How to Turn Niche Content & Lawn Care Stories into a Million-Download Podcast Ft. Paul Jameson
Content Is ProfitJanuary 25, 2024

How to Turn Niche Content & Lawn Care Stories into a Million-Download Podcast Ft. Paul Jameson

Hey fam!

Today we chat with Paul Jameson, a super cool content creator who went from being a landscaper to a massive name in the creator world.

He taught us how to ride the wave of trends - think of it like surfing on the internet, catching the biggest, coolest waves to show your stuff to more people. He also showed us how making really good videos or podcasts can get you noticed by big companies.

One of the best things Paul said was about being like a clock - always ticking, always showing up. That's how you get noticed by the 'Internet bosses' who decide which videos get popular.

He also talked about finding something special that not many people know about, like his love for lawn care, and turning that into something everyone wants to watch or listen to.

Paul's adventure in making videos and podcasts teaches us that if you really love doing something, and you share it with the world in your special way, you can turn it into something that not only makes you happy but also might help you make some money.

In his case, a 1,000,000 download podcast!

So, if you've got a cool hobby or a story to tell, why not make a video or a podcast about it?

Who knows, maybe you'll get there!

Tune in for the full story and amazing tactics!


Tune in and enjoy!

Timestamped Overview:

00:00 Incredibly impressed with your journey and success.

06:45 Started as a mower, now successful podcaster.

12:30 Men in shop listening to business advice.

17:25 Passionate woman's business stories spark podcast idea.

21:53 Algorithm organically promoted content, publishing schedule change.

31:12 Learning and producing short form vertical content.

32:29 Transition to full-time creator, a viable opportunity.

42:47 Creating fun content with wild card activities.

46:25 Passion drives content strategy using 80/20 rule.

50:02 Enhancing offerings, targeting large audience, diverse revenue.

56:51 Create valuable content to attract potential sponsors.

59:37 Technical skills required for engaging content creation.

01:06:38 Entrepreneur background led to creator economy success.

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