How to Land Big Sponsorship Deals Even If You Are Starting Out Ft. Justin Moore. E456
Content Is ProfitJanuary 12, 2024

How to Land Big Sponsorship Deals Even If You Are Starting Out Ft. Justin Moore. E456

Today is going to Blow-your-mind 🤯

We connected with Justin a few days ago, and after we learned he has raised more than $4,000,000 for his and his wife’s content we knew he needed to come to the show ASAP.

So…. Are you ready to uncover the secrets to landing paid sponsorships as a content creator?

With that, we dive deep with Justin as he reveals the key strategies, myths, and negotiation tactics for crafting win-win brand partnerships.

This conversation is full #goldenboulders and no fluff!

We promise, that if you listen and take action following what Justin says… you WILL land a sponsorship ☺️

We learn, laugh and maybe there is a Golden Speedo somewhere in there…


Timestamped Overview:

00:00 Excited praise for introducers, seeking enthusiastic support.

03:57 Excited welcome, praised for outstanding content creation.

07:33 Perspective from creator and agency experience insights.

09:41 Podcast team creates content for decision makers.

13:07 Brands need proactive, consultative approach, build relationships.

18:19 Identifying audience needs for potential sponsorship.

19:34 Inspiring story about creating products with audience input.

25:01 Marketing titles change based on organization size.

26:51 Exploring sponsorship and collaboration opportunities for podcasts.

32:07 Choose the right package for your goal.

35:47 Discussing sponsorships, content creation and audience engagement.

37:46 Prefers scripting for efficient and valuable content.

40:38 Helps attract and relax people on camera.

46:27 Nervous about being recorded in public space.

48:38 Handling brand rejections tactfully leads to opportunities.

53:14 Thankful for sharing valuable insights. Hope it helps.

55:38 Sponsorships are for everyone, opportunities abound.

57:05 Ample enjoyment; a delightful and lively experience.

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