The Biggest Mistakes In Content Creation In 2024 & How To Avoid Them
Content Is ProfitJune 18, 2024

The Biggest Mistakes In Content Creation In 2024 & How To Avoid Them

"What are the biggest mistakes in content creation in 2024?"

This was the question our dear friend Ina Coveney asked us while being interviewed for her show.

What it was meant to be "one more question", turned out to be another 30 minutes of chatting and a new CIP episode!

So what about those mistakes?

Creating stellar content isn't just about clever hooks or high-quality production—it's about understanding a few key elements.

That's what this episode is all about!

We can start with the the importance of knowing your goal.

It's crucial to clearly define the purpose of your content. Whether it's building relationships, generating leads, or boosting brand awareness, tailoring your strategy to your specific goals can significantly impact your success.

It is sad to see, but most people take this for granted, or consider it when is too late in the game.

The highly important element, but somehow elusive is... Consistency.

It might be tempting to copy big influencers like Gary Vee or Russell Brunson. But, find a process that works for you and stick to it.

By being consistent, and then testing frequency (low to high volume) you will start to see trends inside your own content, that will help you optimize and reach more people over time.

We wrap up the discussion by discussing what's more important: Quality or Quantity?

What's your pick?

Hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did creating it!


01:50 Experience, flexibility, and mistakes in content creation.

04:59 Define content goals, create personalized content process.

11:03 Message quality is key in engaging content.

14:39 Understanding content and platform for audience engagement.

16:50 Video content essential for companies finding voice.

18:44 Seeking advice, but also valuing independence.

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