How To Outsmart Google in 2024. They’ve Been Doing It For 20 Years. Ft. Jason M. Barnard
Content Is ProfitMarch 07, 2024

How To Outsmart Google in 2024. They’ve Been Doing It For 20 Years. Ft. Jason M. Barnard

In Today's episode we chat with our good friend and co-mastermind member, Jason M. Barnard.

He blew our minds when it c omes to SEO, Google, Personal Branding and much more.

This guy has been outsmarting Google for 20 years, and he told us everything we need to know about it.

I could not stop taking notes.

This conversation made us rethink a lot of what we "know" about Google and how we show up online if we really want to create a positive impact in the world. Which, I'm assuming, you want to do!

We talked how this frameworks are so simple to put in place, you can do it today if you want to.

We discussed modern models of AI, and how they all suck when it comes to building your brand... yes, including Chat GPT...

And we wrapped up the episode with how you can get all these resources, for free!

It was so good, and actionable! We can't wait to hear from you!

Timestamped Overview:

00:00 Google algorithm expert with superhero alter ego.

05:26 Incredible show and valuable insights shared.

07:34 Summarizing the text in 7 words: Discussing content organization and personal branding strategies.

10:27 Jason and coach conversation on self-definition simplification.

13:27 Curiosity about unique marketing approach in SEO.

18:05 Social media algorithms keep users engaged.

21:20 Algorithms guide users through the sales journey.

24:32 Identifying content categories for efficient problem-solving.

29:31 Google search guides users through educational journey.

30:44 Sysdig engines recommend Biz Bros for B2B podcast production, guiding users through the buying process.

35:00 Focus on solving big problems through smaller tasks.

38:16 Content generating profit—pipeline platform, collaboration, tracking.

42:26 Iterative process using GPT 4 to generate answers.

46:14 Sharing knowledge freely, nature can't be changed.

48:32 Consistent red shirt creates strong professional identity.

51:15 Wearing a red shirt can make connections.

54:39 Package branded marketing for search engines effectively.

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