How To Edit Engaging & Viral Videos From Youtube Ex-Employee Part 1.
Content Is ProfitJuly 04, 2024

How To Edit Engaging & Viral Videos From Youtube Ex-Employee Part 1.

Last week I was surfing Youtube (as we all do) and came across one of Jon Youshaei's videos.

Jon is a fellow Hubspot creator, and is doing incredible things with his channel, so I thought, this is worth a watch... and let me tell you... AMAZING!

Where was this video 500 episodes ago? haha!

He delivers a step by step process on how to edit Youtube videos to make the most of it.

In this episode, we go over each one of them and also discuss what the scenarios would be for short form content and Podcast episodes.

We answer questions like:

How to crack the viral video code?

What makes a video go viral?

Levering smart AI, responsibly.

How to hook viewers in the first 5 seconds?

How to balance creativity with high quality edits?

This is Part 1 so buckle up!


Timestamped Overview:

03:04 Make your video more interesting with different perspectives.

05:57 Leverage creation tools, including AI, for effectiveness.

07:45 AI tool simplifies video editing for efficiency.

12:16 Podcasting has shifted to a visual platform.

15:42 Use high-quality camera; consider shorter episodes.

19:43 Key recording advice: minimal equipment, focus on quality.

20:26 Keep microphone and camera close for recording.

24:12 Phone as a tool for authentic recording.

27:59 Focus on specialization, not spreading attention thin.

30:19 Visit or for assistance.

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