Growing a Multiple 6 Figure Business, Value of Small Audiences & Secret Show Rebrand with Ina Coveney
Content Is ProfitJune 11, 2024

Growing a Multiple 6 Figure Business, Value of Small Audiences & Secret Show Rebrand with Ina Coveney

Ever wondered how to truly connect with your audience and make your content stand out?

Even with a very small audience...

We are stoked to chat with our friend Ina Coveney, a master of authentic relationships and a Lord of the Rings level wizard in leveraging authority through content creation.

She flew all the way from Boston to record a few in person interviews and we had the honor to do back to back conversations 🙏

Ina shared her unique approach to building genuine connections. It’s not just about handing out branded swag, but making meaningful gestures that leave a lasting impression.

You'll be surprised the role of her show rebrand is playing on this, how the BIG payout will be.

That's why we decided to dive in and ask about her unique podcast strategy.

She shares the massive change on doing in-person interviews, and why she decided to elevate every aspect of her production.

Whether you’re new at creating content or revamping your brand’s message, today's conversation will get you closer to a big win!


Timestamped Overview:

06:21 Ina reflects on changing directions.

07:50 Started podcast, wanted fame, got burned out.

11:11 Feeling inspired, 10x, travel, commitment, change, business.

14:28 In-person podcasts elevate authority, led to Miami.

18:39 Strategic podcast renaming for program alignment and audience.

22:06 Ina Nutshell: From Screen Name to Business.

24:47 Creating impactful content hierarchy enhances status.

28:08 Meeting influencer led to surreal realization.

29:55 Preparing for an interview with a willing subject.

35:12 Embrace discomfort to achieve business success.

37:29 Actively working towards fulfilling dreams and success.

41:55 Maintaining and developing guest relationships is crucial.

45:37 Genuine connections and thoughtful gifts with impact.

48:23 Focus on actions, not admiration. Step up.

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