The Guy That Generated $50 Million with No Sales Pitch & The Question That Sells More Than Sales Teams!

Ever felt like the key to growing your business sits just right there in front of you?

Well... hold on tight. 

Our friend Josh Tapp, the mind behind the Pantheon Community and the Lucky Titan Podcast (Top 50 in Marketing Charts), just shared the same blueprint that allowed him to generate over $50 Million in just a few years!

Yes, you heard that right... $50 Million. The dude is not even 30 years old.

I first hear him speak at an event by our friends at Capsho, and could not believe my eyes. The guy, was just there sharing everything.... without slides, just a whiteboard and his simple blueprint. 

I could not write fast enough.

"It can't be that simple" I thought to myself. "It has been in front of me this whole time!"

In our journey to scaling our companies, agencies and communities, we often overlook the most powerful tool at our disposal: authentic relationships.

That's why we decided to bring Josh on. We needed to dive deeper and... oh baby! we dove deep.

He shared everything and more (also, part 2 coming soon!)

 Josh shows us how nurturing genuine connections isn't just good karma; it's smart business. 

Picture this: wealthy individuals and decision-makers are on the lookout for more than just another service. 

They're seeking time-saving, life-enhancing solutions wrapped in meaningful relationships. 

And here's where the magic happens: by shifting the focus from selling to connecting, you're not just opening a dialogue; you're building a bridge to high-ticket sales and much more!

(Little Plug: A Podcast is a great way to do this. If you have any questions, just reach out)

But wait! There is more...

Josh shares the one question he asks to every single person he meets. 

This question sparks curiosity, intentionality, and opens up for many opportunities

It also allows you to present your solution as a natural progression, not a sales pitch.

Proven strategy right here for you to take and implement... today!


Click here if you prefer to listen.