The Strategy Behind a $2.5 Million Podcast & 60% Growth Month Over Month with Kevin Chemidlin
Content Is ProfitMarch 29, 202400:46:23

The Strategy Behind a $2.5 Million Podcast & 60% Growth Month Over Month with Kevin Chemidlin

Ever feel like you're spinning your wheels trying to grow your podcast?

You're about to get a masterclass from someone who's been exactly where you are and catapulted to the other side.

Meet Kevin Chemidlin.

He hosts Grow The Show Podcast and has achieved $2.5 million in podcast related sales!

All thanks to his podcast growth strategies #JuicyJuicy

Kevin shares with us how he got to that point.

From his first 120 painful cold calls to the incredible event he is hosting next week to help all of us creators.

His golden rule? Lock in on one growth strategy at a time. It's easy to get lost in the sea of advice out there, but let's keep it simple people!

We get into the meat of growth with his favorite 3 levers. The best part? You can start today getting results!

And as a bonus, we also go over a fail proof podcast pitch hack!

What a banger.


PS: you can go to for a special invitation to his event! See you there!

Timestamped Overview:

00:00 Excited introduction, impressive tall successful entrepreneur.

03:11 Fonzie grows podcasts, loses weight, inspires.

08:35 Certain podcasts need a high-ticket coach.

09:35 Engaging community, exploring content, launching mini show.

13:54 Choose 1 strategy and commit for success.

15:50 Increase sales, control leak, tactics, educate.

20:48 Engage in valuable content with personal energy.

23:51 Tips for podcasters: create valuable social media content.

25:21 Share podcast, change "sell" to "help", useful.

28:38 Pitching to podcasts is challenging due to competition.

33:20 Build relationships to access new opportunities easily.

37:25 Podcasting helps clarify thoughts, improves market differentiation.

38:35 Anticlimactic experience, YouTube drove unbelievable podcast growth.

43:28 Recognizing quality content and artist's creative process.

45:09 Five days diving into podcast ladder levels.

47:59 Ask Kevin to help you reach goal.

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