Are Small Creators Outpacing Big Companies?  This is How a $1,2 Million Podcast & Duolingo are Doing It!

Ever felt like you're shouting into the void, trying to get noticed?

You're not alone.

Today we go over a tactic that has been hiding in front of us, that you can use too. It's something as simple yet powerful as your podcast's thumbnail.

Today we are peeling back the curtain on the art of crafting thumbnails that not just catch the eye but practically command your audience to listen.

We're not talking hypotheticals here. The strategy behind the massive success of "Diary of a CEO" – a $1.2 million show – it's all about the relentless pursuit of the perfect visual hook.

Test, refine, and test again. It's not just a mantra for YouTubers; it's a playbook for podcasters too.

And if you're thinking, "But I don't have the big bucks for testing," hold that thought!

Some creativity, amazing free tools, and simple testing frameworks can unlock this one for you.

You can see our faces light up as we go through this, because of how simple it can be.

We also explore how Doulingo crushed every metric of growth with a very unconventional method, which, by the way, everyone has access too.

So there you go... two incredibly effective strategies for you to crush content in 2024!