Unexpected Ways to Monetize Long Form Content & Finding Hidden Value with Alex Sanfilippo & Tom Rossi
Content Is ProfitMay 30, 2024

Unexpected Ways to Monetize Long Form Content & Finding Hidden Value with Alex Sanfilippo & Tom Rossi

Today we have the pleasure to host Tom Rossi, co-founder of Buzzsrprout, and Alex Sanfilippo, founder of Podmatch, and chat about something people in our industry do not talk about.

The hidden value of long form content creation. These chat was so fun, and full of incredible insights from two of the BEST in the industry.

Together they pack decades of content, long form and podcasting experience. They have seen thousands of creators and business owners succeed and also fail in the industry.

They are up to date with industry trends and have the 50,000 feet view most of us in the field miss.

Today you will learn about, the difference between extracting real value and monetization. The “listener a day” strategy Alex uses for his own platform and is highly effective to grow audiences. Why a smaller show can be more profitable that big shows, and how a company like Buzzsprout improves on processes every single day with the help of two stickers.

This episode is truly a masterpiece, and can’t wait for you to dive in with us.

Timestamped Overview:

00:00 Global podcast market valued at $18.5 billion.

04:29 Assigning value to podcasts based on downloads.

07:44 Podcasts essential for industry recognition and connections.

11:05 Podcaster making $1M per year seeks sponsors.

15:46 Creating high-quality audio content requires investment.

16:38 Promote what helps, educate to succeed.

21:23 Success requires effort and consistent hard work.

25:06 Simplified content creation process for podcast launch.

26:01 Efficient process leading to enjoyable podcast production.

32:02 Self-awareness and content audit drive focus.

34:46 Balancing life, prioritize big events, Jesse Isler.

37:07 Prioritizing time management and energy for podcasting.

41:23 Patience and persistence are key in education.

43:01 Serve independent podcasters, inspire and change lives.

45:50 Don't downplay the impact of podcasts. Valuable!

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