How To Close 80% of Your Sales Calls & Avoiding The Hidden Pitch

Are you ready to reject conventional sales tactics? Or thought Sales as a dirty word?

Today, Aleasha Bahr, a sales Black Sheep comes at us with her unique process on how to convert 8 out of 10 calls.

I'll take those odds every time!

We learned

Her unique 'Black Sheep Sales Method' is so different from courses and trainings we attended, and to be honest, our instincts have been pointing at it all the time! ,

It shows us that heart of a successful sale lies in authentic relationships, not aggressive pitches.

It's all about weaving genuine connections and having a solid process to get the right people on calls.

We learned how to:

Filter the wrong people out.

What are some of the questions we can send ahead of time

Her 2 hour secret party that drives customers like crazy!

The micro steps everyone can take before every sales calls.

This isn't just a sales tactic; it's a movement towards a more ethical, enjoyable, and effective way of engaging with clients.

By the end of this episode you will have a clear roadmap on how to approach your relationships in order to create lasting impact in your business!


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