 Start with the why. Find personal motivation.

00:41:50 "Love it. Thank you for awareness. Can explore toolbox, creator story."

00:43:24 Pay attention to what you loved as a child.

00:48:58 Luis has the superpower of memory.

00:50:09 Learn tools, excel, be humble, reach potential.


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