Want to Go Viral? Learn How to Capture and Keep Attention with Content Creation!
Content Is ProfitJune 06, 2024

Want to Go Viral? Learn How to Capture and Keep Attention with Content Creation!

Today we are going to change the script!

This chat with Deirdre Tshien, founder and CEO of Capsho, was for their new Youtube show. We go over the "secrets" of creating content that captivates and sticks with your audience.

Some people call it "Viral" content...

She came to us a few days ago and asked us to break it down for her community.

Fun challenge since we live a breathe content 😅

We go over several trends happening right now in 2024, but more importantly, we cover how to actually make it work despite your industry and/or style.

These same frameworks and strategies helped our partners, customers, and members create millions of views. They also helped them connect with their audience in a more meaningful way.

We go over importance of agility in our fast-paced digital world, showing how quickly moving from idea to execution can transform your content strategy and keep it timely and impactful.

We also dive into specific examples from people you know and love.

We also talk about what's more important, quality of the message or the quality of the production...

And my personal favorite, should your content be educational, entertainment, or a mix of both?

Lastly, we identify advice from icons like MrBeast on the power of consistency, and the importance of a steady pace in the creation process.

Fun chat!

Deirdre, thanks for having me on!


Timestamped Overview:

03:37 Consistency in content creation breeds success.

07:40 Assessing content for serving and delivering value.

11:51 Clipping long form content to save time.

15:17 Prioritize resources and capacity for optimal creation.

16:12 Overcoming obstacles to start creating and growing.

22:19 Creating educational content for top of funnel awareness.

22:53 Product makes room smell good, education through debunking.

26:48 Can we use Facebook to generate engagement?

29:42 Podcasting content led to successful business decision.

35:58 Track and mark interview highlights for content.

37:32 Learning from experiences to create valuable content.

40:12 Long-term investment in producing comedy show.

43:58 Appreciation for content, upcoming training, and instructions.

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